Attack of the SandBags

Note: This is in script format. All characters from Super Smash Bros. Melee are owned by Nintendo and their respective owners. Remember kids, sandbags are people too. *grins*



**Young Link is looking around the messy Gerudo room, seeking for Ganondorf's plans against Adult Link. So Young Link wants those plans for himself.**
Young Link: *throwing stuff around* Come on, where are they?
**a packet then falls. It looks like a regular Kool-Aid packet, except it says "MAGIC KOOL AID". Young Link looks at the packet.**
Young Link: *picks up the packet* What's this? "Magic Kool Aid"? I dunno what Ganondork has this for. Oh well, I am kinda thristy...
**Young Link runs off with the Magic Kool-Aid packet**

**The SandBags had forced the remaining Melee team as the targets for this event.**
Luigi: I DON'T WANNA DIE!!!!!!
Everyone Else: *looks at Luigi*
Samus: That's it!! *charges up and then hurls her powerful beam blast at the sandbags*
**The SandBags swing the attack back at Samus, alininating her instantly, along with Peach and Ness**
Mario/Dr. Mario: PEACHY!!!!!
Pikachu: Pikachu!!
Kirby: Where's an awkward moment when you need one?
**All of a sudden, the sandbags and the rest of the Melee characters are faced to watch someone out of the blue; Donkey Kong and JigglyPuff doing kareokee.**
Pikachu/Mario/Dr. Mario/Kirby/Zelda/Luigi: O.o;;;
**After a few minutes of their singing, the SandBags maul Donkey Kong and JigglyPuff. It wasn't because they did anything to provoke the sangbags; the sandbags couldn't stand their singing.**
Kirby: That was not the awkward moment I've intended. *sighs*
Mario: *looks at the sandbags* This means war, you little bastards!!!!
Luigi: *sweatdrops* Lil Bro, don't provoke them.
Pikachu: Pi! Pi! Pi!!
Broswer: *appears as he is being chased by sandbags with chainsaws* Get them away from me, you little bastards!!!! RAORH!!!! *unleashes his firey breath at the sandbags*
**The sandbags move away as their chainsaw are melted**
Broswer: *stops and laughs* You think your chainsaws can stop me?! You're messing with the best!!!!
SandBags: .....
Everyone Else: .....
**The sandbags then maul Broswer just like they did to the others. The remaining melee characters are watching.**
Zelda: There goes our last hope for everything.
SandBags: *look towards the last melee characters, with their evil beady little eyes*
Pikachu: Pika!
Zelda: *looks at everyone* We're the best Nintendo characters ever made! So why the heck are we afraid of sandbags?
Kirby: Zelda's right! We've gotta teach these bags a lesson!
Dr. Mario: And for our friends who died.
Luigi: I won't be afraid to fight them!
Pikachu: Pika pika chu!!!!!
Mario: *looks at the sandbags* You're going down, you sand bastards!!!
**Mario and the rest of the gang begin to attack the army of sandbags. The sanbags counter attack. The war for the home run arena had begun.**

Sam: *enters the arena* SWEET MERICFUL CRAP!!!!!
**Whatever is left of the Melee cast is litterally all over the place. The SandBags are prancing around victorious over the remains of every single Melee character.**
Sam: *in shocked* I don't believe it. All of Nintendo's main characters were killed off by a bunch of sandbags. Man, that is such a werid irony. Maybe we should learn something about this, like the fact that people should not abuse defenseless things. They could become very dangerous afterwards.
**The camera zooms in on Mario's decapicated head as some of the sandbags are using it as a soccerball.**


The Clow Hatter: *sitting in a director's chair* PERFECT!! ABSOLUTELY PERFECT!!! I think I've created a horrific masterpiece!! *looks at the sandbags* You can take those costumes out now.
**The people who were playing as the sandbags have start taking off their sandbag costumes. These people are no other than...**
Sam: *backs away* The Melee Cast?!
The Melee Cast: *grins* SUPRISE!!!
Sam: But I though that....
Captain Falcon: We're all dead?
Roy: Nah, we were fighting off our shadow clones.
Samus: Damn straight we were!!
Link: Plus, I don't think I'm ready to die yet. I have tons of fangirls wanting me. I can't let my public down.
Zelda: *glares at Link, growling* Link....
Fox: The fact that Marth's shadow clone screams like girl is quite disturbing.
Marth: *turns red* I DON'T SCREAM LIKE A GIRL!
Falco: *rolls eyes* Whatever, girly man.
Marth: ARGH!!!!!
Donkey Kong: Whoo! Donkey Kong got to sing!
JigglyPuff: *grins* JigglyPuff!
Pichu: Pichu!
Pikachu: Pika!
Kirby: *does his victory pose* Hi!
Mr. Game & Watch: Beep! Beep!
Mewtwo: *sighs* I'm surrounded by idiots.
Ness: At least I didn't feel being put down by the others!
Mario: Mama-mia! Those sandbag outfits were hard to move in!
Yoshi: Yoshi! Yoshi! *agrees*
Peach: At least Young Link didn't have to go through this.
Browser: *narrows eyes* Where is that midget Link slacker?
Link: HEY!!!!
Ganondorf: This calls for my Magic Kool-Aid.
Everyone Else: SHUT UP GANONDORF!!!!!
The Clow Hatter: *folds his arms* Where is that Young Link anyways?
**The studio door bursts open. Young Link has appear with his shirt over his head and an army of fairies behind him.**
Young Link: *raises his hands in the air* I AM CORNHOLIO!!!!!
Everyone Else except Link: *sweatdrops at Young Link*
Link: *sweatdrops at the fairies following his younger self.*
The Clow Hatter: *looks at Young Link* This could be quite interesting!!
Ganondorf: *glares at Young Link* You son of a bitch! You've taken my MAGIC KOOL-AID!!!!

The End.