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A/N: I have edited this chapter. Now there is shorter narration and less indulgent description. Also, a couple of scenes have been cut.

"Hey…" Tai started, his right eye gazing intently through his favourite, mini telescope. It was pointed out towards the sea. "…what's that over there?"

"What's what over where?" Matt asked, casually taking the telescope from Tai's grasp. He peeked through it. "You mean that island?"

Tai took it back with ease. "Yeah. I've never noticed it before."

"Well…" Matt claimed the telescope again, and pressed it against his eye. "…now that you mention it, it doesn't look all that familiar…"

"Who cares?" Joe piped in, attempting to take the telescope for his own. He couldn't tug it from Matt's grasp, though. "There must be a thousand different islands we haven't explored before."

"Yeah, but…"

"What are you guys doing all the way over here?" Mimi interrupted, strolling into view with a vacant expression on her face. She was wearing a frilly pink bathing suit. "You're gonna miss out on getting a tan."

Joe sighed. "I don't tan well."

"Do you do anything well, Joe?" Gomamon laughed, clambering along a couple of rocks behind Mimi. "What are you all doing up here?"

"Apparently, not getting a tan." Matt said.

Tai used the momentary distraction to re-claim his telescope from the blonde. "We're checking out a new island!"

"Why? Are we going on an adventure?" Biyomon squeaked, flapping in their direction.

"No, no." Joe shook his head. "We're just looking at it. That's all."

"Biyomon!" Sora called, making her way atop their little summit. "Biyo…! Oh, here you are silly." She smiled.

"Did you hear? We're going on an adventure!" Biyomon beamed.

"An adventure?" T.K. and Patamon shouted in unison, appearing next to Sora. "About time!"

"No, no, no!" Joe wailed. "We're here to play at the beach, not to get ourselves killed by evil digimon and ancient booby traps and…"

"C'mon, what are the odds of any of those things happening?" Tai laughed, getting to his feet. He dusted off his shorts and moved to put a hand on Joe's shoulder. "Besides, it doesn't look dangerous."

"Neither did Monzaemon, but…"

"Way to keep the cat in the loop." Gatomon cut in, dropping from an overhead tree all of a sudden. "We're going somewhere?"

"Well, we've not really decided what we're doing yet…" Tai said, shrugging his shoulders.

"We're not going!" Joe stamped up and down.

"…but y'know, it has been a long time since we did anything worthwhile around here." Matt smirked, ignoring Joe's input. "It could be good for us to go exploring. For old times' sake."

"Yeah." T.K. beamed. "We can just think of it as a vacation."

Sora nodded. "We could go sight-seeing, sleep under the stars…"

"Maybe even find some great deals…" Mimi added, more to herself than to anybody else.

"It'll be a blast!" Patamon exclaimed.

Gatomon yawned. "I guess we should pack our things then, shouldn't we?"

"Yeah!" Biyomon squawked, rising into the air. "I'll go tell the others!"

"W-wait a minute!" Joe tried, grabbing Biyomon by the leg. "Aren't we getting a little ahead of ourselves here?"

"What do you mean?"

"We don't have any way of getting to that island!"

"But, we…" Tai stepped forward, lacking any retort. His cheeks flushed. "…uh…"

"We need a boat." Matt said, simply.

"A boat?" Gomamon asked. "I know where we can find a boat."

"I don't know why I'm friends with you." Joe sighed.

"Oh, c'mon." Gomamon said. "This could be fun, Joe."

"Yeah. Sure."

"So we're agreed, then?" Sora smiled, oblivious to the sarcasm in Joe's voice.

"Yeah." Tai put his hand over Joe's mouth before he had a chance to voice another one of his brilliant arguments, and grinned. "We're going!"

Tai and the others made their way back towards the beach, where they found Izzy, Kari, Palmon and Agumon laying together on a stretch of soft, colourful towels. Gabumon and Tentomon were sat further away, constructing a large sand castle.

"We were starting to wonder where you had all got to." Kari said, sitting up with a smile when they approached. "Why do you look so…happy?"

"Well..." Tai began. "We've just come up with an idea."

Something in Tai's voice made Agumon quiver excitedly. He raised his head. "What is it?"

"We're going on an adventure!" The brunet exclaimed, a childlike smile stretching from one ear to the other.

"Where to?"

"An island we spotted off at sea." Matt answered. "We wanna go exploring."

"Why?" Palmon asked, looking curiously at Mimi. "Don't you want to sunbath anymore?"

"Sure Palmon, but…"

"We're going to an island off the coast." Sora explained. "And when we get there, you'll still be able to sunbathe if you want to."

"Uh oh!" Gabumon shouted out suddenly. The group turned around, half-startled, and found that the sand castle had collapsed onto an upside down Tentomon.

"Somebody help me!" The digimon buzzed, moving his legs about in a frantic panic.

"It's just sand, Tentomon..." Izzy sighed, and walked over to free him from the sand prison.

"But sand is made from ground up rocks!" Tentomon whined. "And rocks are heavy!"

"You're such a baby."

"So…" Tai began, looking away from the bickering pair. "Where's this boat you were talking about, Gomamon?"

"It's not far. I'll take you there now if you want."

"Ok. Let's do it."

"We'll come along as well." Matt smiled, taking Gomamon by the paw.

"I'd better tag along, too. Otherwise these guys won't come back for hours…" Joe huffed to himself and grabbed his bag, following behind the already departing group.

"Wait up!" Agumon exclaimed, pushing past Joe to catch up with Tai.

"Have fun guys!" Sora waved. Izzy and Tentomon continued to squabble with each other, unaware of what had been going on around them. The others lay back down on their respective towels.

"We're almost there!" Gomamon called out after a few minutes of journeying beneath the toasting sun.

Joe furrowed his eyebrows. "I don't see anything."

"Right…there." Gomamon lifted a paw and pointed it into the distance. Hanging by the shore up ahead was a small, wooden dock.

"There's a boat over there?"


"I don't suppose this boat of yours was here when we needed to get to Server that time." Matt said, flicking a strand of hair out of his eyes. "Was it?"

"Maybe. It must have slipped my mind at the time."

Joe groaned.

"What? Things worked out for us fine without it, right?"

"I guess…"

"Is it big enough to fit us all on without getting my fur wet?" Gabumon asked, intrigued.

"Sure." Gomamon laughed. "We might even get most of Mimi's clothes on board if we try hard enough."

"Enough talk, guys. Let's get to it already!" Tai bounced up and down. "Race you there!"

"Huh, keep up if you can." Matt smirked, setting off at a sprint beside the bushy haired boy. Joe and the three digimon looked at each other, and shrugged.

"You know, humans are weird."

"You said it…"

"Ah-ha!" Tai panted, his arms raised victoriously. "I beat you!"

"You got lucky, soccer boy." Matt laughed, doubled over.

"Just admit it. I'm the model athlete."

"Geez, with a head that big I'm surprised you can walk straight."

"I know, right? I'm a marvel!"

"Whatever." Matt rolled his eyes, still smiling. "So this is it, huh?"

Tai followed Matt's gaze towards a shiny white boat that was sitting in the water. "Huh. Hard to believe that this has been sat here for all this time..."


They remained where they stood for a while, the slight sounds of Joe and the three digimon approaching from somewhere behind them, and watched as the boat rocked from side to side in the breeze.

"…all aboard!" Tai bellowed all of a sudden, reaching out and grasping at the sides of the boat.

"Y'know, you can just use the…"

"Aah!" Tai slipped from the dock, but Matt grabbed him and pulled him back to his feet before he could fall very far.

"Easy, Tai." Matt said, offering a small, reassuring squeeze. "No need to be such a numbskull."

"Y-yeah." The brunette scratched his head, embarrassed. He released himself from Matt's grasp, taking care not to accidently touch the boy's hand, and bounded over towards the walkway. He turned to send a rekindled, toothy grin in Matt's direction. "Come on, let's go!"

"Does anyone else hear a…horn?" Sora enquired, sitting up from her towel.

Mimi gasped. "I thought I was imagining it!"

"If you were, then your imagination is really loud…" Izzy murmured, tapping various keys on his laptop. The horn sounded again.

"I think it's coming from over there." Kari pointed to their left. As she pointed, a boat came into view from around the corner and raced through the water towards them. It beeped its horn again.

"They must have found the boat!" T.K. shouted, getting to his feet.

"Wow." Patamon rose into the air and landed upon T.K.s head. "It looks big."

"I concur." Tentomon added, as he hovered about above the group. "It will likely have the capacity to hold all of us."

"Yay!" Mimi and Palmon cheered, simultaneously.

In the time that it took for everybody to collect their things together, the boat had reached the bottom of the shore and lowered a rubber ladder down into the shallow water beneath. A final blast from the horn sounded out.

"Ahoy up there!" T.K. shouted, running towards the boat.

"Ahoy!" Matt replied from the deck. He leaned over the railings. "Climb on up already, T.K.!"

With Patamon upon his head, T.K. entered the water and climbed up the ladder. The others followed quickly in his wake.

"I feel sea-sick…" Joe moaned whilst the final member of the group pulled themselves on board.

"You always feel sea sick." Mimi replied.

"Even on land." Gomamon added with a small laugh.

At that, the sound of the boat's horn boomed, and Tai's voice belted out to accompany it from an overhead speaker. "All aboard the digimon cruise! We will be making no stops between here and Adventure Island, fellow explorers, so I hope you've all been to the bathroom already! Please be sure to check that you have all of your personal belongings and digimon partners with you."

"Oh no…!"


"Tai, now that you mention it…!"

"Aaaaand we're off!" Tai interrupted, leaving Sora with her arms crossed and her lips fixed into a frown. They had left their towels on the beach.

"Stupid Tai…" She mumbled.

With another blast from the horn, and with another scowl from Sora, the boat turned away from the shore and headed out towards the sea with a great burst of speed. File Island fell behind them, and the bright blue waves swallowed them up.

"Sure, Tai. I don't mind taking over the wheel for a while." Izzy nodded, in answer to the boy who was currently bent over a large, red steering wheel. "But can you teach me a few things about it?"

"Oh, I'm not really…"

"Firstly, how do I make it stop when we've reached our destination? And what fuel does it run on? You know, just out of professional curiosity."

"I don't…"

"And what happens if we get hit by a tidal wave?" Tentomon pitched in all of a sudden, buzzing beside Tai's head.


"Who do you think I am, Captain Tai?" He interrupted, giving the wheel a huge spin to the right with a whoosh sound for good measure. "I don't know about any of those things."

Izzy nodded. "That's ok. I'll just figure it out on my own."

Tai jumped away from the wheel. "Sure. Have fun, I guess..."

"Oh, we will." Izzy replied, ignoring the sarcasm in his friend's voice.

Tai left the control room with a small shake of his head and walked out onto the deck, where the rest of the group were currently lazing about and enjoying themselves. Sora was the only one who had taken notice of him. She seemed to be staring in his direction with an angry look in her eyes. Tai, feeling a particularly uncourageous chill run down his spine, pretended not to see her and walked quickly to the opposite side of the boat.

"Er, what was that Matt?" He called out, engaging the blonde in sudden conversation.

"What? I didn't say any…"

"Shh! Work with me here." Tai tried, pulling Matt closer by the shoulder. "I think Sora is angry with me."

"What did you do this time?"

"How should I know?" Tai asked.

Matt pulled away with a well-placed smirk and peeked through the telescope in his hand. "You two are like an old, bickering couple sometimes. You know that?"

"So what?"

"I'm just saying." He shrugged. "Maybe it's love."

"…shut up, Matt." Tai muttered, giving the blonde a small push with one hand. "And what are you doing with my telescope?"

"What does it look like I'm doing?" Matt asked. "I'm checking out the island."

"But…" Tai started, confused. "…why do you have it?"

"Because. We were sharing."

"Yeah, we were. And then I took it back."

"Yeah." He agreed with a nod. "And then I borrowed it from your pocket when you almost fell from the dock earlier."

"Gee, some friendship this is." Tai muttered. "I can't even rely on you to keep your hands out of my shorts."

Matt smirked in response, and then began to laugh to himself. Tai wasn't entirely sure what he'd said that had been so funny. Nor did he understand why the oh-so cool Matt had started to blush so brightly. Matt wouldn't explain it to him, either.

"Whoa." The group uttered in a collective whisper. They had reached the island and descended from their boat without issue, and were now walking down a wooden port with tentative feet, heads raised to attention all the while.

"Welcome. To." Tai began, voicing the words that everybody else was reading. "Fanfiction. Island?"

"What's a Fanfiction Island?" Agumon enquired.

Kari shrugged, eyes still raised upward. "I guess this place is."

Standing tall and reaching high into the sky was a sign. It read, in bright, flickering, fluorescent light bulbs:


Oh, hot chocolate. You sweet, sweet temptress, you...


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