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So, here's my first Nightmare Inspector fic. I really love this fandom, and have been wanting to write it for such a long time. I can't find the last couple volumes, so I couldn't finish the actual manga, but I have a strong belief that Hiruko solved more dreams than was shown. I wanted to put my own take on writing a mystery. Hope you like it! Please read and review!

Under the cover of darkness … They come to the Silver Star Teahouse … Seeking solace.

The warmth of the sun was leaving the teahouse, golden light was fading fast. It was quiet, save for the occasional clink of glasses behind the counter. Mizuki, the landlady, was just putting away the last cup when soft footsteps caused her to turn.

Looking apathetic as ever, Hiruko slowly walked down the stairs, cane over his shoulder and briefcase hanging off the end of said cane. The baku stifled a yawn as he walked over to his usual chair, sliding into it and resting his chin on the palm of his hand.

"It's been quiet recently, hasn't it?" Mizuki gave Hiruko a small smile and spoke quietly.

The baku nodded, "mmn. I'm hungry."

The two then fell into a comfortable silence, Mizuki moving to pick up a broom and start sweeping, brushing away the smallest bit of dust. The sun kept going down, until it was nearly pitch black. Mizuki shivered, unnerved at the sudden plunge into darkness. As she began to light the lamps around the teahouse, she spoke again, "sort of eerie, isn't it? This sudden darkness?"

Hiruko only nodded slightly, "not to me," he said, "but it is unusual."

Almost as if on cue, the door opened slowly. The bell rang hesitantly, di-ding. A pretty woman in her mid-twenties peeked around the door, and then stepped inside slowly. Mizuki smiled softly, "welcome, can I get you some coffee?"

The woman shook her head, long brown hair waving gently. "No, thank you .. I came to see the one called a baku."

"He's over there," Mizuki pointed to Hiruko, and then gave the woman a smile, "let me know if you need anything."

The woman had a beautiful black kimono with gold curls on it. It didn't move when she walked, though, and looked sort of stiff. Underneath that, she wore a brown undergarment visible around her neck. "Good afternoon," she spoke softly as she sat across from Hiruko, "my name is Shodou Gyosho. I've heard that you can rid me of my nightmare. Can you do that?"

Hiruko nodded, raising an eyebrow at her name. "I can. Tell me what happens in your dream."

Shodou inhaled deeply, and then nodded.

Every night, I find myself in a dark, black room. There is blood on the floor coming out of a stone door. I cannot move on my own, and am forced to step in the blood and then dance across the rest of the never-ending room. I can stop at that point, but if I do, my leg begins to break. After that, I can go to the door. I want to go to the other side, but as soon as I touch the blood, I'm forced to dance again. And there's this voice …

Her brown eyes were swimming with tears as she spoke about the door, and she raised a sleeve to wipe them away. The baku didn't need to hear more. He stood up and pointed his cane at Shodou, "Sleep now, and leave reality behind for a while."

The room was as empty as Shodou had said it was. Hiruko looked around. It was dark, and he couldn't see anything. He lifted up his cane, which emitted a faint glow. The room seemed to go on forever. Glancing around, he searched until he saw Shodou. She was walking slowly towards the only visible thing in the room; the stone door.

The door itself was simple, just a slab of light gray against the wall. In the center was an indent with evenly spaced ridges. It was obvious that a specific item went inside. "Shodou," Hiruko got her attention, "was this hole always here?"

"No … this is the first time I've noticed it." She was moving closer to the blood. Hiruko sat on his cane and drifted over the puddle of blood. It was badly lit, and the blood looked almost black.

Hiruko watched as Shodou slowly stepped into the blood towards the door. As soon as both of her feet were submerged, she jerked in place, and quivered. Silence. A heartbeat .. two .. and then Shodou began to move. First, her feet moved her backwards onto the dry ground. And then, her arms moved up. Slowly, gracefully, Shodou began to move. As she danced away from the door, she grimaced.

Sure enough, a male voice spoke from the darkness, "dance yesternight's dance, remember it perfectly, and I will open the door."

Shodou bit her lip, and fought back tears. She couldn't remember. "Shodou?" Hiruko called from his perch on the cane, "can't you try?"

"N-No .. " Shodou shook her head, her limbs moving with a will of their own, "I can never get it."

"Try anyway," Hiruko's eyes were narrowed in thought as he watched Shodou strain against herself. She began to change her dance, and the stone door rumbled, beginning to split in the middle. After a few steps, however, it stopped. She must have forgotten the dance. As she frowned and strained, suddenly a crack came from her left ankle. She screamed in pain, but her body kept going.

"Just keep dancing, don't do anything else," Hiruko said quickly before flying upwards. Floating over to the door, he peeked through the crack. His eyes widened in shock at what he saw … and then a burst of papers blew out form the other room behind the door, making him float backwards.

One paper flew in his face, and he plucked it off to read it. It was … a love letter? Only parts of it were legible, written in a semi-cursive script. Most of it was blotched out with ink dots. What he could read detailed a man who wanted to see his love, but could not for some reason. It also said that the man wished the woman well with her … dancing?

Hiruko looked surprised, then turned to Shodou … and then everything went black.

"Hiruko?" Mizuki hurried over to the baku, "what happened? You look pale."

"Nothing. I was kicked out of a dream. Something – or someone – interfered." He folded his hands, and then placed them in front of his mouth in thought, "that's never happened before."

Shodou groggily awoke, tears still in her eyes. "Wh-why didn't you make it go away?"

"I can't get rid of it tonight," Hiruko said plainly. He held up a hand to stop Shodou's oncoming exclamation, "but come back the night after next. I think I can help you then."

Looking distraught, Shodou nodded slightly before rising shakily. She walked out the teahouse, stumbling once and leaning on the doorframe. Glancing back, she looked worried, but walked away, fading into the darkness.

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