A Dark Shade of the Past
by InfinityBreach

Chapter 1: The Eclipse

Twilight walked back towards the library with a smile on her face, just returning from Canterlot after visiting her parents, with ten new books in tow behind her.

'I can't wait to get home and have Spike organize these for me to read later!' she thought to herself happily.

The streets of Ponyville were quite peaceful, foals were playing, shops were open, and Twilight couldn't help but feel a sense of pride for being one of those destined to keep it this way. So far, Twilight and her friends had succeeded in saving the town from the likes of Nightmare Moon and Discord, despite being against all odds.

With the Elements of Harmony on their side, there was no way they could lose against any type of evil. As long as their friendship was strong, nothing could ever happen. Twilight smiled to herself again, with these thoughts in mind as she finally made it to her library, her home.

As soon as Twilight entered her house, she was practically ambushed by Spike. "Twilight, Twilight! The Princess sent you a letter! You just have to read it!" he said in haste.

"Fine, Ill read it while you put up my books. Be sure to organize them in the section 'To read later'." she stated. Spike shuffled off with her bag of books, mumbling to himself, as Twilight opened the scroll that was labeled to her and Spike. It read:

Dear Twilight and Spike, my faithful student and her assistant,

I would like to have you and your friends to come and witness Equestria's first eclipse since Luna has been freed from the Nightmare in her. It will be taking place at 3 o'clock this Saturday, in Canterlot. We had an annual eclipse every 10 years; until I had to seal away Luna, you see, it requires two alicorns to activate it, just as how the Elements of Harmony only work when you and your friends are together. I know Luna would appreciate it if you, Applejack, Rarity, Rainbow Dash, Pinkie Pie, and Fluttershy came and stayed to watch our eclipse. Even though Luna has been quite content with life as it is, I am sure it would over joy her to see somepony there she knows.

Your mentor,
Princess Celestia

After Twilight finished the last line of the letter, she giggled in joy, "Wow, this sounds like an amazing thing to go and do with everypony! Spike, be sure to mail them each a letter about it, while I go and prepare for the first ever eclipse I have ever seen in my life!" she squee'd to herself after that, trotting off to her room to get her belongings organized.

Fluttershy was watering her garden, making sure to get the plants perfect for when it was time to harvest them for the animals. Carefully setting down the watering pot, she looked at the sky, noticing it had gotten darker.

The sun was still out, and right in the middle of the sky, yet it still felt dark to her. 'Maybe I should bring in the animals soon...' she thought to herself.

She looked towards the sky some more, trying to discern any reason towards the random darkness, when all of a sudden there was a loud popping noise that came from right behind her. "Eep!" she screamed, flying into a nearby bush, only to see a floating letter from where she once was.

After regaining her composure, she trotted over to where the letter was, grabbing it in her mouth and reading it. 'An invitation to see an eclipse?' she thought to herself. She thought back, trying to remember what an eclipse was. Then she remembered hearing about them as a filly.

She always thought it was a mare's tale... but then again Nightmare Moon was thought to be a mare's tale too. She remembered the stories her parents always read to her, describing it as the most beautiful thing anypony could ever see.

She focused back in on the note, amazed and wondrous at how this eclipse would look like. There was one thing she knew for sure though; she is definitely going.

-The day of the eclipse-

Twilight and her friends were already in Canterlot, ready for one of the most monumental day in Equestria, the return of the eclipse.

Everypony was at the Canterlot Viewing Platform, watching the sky, as the Moon and the Sun were readying to intertwine.

"This is going to be 200% cool!" Rainbow Dash shouted with glee. Applejack nodded her head, agreeing with Rainbow.

"Why, I do believe this will be the most beautiful sky the kingdom has ever seen, knowing the princesses' handiwork." Rarity chanted.

Pinkie Pie was jumping everywhere blowing her noisemaker, and throwing confetti everywhere, yelling, and singing, doing her own thing. Lastly, Fluttershy was just watching in awe.

Twilight was watching as the sky started to change. With Spike on top of her back, they watched with their 5 friends, as the blue sky started to fade into a deep purple, the bright sun and dark moon mixed to make a shining blackness.

It was so dark that it was bright, and the ponies' eyes were drawn to it, yet it was so dark, nopony could see the ground around them, only the amazing sky. With a mixture of the night sky's speckled stars, and the day time's pure white clouds, it created one masterful moment, in which everything went silent for a whole minute, everypony being entranced by this astonishing sight.

In the last few seconds of the eclipse, something flew in front of the eclipse itself, a bright blue streak of color bursting through the darkness, and a few more seconds later, crashing into the royal castle's grounds.

Twilight blinked as it hit, confusion crossing her face. "Is this part of the eclipse?"

Spike burped, a letter shooting out of his mouth. Twilight grabbed it and read out loud: "'Dear Twilight Sparkle, darkness has come to Equestria, and I need you to-'... It doesn't say anything else.." Twilight finished, whispering the last part.

"We need to get to the castle now!" Applejack yelled. Then the seven friends nodded in agreement, and ran down the road towards the castle, worried that something terrible must of happened.

They entered the castle's throne room, to see all the guards knocked out, and the pillars thrown and destroyed across the room. Right in the middle of the thrones of Luna and Celestia, stood one lone pony.

It's black hair spiked randomly in multiple directions, it's eyes a deep blue, and its fur being a deep dark grey. It's black wings with white tips erupted from a dark blue cloak that it had been wearing, with its hood over most of its head, and the cloak's sleeves going down it's front hooves. It's tail flicked behind it, as jet black and spiky as it's hair.

"Who are you and what have you done with the princesses?!" yelled Rainbow Dash. The pony stared back with a blank look, and said, "The princesses?"

"So you're a stallion, aintcha? Tell us who you are, and where the princesses are or else you will be in trouble." Applejack threatened.

"My name is..." The pony grew quiet for a second. "My name is Shaded Darkness. Master of all Darkness in Equestria. Also you have no reason to threaten me, I have done nothing with these 'princesses' you claim to know." he finished.

"Well obviously you're a liar! Let's teach him a lesson girls!" Rainbow screamed charging at him. Shaded got into a defensive position as the rest of the ponies ran towards him.

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