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Wolfram was mad. Maybe not mad but definitely upset. His life in New York was more than great when this happened.


"Oh, Wolfie!"

"What is it, mother?"

"We're moving to Japan!"


"We're moving to Japan silly.~"

"Why!" He asked, Louder then necessary.

"Gwen, He got a promoted in his business! They need him to go to Japan so pack your bags."

End of Flash back.

There he sat row A-2 of the airplane, His mother to the left of him and his brother Conrart to the right of him, Gwendal in the business class of the airplane was talking with his manger.

Wolfram was listening to his music when his mother decided to talk to him how wonderful Japan is. Wolfram turned up the volume to block his mother out.

Cecile continued talking unaware to her son, Blocking her out, She shortly began talking about how much more amazing Japan would be then New York. Then she went on a small rant on why change is good for the soul.

Wolfram ignoring his mother, Closed his eyes, Nodding his head to the music.

Cheri looked at her son and saw him nodding with his eyes shut. She thought that he was listening and agreeing with her so she continued talking.

Conrart looked over at his mother and brother, Sighing alittle as he nudged his brother.

Wolfram, Feeling the nudged coming from his brothers side, Sighed and ignored.

Cecile kept going on and on about the fashion they had in Japan.

~After the Airplane ride~

Wolfram waited for his brothers to get the rest of their luggage.

He looked around the airport and spotted a group of girls staring at him with flirtly smiles. But they were a lot older than him and he had no interest in them.

Wolfram turned his head and watched his brother Gwendal pull his mother away from the quick growing crowd of males that were surrounding her.

Cecile being pulled away from the crowd smiled a little and waved, following after her oldest son.

Conrart brought the luggage's by him self and already had them in the car, By the time the rest of them made it to the car. Wolfram still silent listening to his music, Who could blame him? He loved his life in New York even worst he had to transfer to a different school in the middle of the second semester.

'A new school equals more annoying fans..' He thought as they slipped into the taxi.

Gwendal sat in the front sit so his mother is forced to sit in the back. Conrad sat in the seat behind the driver with Wolfram in the middle and Cheri sat the furthest away from the driver.

Cheri pouted the entire trip and Wolfram was still listening to his music, having no intentions to stop. Because if he did, his mother would talk non-stop!

When they arrived to their new house, Wolfram growled and then sighed, exiting the car after his mother and slamming the taxi door shut. Leaving Conrart to open the door closest to the street.

Wolfram took his baggage and stood around the door, waiting for the door to the house to be opened.

Cheri, holding nothing but the key, bounced happily to the door, where Wolfram was standing impatiently.

Wolfram was about to complain when Conrad place his hand on his shoulder.

Wolfram lazily looked up at his brother and pushed his hand off of him

Conrad let a small smile out at his younger brother, Who scowled in return.

Cheri then opened the door to the new already partially furnished home.

Gwendal who was paying the Taxi driver, Looked back at his family and nodded towards them meaning for them to enter.

Wolfram yawned and entered the house after his mother, Taking his blue ear phone out. "Wheres my room?" Was all he said after his quiet ride.

"Pick one!" Cheri said happily as she wandered into the kitchen.

Wolfram walked upstairs to look at the rooms.

The first one he saw, Looked like one most suiting for his mother, The walls were a creamy white color and the bed was placed in the middle of the room against the back wall.

He left the room and aimed for the second one, It was slightly smaller and the walls were very pale blue color.

Wolfram decided this would be his new bedroom, As he made his way into the room he threw his bags in the middle on the floor then laid across his new bed, Leting a soft silent sigh escape his lips.

Now he was in a new country and need to adjust to this new life. Wolfram rolled onto his side and sighed again. His life in New York was great. He had friends, the girls were starting to back off and now he moved. To a new country that he doesn't know a lot about.

'Why must life be so tough?' Wolfram thought as he fell asleep.

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