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"Yes I finally learned the shadow clone jutsu!" Naruto exclaimed lying on the ground panting. For he had just master said technique.

"Hmm I wonder if there's any more stuff I can learn?" he said grabbing the Forbidden Scroll.

"Let's see what's here… what's this?" he said confused seeing something at the bottom of the scroll.

"'bite thumb and rub blood here' what kind of instruction is that?" he asked, "Ah well, it's worth a shot" he said before biting his thumb and rubbing the seal with his bleeding thumb. There was a poof and some smoke and on the ground next to him were two smaller scrolls.

"Huh?" he said picking up another scroll and opening it.

"Congratulations 'insert name here' you have Uzumaki blood, and have unlocked the Oni summoning contract. Please open the other scroll and wipe bleeding thumb onto the seal" Naruto read before doing just that. On the other scroll his name appeared and his right eye began to sting furiously. In his pain he saw the two scrolls seal themselves into his arm the seal tattoo the kanji for Oni (鬼).

Iruka was having a crappy day; first Naruto fails the test to become a ninja for the third time (it says a lot about a teacher if his student fails the final exam three times) then he steals the Forbidden Scroll, so you could say he was very mad. That's when he saw him, lying on the ground asleep with the Forbidden Scroll a little ways away from him.

"Naruto, wake up!" he yelled poking the sleeping boy with his foot.

"Huh?" Naruto asked rubbing his eyes, "Iruka? Looks like you found me" he said putting his hand behind his head and smiling with his eyes closed.

"Naruto you have some explaining to do" Iruka started and slowed down in shock as Naruto opened his eyes.

"Explaining what?" he asked as Iruka just stared.

"Naruto, what's wrong with your eye?" he asked wanting to hide, because of what was in his right eye.

"What're you talking about Iruka?" Naruto asked raising an eyebrow, "What about my eye?"

"It's a doujutsu" Iruka stammered falling on his butt, "To think that the 'dead-last' would have a doujutsu" Iruka laughed while Naruto mused "That must have been something to do with that seal in the Forbidden Scroll that I wiped my blood on, before I passed out"

"Wait you used a seal in the Forbidden Scroll?" Iruka yelled, "This is bad, you could get executed for this"

"It should be executed anyway" a voice from above said.

"Mizuki, what are you doing here?" Iruka yelled causing Mizuki to raise his eyebrow

"Following the Hokage's orders. Unlike you; conversing with it instead of killing it!" Mizuki screamed pulling out one of his giant Windmill shuriken from his back and throwing it at Iruka, while Naruto (with his doujutsu still active) had seen the seal tattoo, unlocked, and was reading the tiny amount of instruction on the Oni summoning contract.

"This only tells you how to summon these things it doesn't tell you what to do… ah well" he said before fallowing the instructions and summoning a 'minor' Oni.

"What the hell!" it yelled looking around with its ox-like head. The Oni (as previously stated) had an ox-like head, muscular humanoid upper and lower-body. At the end of its arms were clawed hands much like a jaguar. It wore only a loin cloth and two straps that formed an X on its torso. While Iruka dodged the first Windmill shuriken he stared at the demon that Naruto had summoned.

"Who the hell are you" the Oni asked Naruto who had squeezed his eyes shut in fear.

"Naruto Uzumaki" Naruto stammered opening one eye, his right one unintentionally showing off a completely violet eye with the kanji for Oni in the middle. "I'm terribly sorry my lord" the Oni said wide-eyed before bowing.