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Title taken from AWOLNATION's song, Sail.

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Blame It on My ADD, Baby

Dean found Cas in the spare room, half-naked and bleeding from the matted stumps where his wings used to be. His fingers would skitter over his shoulder and barely touch one of the bloody feather clusters, and fresh, heartbreaking sobs would wrack his entire frame.

Dean padded softly to the middle of the room, looped an arm around Castiel's waist, and pressed his other hand against the angel's heart.

Cas froze up and tried to pull away, but Dean wasn't about to let him run away, to suffer alone. He touched a light kiss to the shell of Cas' ear.

"Castiel." He singsonged, barely audible. "Don't cry. I still believe in you."

He leaned down to press his lips against the tender skin around the bloody stumps, and Cas relaxed, sobs quieter now that Dean was here, comforting him.

Dean stroked through the stained feathers gently. "Shh, hey, it's all gonna be okay. I still think you're worth somethin'." He murmured against Castiel's neck. "You'll always be beautiful to me, Cas, and I'm always gonna love you, you know that."

Cas shuddered, and Dean relinquished his hold to go wet a washcloth. "Stay here, okay?" He ran his thumb over the angel's lips before walking to the bathroom.

When he returned, Cas was sitting crosslegged on the floor, holding his head in his hands.
Dean just sat down behind him, kissed his shoulder, and began to wash away the spidery blood trails.

"I feel like I've failed you." Castiel whispered, voice muffled.

The hunter looked up from his work. "It wasn't your fault. If anyone's, it was mine, got it?" He began gently soaking up the blood from the ragged nubs and whispering apologies against Cas' neck when he whined in pain.

Dean's heart broke a little, when all of the feathers finally fell out, one by one. It was like Cas could feel it, like each shedding was another hit on his soul. There was a little collected pile of soft, bloody down by the time Dean was done. He swept it away, not to the trash, but out of sight.

Out of mind.

By the time he finished bandaging what used to be the proud wings of an angel, Cas was crying again. This time, it was small and pitiful, almost silent.

"Hey, Cas." Dean whispered, voice a little rough.

Even in deep depression, those somber topaz eyes still swiftly met Dean's gaze, willing to fulfill whatever he so desired. "Yes, Dean Winchester?"

Dean lifted Cas' chin and kissed him, slow and full of promise. "You don't need to wings to be my angel." He replied against the other's lips. "And I want you to stay with me."

For a moment, Dean thought Cas was gonna disappear, vanish into thin air, before the angel turned all the way around and pressed their mouths together desperately. "I promise never to leave." He said, resting his forehead against the hunter's and closing his eyes. "And Dean?"

"Yeah, Cas?"

Castiel opened his eyes, and Dean saw indescribable color. "Thank you."

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