Late One Night


Kent was awoken with a start, in much the same way Chandler was the night before.

"You need a lift to work?"

Kent climbed out of bed, but had to sit straight back down again, as his head started beating like a drum.


"I assume you're going to need one, seeing as your Vespa is currently residing outside The Black Swan. "

Kent rubbed his forehead as he took a minute to take in what was happening.


His eyes widened as the night before replayed in his head.

"Um, I don't think I should Sir."

"Don't be silly. Besides…", Chandler beeped his horn in three short bursts, "I'm already outside."

Kent wasn't sure how to feel, so he stood up again, slowly this time, and sighed.

"Ok, Sir. I'll be out in a minute."

"Oh, Kent?"


"Bring some painkillers!"

Kent smiled as he put down the phone. Maybe it wouldn't be so awkward after all. He'd just calmly explain. He was drunk … he didn't mean it … except … he did. Every word. It just took a little 'dutch courage' for him to finally say it. But he couldn't tell the boss. No. He would just have to lie.

Kent slowly pulled the car door open and eased into the passenger seat, careful not to aggravate his headache any more. The paracetomol would take a while to take effect.

Chandler waited after the door had been closed, to see if Kent was going to speak.

He didn't want to be the first to talk, so after it became evident Kent was staying quiet, he reached for the ignition.

… Only to have Kent reach out and grasp his hand, and then retract it as fast as he had lunged.

"Sir, I just …. I'm sorry about last night. I was drunk. I didn't know what I was saying. If I made you uncomfortable, I'll keep out of your way, I promise. I'm…"


Chandler's authoritative voice cut through the panicked DC's, and when Kent was quiet, Chandler spoke, softer this time.

"Kent. You did make me uncomfortable."

The young man hung his head, waiting for his marching orders, when Chandler reached out and took back Kent's hand in his own.

"But only because you're apologising."

He leaned over and raised the chin of the man he loved back and looked into his deep brown eyes.

He opened his mouth to say more but the words never left his mouth, because, at that moment, his lips connected with Kent's and, for a minute, they were the only two people in the world.