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Calista: So when do I come in?

Madi: When I tell you!

Calista: So, this chapter is about *BLEEP*


Max told me about his two dreams, Sharkboy and Lavagirl. At first, I didn't believe him, but when we went fishing this summer, I knew he wasn't fibbing.

It was a warm summer afternoon (obviously) and Max and I were on the dock. Max's pole started to shake, so we tried to haul the big one in. Next thing we knew, a shark fin protruded from the water, swimming closer and closer toward the dock. That's when a head appeared. Sharkboy was the cause, and he seemed to be lost, so we snuck him home. Sadly, our parents were to "busy" to notice. We kept him in our shared bathroom, keeping him fed and in water. He told us that he had been traveling the universe in search of his father and his latest adventures on a planet that was so cool, it would make you drool. He told us that we could go there someday, all the while staring at my emerald green eyes with his chocolate brown one. I would then look away, blushing a deep scarlet.

Suddenly, we were met with a glowing pink light. At that point, only Max was able to speak. "Lavagirl," was the only thing he muttered. She smiled at the three of us, that seemingly to be her name. She was amazing; purple flames for hair and skin of molten lava rock.

She told us that she needed Sharkboy to return with her to Planet Drool, because a great crisis was developing. She asked if we could go with her. "We can't, we have school tomorrow," I had answered. They looked at us sadly before they left. I haven't seen them ever since, but Max told me that he dreams about them sometimes, saying I was there with super powers. I would only smile and go to my room, silently crying and drawing pictures and comics about different adventures we've never had.

And that's what I did this summer. Little did I know that this was going to be the start of the biggest adventure of my life.