"Warnings": (Since this is apparently for triggery things... this is more of what to expect?) Germany/Japan (so shounen-ai)... language barriers, song references (I have Magnet by the Vocaloids).

Ludwig found himself laughing quietly, almost as if he was amused by the joke that Feliciano told. Quite honestly, he didn't even understand it, and he was only using it as an excuse to cover up his nervousness. In all honesty, he wasn't pleased to be here, with both Kiku and Feliciano.

It had been Feli's idea (it always was), and Ludwig hadn't been able to say no to him. Ignoring the pleased look (along with that "ve~"), he somehow managed to delude himself into thinking that Kiku wouldn't be there, or that Kiku wouldn't be worried about him.

Kiku beckoned him, telling him to meet the other outside to speak. Glancing at Feliciano (who had his eyes closed, and… most likely couldn't see out of them), he snuck outside, curious as to what the other wanted that he couldn't say in front of the Italian. Part of him hoped it was a love confession, but the rational part told that side to shut up, and to stop thinking about it.

"Ludwig-san." He found the suffix (though he wasn't exactly sure about its significance) almost cute, and he could feel the corner of his lips quirking into a small (insignificant) smile. To cover it, he coughed into his hand.

"Yes, Kiku?" He forced himself to sound normal, to sound as if he didn't care too much for the question, as if he didn't have a crush on him. It didn't sound convincing to him, but that might've been because he already knew.

"Are you okay?" The flush on Kiku's face indicated that he wasn't comfortable with asking, but he preserved. It warmed his heart; his friend would ask him about his well-being, even if it wasn't in his nature.

"Yes, I'm fine, Kiku." He wanted to say something about being in love with him, and he came up with the perfect solution. Instead of saying it in Japanese ("Aishiteru", if the internet was to be trusted), he would say it in German—Kiku probably hadn't learned it yet. "I love you," he whispered in German.

"What did you say?" Kiku asked in German—he was amazed that he was able to say a sentence like that, and sound… authentic.

"Ah, it's nothing," he replied. The answer sounded vague at best, but he didn't know what else he could say. "I mean it's nothing to be concerned about."

"I see. Thank you." Kiku's eyes held that determination that he was sure would destroy him—he knew that Kiku would look for the meaning of those words.

"We should go," he told Kiku in Japanese. "Feliciano is worried." He wasn't quite sure as to how to say "Feliciano will worry if we don't go get him soon", so he shortened it.

"Yes." Almost hesitantly, Kiku added, "I believe he's looking for you."

His eyes widened considerably, confused by the statement, but still amazed that Kiku (a Japanese person) could speak German that well. "Ah, yes. I should get him," he replied in Japanese. At least, that's what he hoped he said.

That night, his brother decided to go to karaoke, leaving him with no choice but to follow—he knew that his brother would get his hands on alcohol, and that's never a good thing. Ludwig was shocked to find that other people had arrived—he knew Alfred, Feliciano, Lovino (he was curious as to why he came), Yao, Ivan and… Kiku. It was already an uncomfortable day… and it would only get worse.


He immediately flinched at that nickname his brother had originally given him; it became popular, and then Gilbert felt like he needed to change it to something awesome, hence the birth of the nickname "West".

"—wants to sing a song! Any takers?" Before anyone could reply, he set his sights on Kiku. "Ah, Kiku~ You look like you'd do a good job~ Come, sing with my awesome brother!"

He knew that Kiku probably understood a few words in those sentences, so he went up to explain it in rough Japanese. "He said we're to sing."

"Ah, thank you Ludwig," he murmured in German. Before Ludwig could embarrass himself by saying something sweet, icky, and cliché, his brother grabbed his arm, and started tugging on it. He knew that Gilbert wouldn't be able to pull him if he resisted but instead, he got up, and took a microphone.

"What song are we singing," he asked Gilbert almost reluctantly in German.

The other grinned, and Ludwig felt himself tense, waiting for the moment that he'd hear his song. It was never a good thing, and his brother always made sure to record the moment (or do something that'd get on the local news—it's not a shocker that everyone knows him here.)

"Ah, I knew you wanted to learn Japanese, so I thought this song would do well for you~" Gilbert paused to laugh (it was extremely creepy.) "Franny was also going on about how great it was, you know… something about l'mour… which I'm sure is love in French." He patiently waited for his brother to finish his monologue. "The song is Magnet."

He had no reaction. He didn't know that many Japanese songs, he didn't know who even sang a song called "Magnet", but Kiku's reaction told him that it was either an embarrassing song, or a song that had embarrassing factors. He was about to protest, to ask for something different (though, he wasn't sure what was so bad about it), when Gilbert pressed enter.

The lyrics came up, in German and Japanese (though he had to be careful to not sing it), and he flushed as he realized what this was about. On the other hand, the lyrics were extremely distracting—he had a hard time singing with just the Japanese one, and it was even more difficult with the second set of lyrics appearing in German, tempting him into singing it.

Overall, this day was hell, and he couldn't wait for the next day.

Just a small note (who speaks what):

Alfred: American-English, learning Japanese
Ludwig: German, learning Japanese
Kiku: Japanese, English (to an extent), learning German
Feliciano: Italian, learning German (there, a hint for a pairing... even more than before)
Gilbert: German, wants to learn other languages... but... his pride won't let him.
Francis (mentioned): French, learning Spanish and Italian
Antonio (mentioned): Spanish, learning Italian
Lovino: Italian, Spanish
Yao: Chinese
Ivan: Russian, English (*cough*I didn't forget that Gil hated Ivan. Nope*cough*)