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Chapter 1: The G8 was kidnapped! Wait, where is Russia?

"We are holding this world conference for the second time around…"

(Hetalia entrance theme, with a background of the map of Italy beginning to form. A star revolves around the title which contains some distinct Japanese characters for wish and Italy combined. The background now changes from red to white and the map from white to green and the title in Japanese "Wishetalia" and some glitters passing by as the star went by and reveled the words "The Exciting Middle")

"We are holding this world conference for the second time around to discuss the matters on removing that dark cloud out of the galaxy!" said by a man in a brown American air force uniform jacket. He is actually the personification of the nation of America.

"According to Tony, my grey alien buddy, he said that recently, this dark cloud with some weird-looking robot henchmen just recently attacked another planet named Yugopotamia. The dark cloud also tried to attack the planet of Picto of the Pictonians; however, they brilliantly repelled the dark cloud for some unknown reasons. However, this is a growing threat to mankind, so we are here to discuss ways on how to destroy that dark cloud before it strikes again on our planet..."

"Oh shut up, you stupid rascal. None of your stupid moronic ideas would ever work on that cloud…"shouted by a British man in a green suit. He is actually the personification of Great Britain.

"Besides, we are not yet complete-aru… Russia is still not here…" a man in a red Chinese suit said. He is actually the personification of China.

"VE~ I truly wonder what is that weird looking chair doing in place of America's chair…" an Italian with a weird curl on his hair said. He is actually the representation of the northern part of the nation of Italy.

"Oh, great, where is your brother anyway?" asked Britain

"Well, he is conducting a Tomato Festival once again in his country. He can't come until the whole festival is finished. I can't wait to see how many tomatoes they used in making some pasta…" The Italian once again spoke.

"America, you better do something to the statue that that stupid brat just destroyed yesterday!" a guy in a blue France suit shouted at the American. He is the representation of the nation France.

"Calm down, we will go to that problem later…" America said.

Suddenly, a tall guy wearing a typical Russian winter clothes with a thick scarf around his neck came in the room. He happens to represents the big Russia.

"Sorry I'm late; I'm just fixing something back at home…"

"Hey, did you notice something weird with Russia?" asked someone wearing a German military suit. He actually represents Germany.

"Hai… usually when Russia-san enters the room, he should freak me out…" said by a dude with a white suit of a Japanese naval commander. He is actually the nation of Japan.

"Cool, what is this weird chair in here…" the Russian asked as he sat on the chair that is supposedly reserved for America.

"No, not on Busby's chair!" shouted by Britain. After seating in there, an awkward silence enveloped the conference room, where nothing happened.

"That's weird, isn't it that the chair should be destroyed by Russia-san right this moment?" Japan asked to the other nations.

A stray bullet hit the Russian and his head fell on the table. His appearance suddenly changed and out reveals a robot.


"This is not good-aru…" China reacted.

"So that is Britain-san's Busby curse…" commented Japan. After that, numerous robots began to appear, breaking in from the windows. The leader said "Get them I do not want them to interfere with our master's plan."

The countries tried to fight (in Italy's case, to flee) but they are pinned down and handcuffed. Britain asked "Where are you taking us, you dumb bastards!"

One of the robots said "We are taking you to a maximum security prison..."

"Oh, you mean Alcatraz! Don't worries, The Hero will get you guys out of there…"

"Not there, send them to the magical maximum security prison Abracatraz!" the lead robot said.

"There is no such thing as that…"France commented.

However, they all went inside a black portal with an evil red border. Right after that, someone in the room was left, commenting "Man, I never got noticed that I am here…"

"Who are you?" asked a polar bear cub he was holding.

"I'm Canada…"

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