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Chapter 4: The relatives noticed something odd (FOP only)

"NO…" yelled Jorgen while the rocket flew off.

"How are we supposed to get home this time around?" asked AJ.

"Um, sorry to bother you, but I just noticed some weird Russian guy that also went inside about a second after Timmy went in…" Trixie said.

"Speaking of that, I just notice 10 guys that looks like they came from different countries just come inside the rocket Jorgen just sent off to space…" commented Chester.

"Well, I'm a teacher, but what would that mean?" Mr. Crocker said.

"Wait a second… did you guys noticed that those guys are the same ones we saw earlier?" Trixie asked to the others.

"Wait, you mean that earlier, you guys just saw a Russian dude emitting a dark aura? And an Italian waving a white flag? And a strict German like Jorgen, a Japanese guy with them, a British guy that once tried to free us, three brothers that are afraid to the Russian, a France dude with wavy locks, a Chinese guy with a panda, and someone of your nationality that can't read the atmosphere?" said Cosmo.


"I know nothing!" Cosmo said.

"Hey, wait, Jorgen, you said that you didn't remove the memory of personifications, right?" Wanda said towards the fairy commander.

"Well, if I remember correctly, indeed I didn't…" Jorgen said to Wanda.

"But if that is the case, then why are they here?" Wanda asked.

"Hey, guys, I found my rocket. I do indeed put the right coordinates…" Mr. Crocker said to the others.

"How did you…" asked the children.

"Well, did you remember the science school fund that went missing?"

"Well, yeah?" said AJ.

"You're looking at it. Besides, it is co-funded by a certain someone named Alfred F. Jones."

"So, you're going in…" asked the teacher.

All of them said a yes, except for Jorgen, Cosmo and Wanda, for they still have to rescue Timmy. While on the way, Trixie picked up a mysterious white flag, written in Japanese and it says "I surrender—Italy". Trixie understood it, baffled, but soon she got it and went off to the rocket…

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