So the POV is alternating, but I'm pretty sure you can tell who is who. If there's another aspect (or body part) you'd like to hear about let me know in the comments. (Also just realizing how short the other ones are compared to this oneā€¦)

You wish he would stop growing his hair just to chop it off. You wish he would just settle on something, short or long, but each time you get used to his hair one way he changes it. You like it this way, long and curling softly to his shoulders. Not that you don't like it short mind you, it's much more entertaining in the morning. When he wakes up with short hair it stands up on end every which way as though in the night his hairs all stood up together and then tried to go off in all different directions and he looks deliciously rumpled. He forgets too when it's short. He reaches up periodically to brush away locks that no longer exist and you find this heart crushingly adorable.

But long, long is definalty your favorite. It falls to his shoulders in a chestnut cascade that always seems to catch the light just right, and it gives him a softness that reminds you of the pictures you've seen of him as a teenager. When he reads he pins it out of his face with three fingers pressed against his ear. You love to watch it swing forward to hide his face when he is brain storming, or studying a map or some hand writing. You love how it clings to his forehead when you make love to him. You love watching the morning light on it when he is still asleep next to you and it is spread across your pillow, looking molten and alive.

But, long or short you love the smell, the way it feels between your fingers when he does that thing with his tongue, but most importantly you love it because it belongs to him.