The Lone Wolf

Disclaimer: All characters belong to Maggie Stiefvater.

Time: Shiver

P.O.V.: Grace

Genre: Romance, Angst, and Drama

Date Finished: January 3, 2012

In the dead of winter, the wolves' howls fill the dark night,

The howls send shivers down my spine,

Causing me to feel all so cold.

Their howls are not new, in fact they are quite old,

They are as old as night itself.

I can pick out each wolf's song,

Each wolf sings its own wonderful melody.

One has a low bass, one a high soprano,

The rest add harmony to the rest completing the magical choir.

Only one sings a wonderful, sweet solo,

In a melodic tenor voice.

With his song, I can picture him standing in the woods,

Perhaps in a clearing or by a brook.

I can see his bright, yellow eyes as he howls at the moon,

His soft and sweet smelling fur is rumpled, but seems to fit him,

His mouth is pointed upwards as he sings his melody.

The rest of the pack does not matter,

There is him and only him.

Soon, he will leave his wolf pelt behind,

Soon, he will walk on two legs again,

Soon, he will no longer be a wolf,

Soon, he will be a boy.

Until then, I wait.

He is still howling with the rest of the pack.

Even though he is surrounded by other wolves,

I know that he is indeed the lone wolf.