A/N: So I came up with this after finishing a test and sitting there with nothing to do. I have a ton of ideas, and I'll try to post them a.s.a.p!

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Of course Wally's favorite subject was science, which only made sense that he finished the science test in five minutes flat. The only problem was that he still had another twenty minutes until the test was over, leaving him with nothing to do. Reaching for his pencil and spare pencil that he had on his desk, the speedster soon found himself using them as drum sticks, whack his books and desk like a drum. In no time at all, another one of Wally's friends finished his test and picked up on what the speedster was doing, and began to tap two pencils together, as if he were a metronome. After about five minutes another of Wally's friends finished and joined in as well, running her pencil along the binding of her notebook for a washboard sound. The final member joined when the quiet kid in class picked up his own pencil, pushed hard on a piece of note book paper, and began scribbling back and fourth, creating a "record scratch" of sorts. By now pencil music filled the air.

"West, Cain, Dembroski, Rosso, there is a test going on!" Their teacher scolded just as the bell rang.

"Well, that was awesome." Wally said, getting out of there before he got punished, "Same time tomorrow?"