It's a game they play.

They never speak of it; that's not their style.

She knows what she does to him though. Others may miss the reactions she elicits in him but she has come to know him so well that she can see the desire in his eyes. She toys with him when she wraps her arms around Frank's waist and plays the part of the devoted mistress. Those blue eyes darken even though his lips are smiling.

He knows what she is doing too. She is teasing and coy, but her eyes tell a different story. He can see the challenge in them and something inside of him rises to it. Jealousy is not an emotion that he is comfortable with but with her it takes on a delicious edge that he savors. Sometimes he wants to bring her to her knees. He's not ashamed to admit that more than one fantasy of her in just that position has come to mind.

It should bother her that he chases after her nurses so openly. His reputation as a ladies' man is well-earned though as she has overheard the whispers and giggles of the women when they thought she was out of earshot. On more than one occasion, thoughts of his talented hands have led to an explosive night with a man who is a poor substitute for the one her body really craves.

"Excuse me, Sirs" a familiar voice intrudes as she walks with Frank.

Seeing who it is she turns away in aggravation.

"Could you hold this please" he asks handing Frank a martini glass full with that swill from the Swamp.

Quickly and firmly she is grabbed and dipped in his arms. At first she resists but he wraps his arms around her to hold her more firmly against him. His lips nibble at hers and convince her to open up and accept. Franks whiny voice fades away and a warm feeling rushes through her body. All too soon he pulls away as Frank demands his attention. He keeps his arms around her though, which is fortunate as she doesn't trust her legs to hold her up.

Frank's disgust is evident as he leads her in the other direction but she can only murmur in agreement with him. It is fuel added to the fire.

When they work in the OR she makes a point to stand a bit too close to him. He never complains but if she weren't watching so close then she would miss the way his breaths quicken. It's a dirty move in a place where all his attention is needed to focus on the patient but she knows he is good enough that he can handle it.

He can smell her perfume and the slope of her neck has drawn his eye more than once this session. Her fingers are deft and quick, anticipating what he wants before he even has to ask for it. In a different setting, he can imagine how those nimble fingers can anticipate other things he may want from her.

Later in the scrub room when it is just the two of them, she absolutely does not shiver when he steps in so close behind her that she can feel the heat from his body and his breath on the back of her neck. He helps undo the knot she has been struggling with and slides the blood-stained apron from her body. She slowly turns to face him and he can see the dare laid out in her eyes.

His fingers graze the sides of her neck as he seeks out the knots in her mask and while she keeps her eyes fixated on him, he can see the effect he has on her. With her mask removed, her plump lips part. It's an invitation to taste her.

The door to the OR opens and they step away from each other as Frank and Trapper enter. Hawkeye scrubs his hands at the sink, while she tidies up the laundry haphazardly thrown on the floor. As Frank ushers her out the door, she can see the smile he gives her and she can't help but smile back.

She watches him work his charm on the nurses. Sometimes, he tries to work it on her too, but she always brushes off the innuendos he makes to her. She knows when he does this that he is just playing. The other nurses don't see that though. They are too taken in by his charisma to know that all he wants is a quick tumble and he will forget them come morning. She wants to stand out from the rest and leave a mark that won't fade by revelry. Margaret Houlihan thrives on slow burning desire.