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It's a lazy Sunday in Maine. Hawkeye is reclining on the couch napping. Tomorrow will mark a month he has been back to work. Treating runny noses and sprained ankles is a far cry from digging shrapnel out of the chests of kids. It is peaceful but he can tell that while he stays busy that something is missing. He knows what that something is but he does his best to ignore it.

He has kept in touch with Potter, BJ, even Charles. Sydney called him a few hours before to see how he was doing. He misses the people but not the place. He could tell every one of them wanted to ask about her but they were far too polite to bring it up. He wished he had something new to tell them. It never does to dwell on the past.

There is a soft knock at the door and he is loathe to leave the comfort of the couch. However, his dad isn't home so he rolls off the couch as he makes his way to the door.

When he opens the door, he catches his breath.

"Margaret?" She is as beautiful as he remembers, wearing a long dress with heels that are anything but regulation. A green Army issue bag at her feet. Her blonde hair is down and softly framing her face. She gives him a warm and inviting smile.

"So, Daniel and Emily?"

The words catch him off guard so it takes a moment for his brain to pick up the thread of conversation they had about children in her tent. "Yeah." He nods slowly, still unsure.

She clicks her tongue. Her eyes never leaving his. "What if we have more than two kids?"

He picks up on the opening his face breaking into a grin. "Well, those were just the first two names I came up with."

She nods for a moment considering his words and takes a step closer. "You never actually asked me."

He stares for a moment. This has to be a dream and he is about to wake up anytime. "I didn't, did I?" She shakes her head.

It's one of those moments that seem surreal and frozen in time. He takes a deep breath. "Margret, would you marry me?"

She looks like she is thinking it over. "Okay."

"Is that a yes?" The time for misunderstandings is long past.

"Yes." Her smile is bright and happy.

He steps forward and pulls her to him. "I"ve missed you."

"I know." She closes the distance wraps her arms around his neck and drawing him in for a kiss.


The sun is setting as Daniel Pierce returns home with groceries for tonight's dinner. Carrying the bag up the steps, he pushes the front door open. The sight that greets him is a confusing one.

Clothes litter the floor and up the staircase. He can quickly pick out his son's clothing but the dress and other garments definitely are new. He carefully steps over a pair of heels to peer up the stairs. The murmur of voices is followed by the unfamiliar sound of his son's laughter.

Daniel smiles as he turns to the kitchen to start dinner.

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