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John Winchester scowled as he flicked through his journal, trying to keep his mind off the situation he and his boys found themselves in at that moment.

John felt helpless and he hated feeling helpless. Even before Mary had died and he'd found out about the supernatural world that existed within his own world, he'd hated feeling like there wasn't anything he could do.

He glared reproachfully at the cast on his broken leg, thankful that it would soon be coming off. Until then, he had to use crutches to get around, relying on Bobby and Sam to look after himself, and Dean.

John paused as he through of his eldest son. Dean had come perilously close to death this time… much too close for John's liking. He'd been on the verge of making a deal with the yellow-eyed demon himself in order to trade his life for his oldest son's before Sam had stopped him, offering a solution that didn't involve anyone dying. Sam hadn't really elaborated on what the solution was but it had worked. Dean had begun to recover within hours. He was still a little pale and shaky and the bruising had yet to fade, but Dean would survive.

The Impala, on the other hand, was a different story. John had let out a groan when he saw the wreck that had once been their family car. Sam had already started trying to repair the damage and Bobby had encouraged it, giving the younger man something to do while his father and brother recovered; a distraction for the guilt Sam felt as he blamed himself for the accident. Sam wasn't a mechanical sort of person, but he knew the basics. By the time he worked up to the parts that were more complex, both Dean and John would be sufficiently recovered enough to chip in or take over.

Once the Impala was repaired, John knew Dean wanted to get straight back into the hunting. Sam, although slightly less enthusiastic than his brother, also wanted to hit the road once again. For once in his life, John was inclined to have a break. Maybe it was just because he was getting older and had just survived an incident that could have very easily robbed him of both his sons, but John wanted to spend time with them. Time spent together without having to worry about monsters, demons, werewolves, spirits and witches.

John flicked through his journal once again, stopping at a specific page, taking note of a scribbled note in the corner of a page. Maybe it was time that he told the boys about Adam, the younger half-brother they shared. Sam would be thrilled to not be the youngest anymore and Dean, although probably suspicious at first, would warm up to his younger brother as well.

Thinking of Adam, the son he still had some contact with, also made John think about Alexander, the son whom he had no contact with. Almost five months younger than Adam, Alexander had been born in a town called Sunnydale in California to Jessica, a woman who John had had a few encounters with. John had visited briefly a couple of times in Alexander's early years but when he'd been four, Alexander's mother had ordered John to stay away from his son and her family, which now included Tony Harris, a man whom she had married during her pregnancy and who Alexander called Daddy. John had respected Jess's wishes, leaving Sunnydale and never returning. Alexander would be sixteen now and John often wondered what he looked like and what sort of person his youngest had grown to become. Sometimes he regretted his decision to stay away, but at other times he was glad, knowing that it was the best way to protect Alexander from any supernatural threats that would see the youngest son of John Winchester as a potential target.

John sighed and rubbed his face. He knew that it was highly potential that he had other illegitimate children out there. It had been common for him to leave Dean and Sam at a rented house for a few weeks for a hunt and once the hunt was over, he would go out, seeking comfort in the arms of a welcoming woman. In those alcohol-infused few hours, any form of contraception or protection was not thought of, so John was quite sure that there were other young people aged about nineteen or younger running around the United States of America that carried his DNA. He knew that Dean and Sam knew but it was never discussed. To actually acknowledge that John had slept around would mean acknowledging that John had betrayed Mary.

John looked out the window, where Dean was leaning against a car wearily, his pale face focused on the Impala, while Sam worked on the car. John felt pride well up within him as he watched his boys. The time had come, finally, for Dean and Sam to learn of and meet their younger brothers.

Well, at least one of them, anyway.


Dean Winchester was not pouting… he was scowling. Dean Winchester does not pout; Dean found himself thinking as he… scowled at the wall of the motel he, his brother and his father were staying in. John was out getting dinner and Sam was on his new laptop.

"I thought Dad said no hunting or researching?" Dean grumbled at Sam, who looked over at him.

"I'm not researching. I'm reading a newspaper, you know, to keep informed of what's going on in the world."

Dean snorted. "Who cares? It's not like anything on the news affects us or anything."

"Gas prices are going to go up."

"Are you kidding me?" exclaimed Dean, thumping his head back on the wall. First he finds out that he didn't just have one little brother, but three (that John was aware of), and then gas prices were going to go up again. That meant that he was going to have to hustle pool just to cover the fuel costs to get down to California, where his youngest brother was born. Why didn't Adam and Alexander live closer together?

Dean fell quiet again, thinking about the sixteen-year-old kid he had met that afternoon. Adam looked almost exactly like he had when he was sixteen; it was undeniable that they were related. He'd almost choked when Adam had happily chatted about John's visits over the years, when they had played catch together and John had taught him how to ride a bike and, a few short months ago, how to drive. It all sounded… normal and Dean couldn't help but feel a tad bit jealous of the younger boy. While John hadn't spent as much time with Adam as he had with Dean and Sam, it sounded like John had done a lot of activities generally reserved for fathers and sons with Adam. Of course, Adam didn't know about the supernatural and he didn't hunt, so he didn't need to train like Dean and Sam had in order to survive, but Dean hadn't even thought that John was capable of having a normal relationship with a son. Apparently he was.

Dean's thoughts moved from John's relationship with Adam to the boy himself. He was a likable boy, obviously echoing Sam by being interested in school and by being generally very intelligent. At the same time Adam enjoyed playing baseball, while Dean had played football, and Sam had played Soccer. Sam had joked on the way back to the motel about what Alexander would play. John had chuckled while Dean had smiled, still coping with the idea of having so many younger brothers to look after. Sammy was bad enough, now there would be three and the younger two were only teenagers. Moody, sulky and immature, Dean groaned out loud at the very thought.

"I'm too old to deal with this," he sighed. Sam snorted from where he sat, obviously having heard the comment.

"Is that an admission to being old, Dean? Come on, you're only 27."

"It's older than I was when you were sixteen and that was tiring enough. And besides, there are two of them."

"But there are also two of us. We can split big brother duties now. Adam is also a big brother to Alexander. I feel sorry for that kid. He's going to have three older brothers fussing over him."

Dean had to admit that Sammy had a valid point at that. Alexander's was not a boat he wanted to be in. He was about to make a comment about Sam barely being able to look after himself, let alone others, but decided not to, remembering that Sam was reasonably fragile at that moment. The encounter with Yellow Eyes and the following car crash had deeply shaken Sam and Bobby had warned Dean that he needed to be careful around his brother and help build up the younger guy's confidence once again. Dean had promised to do so, knowing that the family road trip would be a good opportunity to do so.

He sighed as he heard the rumble of the truck that John was driving outside the room. They had decided to take two cars, knowing that potentially having five in the Impala wasn't a great idea. Sam barely fit in the back seat by himself without having two growing teenaged boys shoved in with him. John was driving an old truck that he had brought when he'd given Dean the Impala.

Having the second vehicle also gave the option of keeping Sam and John separate if they had one of their famous arguments, even though things had been very civilized so far.

John had asked Adam's mother about taking Adam with him, Dean, and Sam on a road trip over the summer vacation. She had happily given her permission, stating how she didn't like leaving Adam alone so much while she was working in the local hospital as a nurse and that it was good for Adam to have the chance to get to know and bond with his father and brothers. Adam had been thrilled with the idea of being able to hit the road with his family, as well as having the chance to have some genuine male bonding time with his father and brothers.

Dean's gut was telling him that the whole thing was going to end up in a chick flick moment.


Sam seemed to be taking it all in his lengthy stride, John couldn't help but observe on the morning of their departure. Obviously he enjoyed not being the youngest after 23 years of being the target of Dean's overprotective instincts. While it was true that Dean hadn't yet formed a bond with Adam, John knew that Adam would never be as close to Dean and Sam as they were to one another. Dean had, after all, practically raised Sam but John hoped that one day the brothers… all four of them, would be able to get along and care for one another.

John couldn't help but watch Sam as he checked that the weapons in the back of the Impala were well-concealed. While Adam would be traveling with John in the truck, they had decided that the weaponry stored in the Impala should be kept hidden as well. Anticipating this, the weaponry that they rarely used had been left at Bobby's house, leaving the still heavily armed Winchesters only toting their favorite weaponry and a few pieces that were frequently used. Dean had grumbled a bit but had reluctantly admitted that it needed to be done. John didn't want Adam to find out about what they did and that was that.

Sam still was showing some of the obvious guilt he'd shown in the days following the accident. John had forgiven him, knowing that it wasn't the kid's fault that he was so compassionate and hadn't been able to cope with the idea of shooting John in order to kill the demon. Sam was too much like Mary and John loved that about him. The damage to the Impala had been fixed and John and Dean were practically healed. John wasn't sure that he'd be up for another encounter with the demon but he was sure that he would give a spirit a good ass-kicking.

John knew that Dean was concerned as well, but then, when wasn't Dean concerned about Sam for whatever reason? John quietly chuckled to himself before he turned his attention back to his bag, finishing packing and zipping it up. He got up, ignoring the twinge of pain in his leg from where it had been broken, and walked out to the cars, throwing his bag up into the truck.

"We got everything?" Dean asked, obviously eager to hit the road, even if it was with an additional passenger. John and Sam both nodded and Dean locked the room, tossing the key to Sammy, who headed up to the office to hand it in. John started up his truck.

"I'll see you out on the road. I'll call to arrange a spot to stop for lunch."

"Alright." Dean nodded, waiting for Sam, who was already returning. John nodded at his younger son before driving from the motel. He turned one way towards Adam's home while the Impala followed him to the next intersection they came across before turning down a different way, on the way out of town. John chuckled as Dean accelerated away.

It was going to be an interesting summer.