Golden threads began to drape themselves across the objects until they were all held together in a triangle. The thread shimmered before changing color. In the lengths where it went from the jacket out to the watch and the knife it shimmered to a red colour, while in the length between the watch and the knife it turned a soft blue. Giles had his nose in the book in seconds.

"So, what's that supposed to mean?" Xander asked.

"One moment, Xander… one moment. Ah, here we are. Yes, that's right. Well, according to the spell, you and Willow do indeed share a biological parent, who's DNA matches that of John Winchester."

Xander leaned back in his seat and Willow slumped a little in hers.

"You're sure? Not that being related to Wills would be a bad thing, but you know, just making sure."

"Here, read for yourself." Giles handed Xander the book and Willow leaned over so she could read it too. Giles pointed to the relevant paragraph and the two teens began to read to themselves.

'A pale blue thread that touches the belongings of the prospective siblings indicates that they share a single parent, that they are half-brother and sister. A red bond from the thread of the older individual to that of the younger individual(s) indicates that the older individual is the parent of the younger.'

The book went onto to explain what other colors meant, with cousins, full siblings, uncles and aunts, and grandparents all being mentioned, but Xander and Willow weren't interested. Xander handed the book back to Giles, who closed the book and began to clear away the evidence, leaving the objects and the thread where they were. Willow and Xander sat side by side, simply looking at the results of the spell.

"So, everything I said out in the courtyard, it still applies." Xander said. Willow nodded, turning in her chair to face Xander.

"Same for what I said. You've always been the closest thing I ever had to a brother. I used to wish you were my brother. Guess maybe we subconsciously knew or something."

"Yeah, maybe." Xander grinned and Willow shifter closer to him so they could hug each other, clinging to the only one in the world that knew what the other was going through.

"I'm glad it's you," Xander said in Willow's ear.

"So am I," Willow replied.


Dean leaned back as John told him what the little threads linking the objects together meant. That Adam, Xander and Willow were as much John's children as he and Sam were. As much as he hated magic, Dean realized that he'd needed the confirmation, just in order to make it real for him… to confirm what John had already accepted and Sam seemed eager to believe. Not only did Dean have Sammy but he also had another two younger brothers and a little sister to look after.

Of course, they all had their own homes and families but it would always be in the back of Dean's mind. The duties of being a big brother had been drummed into him for almost as long as he could remember and he knew that, now that he knew that Adam, Xander and Willow were in fact his younger half-siblings, there would be no way he would turn his back on them. If any of them needed him, he would be there as soon as he could, just like he was for Sam.

And nothing was ever going to change that.

"Dean, you okay?" John asked. Dean looked up and realized that he'd been staring at the objects for a full five minutes without saying anything. John was crouched beside him, concern written across his face.

"Yeah, I'm good. Let's get back to Sammy and Adam. Remember, we promised them lunch." Dean nodded and got to his feet. John packed the spell up, shaking the threads from the belongings. The threads fell away and disintegrated as they lost contact with the belongings. Willow's hair drifted away in the breeze but the rest of it John bundled together and put in the truck. Dean got in the passenger's seat and John in the driver's seat and they headed back into Sunnydale.

"We can't keep them waiting. Adam is a teenaged boy after all," Dean joked to his father, who chuckled in reply.


After they'd helped Giles get the rest of the spell packed up and they worked for a few hours to get the library back in order (although there wasn't much they could do until the structural damage inflicted by the Master and the hell beasts had been fixed), Giles sent Xander and Willow on their way.

They walked through the streets of Sunnydale, enjoying the sunlight that streamed down upon the city. It was days like these that it was hard to believe that, just below the town, just below their library, the mouth of Hell simmered, ready to burst open at the whim of a psychopathic demon or vampire. Willow still had the bruising on her ankle and leg from where the hell beast with the tentacles had grabbed her and tried to drag her in.

Almost unconsciously, they ended up at the very same picnic table that they and the Winchesters had sat at not even a full day before when they'd found out about Xander's true parentage. Now, they both sat on the table, elbows resting on their knees as they looked out at the park. They could see families playing on the oval and on the playground and hear the laughter of children.

"What do you want to do now?" Willow asked.

"Honestly, go back to John and talk to him," Xander admitted. "Hey, maybe he'll invite you on the road trip now."

Willow shrugged. "Won't I be interrupting? I thought it was a guy bonding… thing."

"No, it's a family bonding thing. You're family, therefore you're included in the bonding. Adam was really curious about you last night as well. I think they all are," Xander said.

"Why don't we go get some lunch from my house and then we'll go see your… our dad and big brothers. I'm thinking toasted cheese sandwiches."

"Good idea," Xander said, smiling at the prospect of food and then seeing his family… his and Willow's family… their family.


The one flaw in Willow and Xander's plan was Ira and Sheila Rosenberg. Willow was used to them being absent for so much that she'd quite forgotten about them until she saw the car in the driveway.

"Oh," she whispered. Xander stopped behind her.

"Wills?" he asked.

"It's okay, I would have had to face them at some point," she told him and continued on, walking up to the house, opening and closing the front door.

"Mom? Dad? I'm home," she called.

"We're in the living room, Willow," Ira relayed. Willow waved Xander towards the kitchen and walked alone into the living room, her head held high.

"Willow, where on earth have you been?"

"I promised to help Mr. Giles, the librarian at school, with the books. The library was really badly damaged int the earthquake and I was just helping him put things back in order," Willow told them. It wasn't completely a lie.

"That was very kind of you but we would have appreciated being told. Not to mention that we still need to talk about… what was disclosed last night," Ira told her. Willow sat in one of the chairs, facing her parents, who were sitting on the couch.

"Willow, I'm sorry," Sheila apologized. Willow could tell that her father had told her mother to do it and that Sheila was only doing it to please him, so she stayed quiet about the slight insincerity in her mother's voice

Willow sighed. "Why didn't you tell me?"

"It would have affected the way you treated us," Sheila said, talking over Willow's head, as she almost always had. "Especially Ira, and I didn't want you constantly reminding him of my infidelity. Besides, it's not like John ever knew either and you wouldn't have been able to find him, that man is impossible to find. He wouldn't want to be tied down by a child."

Obviously Sheila didn't know about Dean and Sam or Adam, Willow thought to herself.

"Besides, we would have told you when you turned eighteen. You are, after all, only fifteen," Sheila added. Willow ducked her head, fighting the urge to snap back at her mother. She felt like everything her parents had ever told her was a lie, just like every promise that they'd ever made had been broken.

"Is it all right if I spend some time with him this afternoon?" she asked, resolve face in place. Ira replied before Sheila could.

"Yes, Willow. He is, after all, your biological father. Please, just remember that despite what we've done, we still love you, we always have and we always will."

"Thanks, Dad." Willow got up and walked out of the room. She and Xander quickly made their sandwiches and toasted them in the grill before they ate them and hurried from the house. The whole time, Ira and Sheila didn't say a word to them.


Xander lead the way as he and Willow walked through Sunnydale towards the motel that the Winchesters were staying at. Willow was trembling slightly as they walked in apprehension, frightened of what John… her father, was going to say. Would he deny it? Willow trusted Giles' magic but how was she going to prove to John Winchester that she was his daughter?

Sensing Willow's fear, Xander stopped when they reached a park and sat down, pulling out his phone and, thankful that John had made him add his phone number to his address book that morning before he had left, hit the call button. The phone rang a few times before it was answered.


"Hey… John, its Xander."

"Xander, are you okay? Where are you?"

"Don't worry, I'm fine. I just had to go and see the librarian at school about something."

"In the middle of summer?"

"Yeah, well, I do some jobs for him during vacation, you know, helping reorganize the books, cleaning, stuff like that," Xander lied. "Anyway, are you guys at the motel?"

"Yeah, we are. Why? You finished now?"

"Yeah, I met up with Willow there," Xander replied, smiling reassuringly at Willow.

"Do… do you want to bring her with you? I think we all need to talk," John suggested.

Xander nodded, even though John wasn't able to see him. "Yeah, that sounds like a good idea. We're about five minutes away."

"Alright, see you then." John hung up and Xander flicked his phone shut, sliding it back in his pocket and fixing his shoelace, which had come undone.

"Ready?" he asked. Willow nodded, chewing her lip nervously, but followed Xander as he continued to walk towards the motel. Xander smiled at her reassuringly as they walked and Willow smiled shyly in response.

They soon reached the motel and Willow breathed deeply as they crossed the car park, trying to calm herself. Xander took her hand in his and squeezed comfortingly, catching the slight movement in the curtains of the room the Winchester's were staying in out of the corner of his eye.

The pair walked in between John's truck and Dean's Impala and up to the door of the motel room. Xander knocked on it twice, turning to face Willow and smiling at her, before the door opened to reveal Sam, who smiled when he saw them, his eyes lingering on Willow before he stepped aside and let them into the small room. Dean and John were sitting at the table and Adam was sitting on the end of one of the beds. Sam sat down beside his younger brother as Willow shifted her weight nervously from one foot to the other, chewing her lip apprehensively, her gaze fixed on a blood stain on the carpet at her feet.

"Um, hey," Xander greeted, breaking the obvious tension that filled the room.


John was struck dumb as he looked at the newly arrived pair. They were his, his flesh and blood, his son and daughter, just as much as Dean and Sam and Adam were. They looked so young as they stood, side by side in the motel room, already sharing a bond that could rival Dean and Sam's in intensity, best friends since they were little kids playing in a sandbox together.

The scary thing was that it was only ten years ago that they were those kids. Willow was only fifteen and Xander was sixteen. John knew that both Dean and Sam had been well and truly involved in the hunting lifestyle by the time they were that age, but looking at Xander and Willow and Adam made him realize how young sixteen actually was. When he had spent time with Adam when the boy was younger, he had begun to realize how much of Dean and Sam's childhood he had stolen from them. John swore to himself that he wouldn't d the same to any of his younger children. They would never be involved in the supernatural, not if John could help it.

Getting to his feet, John slowly approached the two youngest members of his family. Xander looked relaxed but Willow was a completely different story. John wasn't good with feelings but even he could see the emotions being shown on her face. Fear, anxiety, insecurity, nervousness.

"Hey, Willow," John said softly, gently reaching out and touching her chin. She glanced up from the bloodstain, her eyes, so much like Dean's, shimmering with tears.

"It's okay," John told her before enveloping her in a hug. Willow sobbed, burying herself in her father's arms. John couldn't believe how right it felt. Sure, he hadn't hugged any of the others recently, given that he'd thought that they'd outgrown the gesture, but Willow just fit against him, hugging her felt right, and John knew that it was what she needed the most at that moment. Behind him, John heard Dean get up and approach Xander, ruffling the kid's hair. Xander laughed and ducked out of the way but Dean was bigger and stronger and he soon had his arm around Xander, mucking the teenager's hair up, much to the amusement of Sam and Adam.

It was in that exact moment that John realized what had happened. At some point during the course of that morning, they had become a family and it was the first time his family had really been together. For the first time in years, Mary's death didn't haunt the back of his mind like a shadow. He'd accepted it finally and had learned to appreciate what he had… the two son's Mary had given him grown into two fine young men, two other sons that were well on their way to becoming great men in their own right, and a daughter that was beautiful and smart.

And John was happy.

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