Me: "Please don't hate me and my lateness. I -.."
Ichigo:*slaps*"DA FUQ? It's been WAY more than a week ya' know!"
Shiro: "On to the story, Lazy Ass! I want you to narrate my life from my point of view."
Me:*holds face* "M'KAY I will! Now go away!"
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Me: 0.0' "Let's just start the story….."

New Pet

"Shiro I don't think you're as good at sensing stuff as you think you are."

'Shut up, like your any better.'

I growl and cast out my senses for a second time.




' Well, there's no point in sticking around here since whoever that was is definitely gone now.'

Ichigo sighs and shifts his weight slightly.

"What should we do with the cat though? We can't leave it to die out here."

'Well, your sisters and 'dad' are out for the night so we could bring it home until we can find it a home.'

"Right, I'll get the cat."

Said cat's eyes widen in alarm as Ichigo walks closer to it.

I pop my head up completely exposing my mask covered face.

The cat hisses and its eyes bore into me.

'Ichigo be careful this cat seems is weird.

Ichigo scoffs.

"It's just a cat, Shiro."

"You're just being up tight because you're a lizard and cats can eat you."

I narrow my eyes at the now puzzled looking, puffed-up, and horribly injured cat, in the corner of the alley way.

'Like you could ever eat me….'

Though I can't wait to see what did this to the cat riddled with thousands of shallow cuts.

That S.O.B is gonna die.

No one should hurt a defenseless animal ever.

Ichigo rushes forward and grabs the cornered cat.

"Got it!"

He beams.

'Great you caught a cat.'

I roll my eyes half heartedly.

He scowls, but his eyes betray his amusement.

'Now let's go...'

Ichigo nods and we shunpo back to the house, cat in tow.

We luckily avoided all citizens of this fine town.

It would've been fun seeing Ichigo explain a floating cat going into this house, though.

Speaking of cats…

This one is now flipping out that we are actually in a house.

I can't really call it fighting though since it's almost dead.

More like a last, sad desperate attempt.

Really what kind of cat is this any way?

Ichigo forcibly drags the cat up the stairs suffering several shallow cuts in the process.

Which are beginning to heal by themselves.

As we enter the room, I jump out of his hair and land on his desk.

'Ya' know Ichi we should probably heal this cat or somethin' now.'

The cat looks at us quizzically.

'Really Ichigo, there is something off about this cat…'

"Your just upset that you didn't get to fight anything."

I huff.

Ichigo grins.

"Well, I wonder what was it doing there?"

I roll my eyes.

'We can probably find out if we use Salvador de la Vida de Dark, idiot.'


'You just admitted you are an idiot.'

He blushes.

"I was talking about using Salvador de la Vida de Dark,asshole."

He lifts his hands up.


I jump on to his hand breaking his concentration.

'I'll do it. We don't want you blowing it up or catching the house on fire…again.'

Ichigo huffs as we remember the first time he tried doing Salvador de la vida de Dark outside his Inner World.

He caught half of his room on fire but luckily he has a fire extinguisher in his kitchen.

We painted it in time before his 'dad' came home.

Thank god for Saturdays and little sisters.

'Ichigo your going to have to release me from this form before I can heal it though.'

"Oh, right."

I feel him let go as I grow and shift into my human form.

'That is so much better!'

I spare a glance at the mirror on the wall to see I'm wearing the reversed Shinigami uniform Ichigo has on.

'Zangetsu you really are a fashion freak.'

I pull at the neck line of the robe.

'Are all Zanpakutos like that?'




I laugh over the link and smirk at Ichigo who is failing to hide his laughter and is clutching his sides.

I stretch a few stiff spots and turn my attention to the cat.

"Really what kind of bastard would do this to a cat?"

Ichigo says as we get a good 360 view of this cat.

Hundreds of cuts were oozing blood mixed with coagulant.

A few bloodied scabs poke through the ink fur.

A large gash runs across the cats leg hamstringing it.

Most parts of the cat's body is either bloodied or scabbing

It didn't look this bad in the alley way.

Well, it was poorly lit.

But still…..

'Don' know but they must be some heartless son of a bitch.'

'It's not a Hollow though since it's alive….'

I trail off.

The only thing left now is a Shinigami or a human.

I utter the healing words before Ichigo's anger can fully affect me.

'Salvador de la vida Dark'

15 15 15 15 15 15 15 15 15 15 *Whoosh* X3

A dark skinned woman with purple hair runs from another woman.

The assailant has dark hair most of which is divided into two grey braids.

"Give it up Yoruichi! You can't hide forever!"

"True, but I can run forever, Soi-Fon!"

Yoruichi flashes even faster as Soi-Fon roars in frustration from being left far behind.

Suddenly, a prissy, girly man appears in front of the fleeing woman stopping her dead in her tracks.


She addresses him coolly.

He unsheathes his blade and drops it?

"Scatter, Senbonzakura."

Large swords appear from the ground and Shatter into flower petals.

I feel alarm engulfing her as she flees from the pursuing petals.

Confusion makes me take a double take.

A.) How is this woman related to the cat? and B.) Why is she running away from go damn PINK flower petals?

The prissy, dick "Byakuya" directs the petals with his hands and they engulf Yoruichi causing thousands of shallow scratches to cover her from head to toe.

Realization hit me that those are NOT flower petal but small, deadly, metal blades.


'… is THE gayest way to kill someone.'

I return my attention to the memory fight.

She is now panting heavily and blood is pouring down her body from all the shallow scratches.

"Shit and I can't attack him!"

Her thoughts mesh into my head causing my head to ache slightly.

"Hurry, Kisuke when I said I need a way out of Soul Society I meant right then, not when I was half-dead."

A small marble sized orb begins to glow in her hand.

She smirks.


She composes herself and looks her adversary in the eye.

"Well, looks like I should get going now."

"What do you mean by that?"

The emotionless flower-boy asks just as tiny bitch catches up .


A blinding white portal in the shape of a gate appears behind her and yanks me inside along with her.

But not before Tiny Bitch yanks out her zanpakuto and slashes her disappearing leg.

For a few seconds the light is blinding and I hear the faint flapping of wings, almost silent, and a flash of black-red on white.

Then we are at the warehouses alley we found her outside of.


"Kisuke was off, again."

She slumps down and changes into a familiar Black Cat releasing a large amount of slightly familiar reiatsu in the process.

She limps in to an alley way and lies down gasping.

"I'll just wait here 'till he comes and gets me."

She mumbles like a mantra under her breath and fades in to anunconscious like state.

A few minutes later.

Yoruichi is startled awake by Ichigo's reiatsu flares in the distance.

"What is that?"

15 15 15 15 15 15 15 15 15 15 15 15 15

I stare into the eyes of a healed and confused cat.

'Oi, Yoruichi!'

I sing-song.

Her eyes widen.

"How do you know my name…?"

"Did the CAT just TALK?"

I sigh.

'Yeah it did and ghosts are real, too, but I don't see you screaming 'bout it.'

I redirect my attention from the shell-shocked Ichigo to Yoruichi.

'What is your goal and why did Shinigami attack you?'

"You sure ask a lot of questions."

"Since you happen to know my name what's yours?"

'I'm Shiro and this is Ichigo.'

I jab my thumb at Ichigo.

"Like the Strawberry?"


"OI! Anyone want to catch me up on what's going on?"

'Kitty-san here is really a spiritual were-cat and was attacked by two Shinigami before fleeing to the human world to find…what's-his-name… Kisuke?'


She narrows her eyes.

"Well, since once again you know WHAT I am what are you two?"

'Well, FULLY we are Ichigo Kurosaki, Shiro, and Zangetsu and-'


'His zanpakuto.'

She bristles.

"So you're here to catch me and take me back to Soul Society?"

"Is this some sick joke for you?"

She snarls and begins backing up.

"Breaking in to a human's house, pretending to help me-"

"Whoa, Whoa, Whoa, Calm down, Yoruichi."

Ichigo soothes.

Her heated glare lands on him.

"Why should I?"

Ichigo flinches slightly.

'Because if we were Shinigami, you would be dead now.'

"Blunt much?"

"Also, last time I checked Soul Society and me weren't inviting each other over for tea."

Ichigo smirks.

'Ha! They'd rather kill us then have tea with us!'

"And why would that be?"

Finally she asks the golden question.

I stop laughing and look her dead in the eye.

'Because we are a Skimmer.'

Me: "Awww, look at that Shiro you're sensitive to Ichi's feelings~!" *troll face*
Shiro: "SHUT THE F#$K UP!"
Me and Ichigo: 0.0
Ichigo: "Who stuck Zangetsu up your ass?"
Shiro: *glares*
Zangetsu: I resent that.
Me: "Hehehehe. Anyway I just realized I never told you guys what 'Salvador de la vida Dark' means -shot- *zombifies* anyway it means-…"
Shiro: Savior of Dark Life in Spanish.
Me: *pouts* I was gonna say it~!
Ichigo: "The cookies for the viewers are done."
Me and Shiro: 8D COOKIES~!
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