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11:00 am.

'Time to clock out'

It was mid February and the tiny heater in the corner of Alex's Diner was working over time, as was the poor waitress who was pulling all night shifts and working extra hours.

"Kate, I'm going home now. Could you watch the floor till Steph gets here?" Tara asked the other waitress working while pulling the hood of her over sized jumper over her head.

"So you're finally going home girl?" A hefty older woman walked out from the kitchen and lent refilled the coffee pots. "Good. Get some sleep before fall over and hurt yourself."

Tara shook her head. "I can't just yet. I have to pick up Daniel after his presentation."

"You mean that crazy cousin of yours?" Kate asked as she walked back into kitchen.

Tara sighed and grabbed her bag, "He is not crazy, he's just ... well." She struggled to describe her cousin.

"Reads too many comic books huh?"

"More like he's obsessed with his work."

"Runs in the family I see," Kate sighed, "Girl, all you do is look after your cousin, and work your tiny ass off. You need to care of yourself for once in your life. I swear since you stopped going to collage you've been ..."

"Yeah I get Kate." Tara groaned. She had heard this speech over and over again, it was worse than having a mother.

"You know what you need Tara? A good m..."
"Do not say that I need some guy to come sweep me off my feet and solve all of my problems. I've been told the same thing way too many times."

"Oh come on baby, you deserve your own Prince Charming." Kate said, coming round the counter to give her a side hug.

But Tara just scoffed, "Do I look like a princess?" She asked, pointing to herself, specifically her eyes

Tara was born with a rare and unusual trait. One of her eyes was a light grey and the other was a deep orchid. This was a major turn off as it looked like she had a dead eye, and made her a popular target for bullies when she was a kid.

One-Eyed Terror Tara stuck with her for a long time, even into her high school years.

"Princesses come in all shapes and sizes." Kate said, dramatically gesturing to herself.

"I think I'll stick to being a normal peasant thanks." Tara pried the woman's arm off her just as a customer came in and ordered a large burger, giving her the chance to escape.

"I'll see you tonight." She sang as she walked out into the freezing cold street. Dark clouds were rolling in fast over the city. There was a storm coming.

Tara swore and began to speed walk down the main street, all the while shoving her earnings into her backpack. On the way to the train station she bought a coffee and small bun to sustain herself from a stand outside the large shopping that sat above the subway. The cheap hot liquid burnt her tongue and she lost all sense of taste, but she sipped it quietly as the train rattled along in the dark tunnels.

Yes she lived a normal life, no devastating secrets, no worthwhile stories, nothing.

As much as Tara enjoyed this simple life she was living, she did feel at times bored with it. She would remember going to Harvard and loving every minute of it, and not just when she would surpass even the teachers. She still caught up with her classmates but only on a rare occasion, so really the only time she had contact with people was at the diner and when Daniel was in town.

As the train came to a stop and people departed or scrambled to get on, Tara saw a punk with bright blue hair spiked up high pass by her window. She then caught her own reflection and stared at herself.

'Maybe I could dye my hair too,' She mused, 'Or at least cut it. Better yet a nose ring would be cool.'

But she gave up the thought just as quickly as she had conjured it. After all there was not point changing what she looked, she was fine as she was now, and as for her eyes, well her idol David Bowie had different coloured eyes and he was awesome.

She finally arrived at her station and squeezed her way to the door. She apologized and excused herself, but no one really noticed or cared.

After all, she wasn't anything special.