Hello everyone and thanks for checking out my fic!

The idea for this story came to me rather suddenly the other night as I was perusing Tumblr. I saw a reblogged gif post of Kurt and Sebastian, and I had an "Aha!" moment. So, I suppose that answers that question. The key players in this story are Kurt Hummel and Sebastian Smythe, post-graduation from McKinley and Dalton, respectively. It takes place over the course of their freshman year at Yale University.

I know this first chapter is a little intense and harsh, but it will definitely lighten up soon. I just wanted to set the stage for the main course of the drama.

I certainly hope that you'll enjoy it! :D

"And this will be your dorm."

Kurt Hummel followed the director of housing into a beautiful, spacious, open floor plan room. The photo on the Yale University website certainly didn't do the dorm any justice. There was so much room! He was definitely going to enjoy the space he was provided.

Directly before him was a large window. To his left was a kitchenette and a book nook and bed were set up to his right. He was instantly taken in by the cozy charm of the dorm and was already planning the decorating in his head. "It's lovely," he said breathlessly.

The director of housing, a young woman dressed in a business suit, gestured for him to follow her for the grand tour. "As you can see, it's quite spacious. The room comes complete with a kitchenette, a bathroom, a walk-in closet right next to the door, a little book nook/lounge, and a bed. All the amenities are provided, of course."

A big smile spread across his face as he grinned. "It's perfect," he said, more to himself.

"I'm glad you like it!" The director reached into her pocket and produced an object that resembled a credit card. "This is your key into the building and into your specific dorm. Whenever you come to the main entrance of this building, just wave the card at the lock and it'll unlock for you. Keep it on you at all times." She handed the card key to Kurt, who placed it into a protective sleeve in his wallet. "Do you have any questions?"

Kurt shook his head and smiled. "No, thank you. I'm pretty much set."

"Excellent," replied the director. "Well, if you ever have any questions, don't hesitate to ask me or your floor manager." She smiled and shook Kurt's hand. "Welcome to Yale, Mr. Hummel. Have a great freshman year!"

The young woman exited the room and Kurt listened as the sound of her high heels faded away. He squealed with delight and clapped his hands excitedly. In two weeks, the fall semester would begin and he would officially be a college student.

Just then, his cell phone buzzed, indicating that he had received a text message. He grinned when he saw that it was from his old friend Rachel Berry.

"Finn told me that you're already moved in at Yale! Congratulations! I move into NYADA next week. We'll have to find time to see each other soon. Have a great year, Kurt! You'll be great!"

Kurt laughed as a single tear of joy rolled down his cheek. It was going to be a great year indeed.

The smell of freshly mowed grass mingled with the intoxicating scent of old stone as Kurt took in his surroundings on the way to his first class. A combination of nerves and excitement filled him with an almost euphoric happiness.

Kurt did nothing to hide the huge grin displayed on his face. The premier day of the fall semester was not only the beginning of a new chapter in his life, but a victory against all the naysayers who ever tried to keep him down. There was a time at the beginning of high school some four years prior when he dreaded the thought that he would never leave Lima, Ohio. It wasn't until he joined glee club that he found the inspiration and motivation to look toward the future as something positive and optimistic. He had his friends to thank for that and he loved them all very much.

In fact, truth be told, there was only one member of the McKinley High New Directions who Kurt was not on good terms with. Ironically, that person at one time had been the love of his life. Blaine Anderson was a name that he did his best to forget but somehow couldn't shake from his memory. Blaine had been stolen from him, taken away by the likes of Sebastian Smythe, a wicked boy who had come into their lives and destroyed everything Kurt held near and dear. The pain had been too great and the scars, though faint, could still be felt in his heart on occasion.

Fortunately, Blaine was the last person on Kurt's mind as he lost himself in the campus map. He was trying to figure out where his first class was in proximity to Harkness Tower, which stood majestically to his immediate right. Buried in the lines and colored diagrams of the fold-out piece of paper, he continued walking, oblivious to the fact that a bicyclist was headed directly for him.

"Watch out!"

Kurt's head snapped up and his eyes widened when he realized that he was directly in the line of fire. He took a flying leap and landed with a thud in a nearby patch of grass, nearly knocking the wind out of him.

The cyclist quickly dismounted the bike and it fell on its side with a crash, the rear tire still spinning. He quickly ran to the fallen young man's side. "Hey, are you okay?"

Kurt's vision was slightly blurred as he struggled to catch his breath. He felt a strong hand on his back and another on his right arm as the bicyclist helped him to his feet. "Yeah," he said, panting. "I'm fine."

"I'm so sorry," the bicyclist said in a panicked voice. "I should've watched where I was…" He stopped abruptly and Kurt gazed up at him to see what was wrong. He instantly regretted ever doing so.

His heart started pounding and he could feel his blood boiling with rage when he came face-to-face with none other than Sebastian Smythe, the very same harlot who had succeeded in stealing Blaine Anderson away from Kurt two-and-a-half years before. The vicious home-wrecker looked quite different out of his old school uniform. He was wearing a white short-sleeved dress shirt with a red tie and a black sweater vest and his green eyes were concealed behind horn-rimmed spectacles.

Also, strangely enough, the cocky expression that he was so used to seeing on Sebastian's mug seemed to have vanished. In its place was a warm, friendly smile that simply enraged Kurt even more.

"Kurt… Kurt Hummel, right?"

Kurt took a deep breath before speaking and did his best to keep his face stoic and expressionless. "Sebastian Smythe," he said, icy coldness in his voice.

"Oh my goodness, what a surprise!" Sebastian laughed heartily as he stood his bicycle up. "I had no idea that you'd be going here too! What a coincidence!"

"Yeah," Kurt replied, dripping with sarcasm. "Coincidence…" He collected his things and was about to leave when Sebastian called after him.

"Hey, wait! Do you have class right now? I thought maybe we could catch up. Grab a coffee or something…"

That did it. Kurt could actually feel himself shaking in anger. He had the audacity, nay, the chutzpah to be all friendly and chummy after all the hell and heartbreak he put him through? Kurt came to the conclusion that he'd have to put his foot down.

So he snapped.

"Really, Sebastian? Really? You have the nerve to act all chummy and friendly and nice to me after all the hell you put me through in junior year?"

The change of Sebastian's expression was so quick no one would have been able to capture it on film. He was visibly trembling as Kurt inched closer and closer to him in a threatening manner.

"Don't think I'll ever forget how you stole Blaine away from me! You son of a bitch, I loved him and he loved me! And then, you come along all high-and-mighty thinking that you're God's gift to gay-kind and swoop him into your skanky clutches!"

By this time, Kurt was in tears of pain and heartbreak and had managed to back Sebastian up against a tree. The boy tried to say something, but Kurt would not let him get a word in edgewise.

"I don't know where you get off," Kurt continued, spitting every word out as if they were daggers. "But you'll have to excuse me if I say 'Go to hell,' Sebastian. Never, and I mean never will I associate myself with the likes of you."

He backed up slowly as a single tear rolled down Sebastian's cheek. He grinned in satisfaction at just how pathetic he looked cowering against the tree trunk. "So long, you jerk. Tell Blaine I say that he can go to hell too." Kurt hefted his backpack over his shoulder and stormed off to his first class.

To be continued…