Author Note: Today is my big brother figure's birthday today. "Old Man", I know your day may not be the best ya' ever had. Semi-sweet sixteen, if you will recall. :) Happy birthday...Old Man. Enjoy your surprise!


"Another day..." old blue eyes looked at the ticking clock, "that time of year, huh?" He rose and walked slowly to the living room, lowering himself into the rocking chair before the fire.

It was the place where so much had happened, everything he'd loved happened in that room. And now he rocked, waiting for his lovely wife to return home from her Bingo. (I'll give you three guesses.) He caught something in the corner of his eye and lifted the big, old book up from the shelf. Opening it, he dusted it off and smiled at the photographs.

The day he turned sixteen

"Shut UP!" he, a new sixteen year old, yelled to his cousin. He was getting on his nerves, and it was all because he'd had a fight with his girlfriend.

"No!" he taunted, and that's when she herself came up, feeling torn.

"Please..." she had tears in her eyes, "don't do it..."

"Stephanie..." he wrapped his arms around her and kissed her cheek, "I didn't mean what I said."

"Finally..." she smiled waterly.

They'd made up...and that had led them to the wedding.

The Wedding

"This music is so slow..." he commented as the preacher droned on, the organ playing.

"It's sweet," she rolled her eyes, "now hush."

Smirking a little, he pulled a remote out of his pocket and pressed Play.

Let's just they got married to "Shakesphere" by the Miranda Cosgrove.

The Kids

She looked just like her mother. Baby Danielle Sandy Martin was a beautiful child, and he had his nose pressed up against the viewing glass. She had mother's face and her eyes, his hair and his smile. This was the life he'd always wanted, the life he knew he'd get. Because it was destiny.

"She's cute," Mechile commented as her big brother, Danny, stared at the baby. Mechile was six, and Danny was thirteen. Danielle just made the family more complete.

"Remind me..." Stephanie smiled weakly, "this is the complete. No more, dude."

The Samurai

How could anyone forget that day?

"Yes, Daddy," Danielle had just promised her father they'd be safe...again. She was now a beautiful fourteen year old, and her sister was twenty, with Danny leading as twenty seven and their sworn protector.

"Good luck," Stephanie nestled against her husband as they pulled out their samuraizers. Danny was taking his father's place, Mechile was taking Stephanie's, and Danielle...was a new breed of amazing.

"Danny!" he yelled, striking a pose in the black suit.

"Mechile!" the next yelled, posing in her yellow suit.

"And Danielle," the last called, spinning around in yellow and black suit.

And the three siblings took off to help with the new generation of Samurai...the offspring of their lifelong teammates and friends.

His last Birthday

He was fifty nine, and he was frozen in time in photo booth. He was making silly poses with Stephanie, and they both were just being silly. Even as older people, they still were kids at heart.

"Hey, Old Man," his wife chuckled her nickname for him as she entered.

"Look what I found," he held up the book, and she chuckled.

"So here's a new picture," she held up a camrea, and the new picture showed her in his lap, him sticking his tongue out her her as she laughed, "Happy Sixity."

"The sweetest I've ever had," he kissed her cheek and put it in the page.


Author Note: If this can happen in'll happen in life. Happy Birthday! :)