For 3 years, Naota and Haruko have been gone. Not wanting to ever return to earth. Naota, who now carries the power of the Space Pirate inside of him, has been getting weak. His emotion to hate, love, and basically to feel had disappeared. Haruko couldn't face her soon-to-be husband like this; she wanted to help him as much as he wanted to be able to feel her love again. After talking it over with Naota, she decided that going back to earth might be a good thing and they might find whatever is missing from him there.

*Back on Earth*
her name is Mamimi, young high school student. She always wore a school dress shirt and a mini-skirt. Today for her marks 5 years since Naota's brother left her and went to America to play baseball. He always sent her letters but she hasn't read any of the recent one's due to one she opened that had a picture inside of him holding a girl from America. Every day she went down below the bridge to think about things, she had given up her dream of becoming a photographer and moved back to her old quiet town. Ever since Naota left nothing new ever happens. At least… until today, Mamimi heard a loud splash from the river. She paid close attention and was on alert, while smoking one of her 'Never Knows Best' cigarettes. A boy had crashed over from where the splash was and had been splashed up on the hill. Mamimi walked over to the boy and stared at him. 'Is he dead…' Mamimi took the boy on her shoulders and brought him to her home. On the way she heard the noise of a very familiar… person, she tried to focus her eyes. But after the noise stopped she shrugged her shoulders and kept walking. Mamimi was ever so quiet not to wake the boy, instead of continuing on a path where there were cars, mopeds and angry adults; she went straight into a grave yard. This is where she stayed for a while. She laid him down on a blanket she carried inside of her backpack. It was after 10 minutes when she heard his voice.
"Ma… Mimi…"
"Wha... he knows my name!"
"Ye... yeah... you... don't remember... me...? it's... Been so... long..."
She gasped as the boy crashed back down on the ground, who was he? How did they know each other? She asked herself. Feelings that she hasn't felt since Naota was around were coming back to her... Her love was fueling her to find out who this boy was... Could it be Takkun…? No, his hair is longer and more brownish, plus he looks older than him and his muscle tone was… she blushed before she could say the next word.
"What's so perfect Mimi?"
Her face flashed with excitement, she turned around and saw the girl on the moped holding her blue bass guitar. The happy look on her face slowly turned into a sour one. The hatred she had for her was very creepy; she took Naota away from her. She wanted to hurt her, badly.
"He's not yours"
"you took him"
"He wanted me"
"He loved me"
"I kissed him"
"I never left"
"He left with me"
"You used him"
"Now right here is the reason I never wanted to come back here."
"Then why did you"
"For him..."
"Why do you need Takkun."
"Already attached to him... oh well"
"Fuck you. You're not taking him."
"Yes I Am"
minutes pass by as they keep fighting over the boy. He awakes again, this time more stable and sees the girl who saved him, laying next to him; dying... Haruko stood over the boy with her hand extended out to him. Anger ran threw his body, he could no longer see the 2 girls... a red color covered his eyes as a black shadow overtook his body...
"Az... Azazel! He already has the form of the dark prince!"
"Demon-girl... for hurting her... You Will Suffer!"
"Not today princey! I am getting out of here!"
With that Haruko took off. The boy's body returned to normal. He attempted to save Mamimi, to return the favor from earlier... her condition improved over time. The boy had attempted so many things yet the only thing he knew that would work... a kiss, a kiss would wake her... like the stories he read, but doesn't remember. He felt a cold chill in the air, but it all faded away and became warm as their lips connected... her eyes slowly opened while the kiss lasted. She shut her eyes as a small tear slid out of her eyes. 'The same way Naota felt.' She told herself, as he broke away from her she opened her eyes slowly. When she sat up she took him and wrapped him in a tight hug.
"Thank you... Thank you, but why did you save me... and not go with her."
"I... I honestly don't know, something told me... that I was needed here"
"You seem just like a boy I used to know."
"Yeah... Do you know him?"
"I, I don't know. The name just came to me"
"so tell me, what is your name... you never told me."
"Me? Well my name... heh, can't remember."
"Not much help if you don't know. What about... Azel..."
"That sound fitting."
"Azel it is... but the woman with pink hair... do you know her?"
"I only know that she hurt you, and I was overtaken by anger. I felt my body go dark my eyes turned red and... I can't remember anything else"
"She is evil... she took Naota away from me, and wanted to take you..."
"But you didn't even know me... yet you saved me... why?"
"Because, people like you only come around every once in a long time. You're just like Naota..."
"So he was very special to you..."
"He was... comfort, his older brother left me and his home to go play American baseball."
"Ah, so then what am I?"
"well, you just kissed me, Naota never did. Second, you're different. Older, more rebellious, you just... have an effect on me that no one ever has. What do you want to be? "
"I... Want to... Be yours..."

They both stared at one another, Mamimi speechless, and Azel wanting... Slowly they locked each other in another kiss that seemed to last hours. Mamimi Finally Knew Best... Azel knew where he belonged. Holding, and being there for Mamimi. Love had filled them to the point where they broke apart for air. Looking in one another's eyes, they fell asleep in each others arms.
*Nandaba Household*
Naota was welcome back into his home, welcomed by his father and robot. Haruko already settled her stuff in his old room, the family sat down and did their little 'manga episode' and it ended with Naota watching old anime with his grandpa. He was torn away by Haruko's attempt to get him to join her in bed. Before going to their 'games' she informed Naota of their current problem. The missing part... Became his own person.
"Princey Azazel took him and mended his form into a human, he can now form into a dark spirit."
"Basically, we should just give up then."
"I don't think so... He has a weak spot."
"Oh really? And what might this weak spot be?"

**Author's Note**

What is to happen next? Will the boy now known as Azel leave Mamimi? Will Haruko learn to leave affairs on earth alone? Will Naota tear Azel away from Mamimi just to be whole again? Find out next chapter!