Azel POV:

To live our lives to the fullest, thats our goal right? Mamimi and I spent the night with each other. just nothing like that, we were basically up all night. We were able to talk to each other about ourselves, I found more about myself than I did her. She doesn't really like to talk to anyone anymore. I still question why I had become a spritual beast. Mamimi told me that she's seen it happen to the boy she knew. It's good to know that she doesn't have feelings for him anymore, well atleast if she has them... they arn't really that serious. I am only a Senior in High School so she tagged along and applied to repet her Senior year with me, I started to walk down the street when I heard a strange moped off in the distance, It was her. The pink haired girl.

Normal POV:
'You still continue to live a normal life'
'What do you want from me?'
'I just want you'
'I love someone else, find another one.'
'But, I need you'
'Why do you need me'
'Because i do...'

Haruko crept closer to Azel, slowly walking up to him. Mamimi came around the corner with a black and red Gibson v3 and saw them. Mamimi looked heart broken, she knew she wasn't good enough for him... or was she, Haruko looked over at Mamimi with a sneer and went to kiss Azel, He looked her in the face and ducted before she could do anything, her face hit the wall and Mamimi laughed.

'You laughed. I guess i completed one of my goals'
'Here Azel-kun, I got this for you'
'It's amazing. thank you'
'Hey! What do you think your doing!'

A diffrent voice came from the other end of the ally, A boy who looked like he belonged in middle school stood up. As he walked closer i could see his Red Gibson double bass, His hair was long and black, and he went by one name...

'What are you doing to My Haruko!'
'My Haruko... Your Naota!'
'Yes, and your someone i'd rather take with me at this time'
'NO! your not taking him!'
'Shut up! I'll do what i want! you have no athority over the Space Pirate!'
'She might not... But I Do!'
'that voice... the sacred prince... boy! do you know what you've become!'
'I dont care. As long as Mamimi is safe... I'll do anything for her!'

Even Mamimi was shocked, she knew Azel loved her but... he loved her enough that he would protect her from anything. Naota's body slowly turned red and his eyes were glowing white. He rushed towards Azel with such force, Haruko even felw backwards. The two guitars went back and forth with Azel's anger rushing out of his body. why did he fight him, it was Haruko that was the problem untill Naota rushed up to Azel once more but wispered in his ear

'Your Another Part of me...'

Azel's face looked like he had seen a ghost. How is it that he could be apart of someone else he kept asking, Naota and Azel kept swinging there guitars back and forth at one another till Azel dropped to his knee's. It was here when Haruko took the chance and put the crying Mamimi in a headlock. Azel looked over and tears fell from his eyes. He passed out and couldn't do anything until a few minutes later to the noise of Mamimi screaming.

'NO LEAVE HIM ALONE!' She kept yelling at Naota , 'WHAT DID HE EVER DO TO YOU!'
'He said to shut up! *Haruko slaps Mamimi* He doesn't deserve human life'
'SHUT UP! For once in my life i loved in when you were quiet!'
'Naota-kun... YOU SON OF A B****!'
'llleave... her... alone... Naota...'

Azel rose up from the state he was in with his arms locked in chains and his guitar planded on the floor, His body slowly turned the color of the midnight sky, and his eyes turned the darkest red of blood there ever was... and they glowed. Azel... was Azazel once more. His guitar rose up from the ground and flew into his hand the guitar changed its form into a copy of Naota's Red Gibson. The chains broke from the power emitting from his body as he screamed. Naota was good as gone. The guitar had acted like a whip and it had lashed Haruko as she hit the floor and as this happened Naota charged him but was stopped dead in his tracks. The color of Azazel faded from Azel as Naota fell to the floor. Had it been done? was the space pirate Atomsk's servant killed? Naota didn't die. Mamimi had jumped in front of both of them and begged Azel to stop. As Azel fell to his knees he cryed. He never wanted to hurt anyone. Naota... Had one the war... but left without the bounty. He passed out and awoke later on in Mamimi's room on her bed seeing Naota leave the room.

'Mamimi... im so sorry *sniff* all i didnt was bring pain... he is right, i am him'
'No Your Not! your Name is Azel! your nothing like Naota.'
'But im just another weapon. Im not ment to live this life'
'Azel! dont talk like this... I love you too much to hear you talk like this!'
'Mamimi... i dont want to leave... I love it here, I love being with you... I love You!'

Mamimi leans into Azel and they lock one another into a kiss, It lasted for what seemed like hours, they both loved one another and didn't want to be apart from one another ever again. they broke apart to catch their breath as Mamimi whispered into Azel's ear.

'I Love you for as long as i live, In body and spirit we go From one, To Another... And I'll show you that tonight...'


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