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Chapter 1

First Day of School

Roxas POV

Beep Beep!

Ugh- where is that stupid thing...

Beep Beep!

I fumble with my nightstand.

Beep Beep!


Beep Be-

I successfully find my alarm. I punch it. 'Huh- serves you right for being annoying' I think. I roll outta bed in my boxers and stumble my way into the bathroom. A hot shower is what I need. It'll wake me up to prepare for the most annoying thing ever. Worse than my alarm clock. Worse than my brother...

… school.

In my personal opinion, school is the most perpetual thing there could ever be relating to boredom... Crap! You guys probably think I'm some low life who ditches school and does drugs. No. I'm not. I actually like school, unlike my 'fellow peers'. I'm that one kid who sits in the back and gets straight A's. That one kid who the teacher favors... It's actually kinda annoying. And today starts it all over again.

The hot water isn't really doing anything. As a matter of fact, it's making me more tired. Ugh- I know what must be done. My hand inches toward the hot/cold knob. Quickly, I turn it to cold. GAH! I gasp and arch my back as the ice cold water steadily runs down it. I turn it off. Okay. Enough of that.

I get outta my shower and dress in my room. For those of you who don't know me, I'm the kinda guy who wears dark colors. It's not because 'It totally makes me look good for the ladies', its more like... I want to.

I grab my black jeans and slip them on. Shirt, shirt, shirt... oh look, a white shirt. There we go. I put that on and walk toward my nightstand to get my black and white checkered wristband my brother bought me, and the two matching rings. Lastly I get my black leather jacket and black vans. Hey- I match... That was unintentional.

I go back into the bathroom to brush my teeth and do nothing to my hair... Perfect.

I begin to walk outta the bathroom and try to get downstairs without waking up my baby brother... Ven is always cranky in the morning and I really don't wanna deal with that today...

Who am I? Oh, well that's a secre-



There goes the secret.

I walk to my brother's room... my twin brother. I peer through the open door.

"Yes Sora?" I politely ask.

I walk in all the way to see my twin brother barefoot in just jeans... no shirt. In his hands, he's clutching two different shirts, one blue and one red.

"Which. Shirt. Should. I wear." he desperately asks through clenched teeth. Whoa dude... That's a little creepy. And annoying.

You see, over the summer, Sora has recently gotten in a relationship with his childhood friend, Kairi. Since then, he has been pestering and bombarding me with ridiculous questions, such as the one he has just asked me...

I deeply sigh,"Neither." he looks very confused, so I elaborate as I raid his drawers. "Kairi's favorite color is purple, right?" Sora dumbly nods his head. "And her eyes are violet, so" I turn around and shove a purple shirt with a silver crown on it in his arms... I thinks it's some rappers emblem. "Wear this."

He instantly drops the shirts currently in his hands and pulls the one that I have just given him over his head. His chocolate brown spikes bend and twist as he puts it on, but when he's finished, they stick straight back up... Our family cowlicks are insane.

He stares at me, trying to see my reaction..."Well?" he asks. I inwardly roll my eyes. 'Must you always seek my approval?'

I plaster on a smile and nod my head, "Better."

Sora is exactly like me, but somehow... different. We both share the same height, weight, age, and built, but there's something more than that about us... like our personality. Or hair part. Or hair color...

Lets just say that there are more differences then similarities...

I turn on my heel and run downstairs. I hear baby Ven cry. I wince 'Your fault Sora.' I thought 'If it weren't for you, I already be at school.' And with that, I grabbed a juice box from Ven's snack bag, five dollars, and my backpack to head out to school.

Namine POV

You know what I love about blankets? They're so freaking warm.

I snuggle closer to my blankets. My door to my room opens, but since I already know who it is, I don't really do anything.

"Come on Nam." the my sister gently says.

I don't move.

"Please Nam."


Finally she rips off my cocoon of warmth. GAH! I gasp and arch my back as the cold air envelopes me. Stupid sister...

My twin expertly folded my blanket and set it on the edge of my bed, where it's supposed to go. I rolled over and glared at her. She sweetly smiled and lay down next to me on my bed.

"You gotta get up Nam." I roll over so that I turn away from her.

"Shut up, Xion."

"No really, I saw Larxene coming an she'l-" Xion tried to warn me, but was quickly cut off by Larxene herself, in all her glory (is it even appropriate to use that word to describe that demon?) as she kicked my freaking door open... Who does that? Can't she open the door like a normal human being? Oh wait- scratch that. Larxene can't be normal even if she tried.

"NAMINE!" she screamed at the top of her lungs."If you want a ride to school, you better get you ass in gear!"

I sat up and blankly stared ahead of me. I nudged my raven haired twin, "Did you hear something?" Haha, that made Larxene mad, because she groaned and yelled,

"Namine Hikari, you are walking to school!" Then she turned toward Xion and asked in a sickly sweet voice "Do you want a ride Xion? My offer will always stay open for you."

Xion's nervous eyes flicked from Larxene to me. Slowly she counted under her breath "1, 2, 3, 4, 5." then she closed her eyes and opened them.

"No thank you Larx. I think I'll need Namine today."

When Xion and I were little, our parents divorced. Our eldest sister Larxene lived with my mom who's a lawyer. Xion and I were only 6 at the time, and decided to move with our dad who's a scientist. However, over the years, he's neglected us for his reserch in the lab and we only, just recently over the summer, moved with our mom. Its our sophomore year in highschool, and I honestly don't care.

At our old school, it was just Xion who was my friend. Of course she had other friends, she was a social butterfly. I always encouraged her to go hang with her friends. She always declined saying 'Friends come and go, but family's forever.'

So this year, I'm sure, won't be all that different.

Larxnene nodded, "Text me when you get to school!" she called as she dissapeared down the hall.

I rolled out of bed and made way toward the bathroom. I turned around to find Xion still laying on my bed.

"No wonder you didnt want to get off... IT'S SOO COMFORTABLE!" she shreiked.

"Yeah, yeah, just be gone by the time I'm outta the shower."

I went to the bathroom and did the rounte: shower, brush my teeth, comb my hair. When I got out of the shower, I laid out a pair of jean shorts and a white shirt to match my white vans... Every thing has to match with me.

I walked downstairs and found Xion at the breakfast table counting her grapes as she ate them... Xion and I, both have severe cases of OCD... she drawn to numbers and I'm with placement.

I plopped down next to her and aligned my nutella covered toast with my plate on the inside of my chocolate-protein-milk-thing I drink every morning... in 3 minutes I'm finished and I grab my bag and wander outside to wait for Xion to finish.

I open the door and leave it open, because I know she'll be out soon... I don't know how I know.

It's a twin thing.

I walk down the steps that lead to my house. I see a speck of dirt on my shoes just a splpit second before I hear a masculine voice yell, "HEY!"

We collide...

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