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Furuichi's memory

Whenever Oga was busy beating people for whatever reason, Furuichi's mind would often wander to stupid little things. Like when he first met Oga; okay, maybe that's not a little stupid memory. But the point is he's remembering something while the screams of delinquents begging for mercy continue.

They were just starting in Kata middle school or were they half way through the first year…? Well, they were smaller and it was at the time when Oga just started his delinquent career. Furuichi never actually met Oga face-to-face and only heard rumors about him at that time. The first time they ever talked to each other was in front of a candy store on a winter night.

'I hate snow!' Furuichi thought angrily, trudging through the already melting snow, kicking some sludge off his rain boots. He glanced around to see if he was nearing his school at all and caught sight of the infamous Ishiyama High. The rumored prefecture's most evil 120% delinquency ratio delinquent school.

"I'm never going there." Muttered Furuichi as he kept moving forward. He was never really a troublemaker and his grades were pretty good so really, he didn't have to worry. Now that Oga kid, he was defiantly heading there and he was probably in Kata Middle school as well. 'With my luck, he could be in my class.'


Startled out of his thoughts, Furuichi whipped his head to his right. A huge candy store with bright red and green lights blinked on and off, with a chibi Santa statue next to the door greeted him. Confused, he stared hard at the Santa, "Y-Yeah?"

"Behind you, idiot." The voice sounded amused and came from behind him. He blinked and turned to face a kid with short messy brown hair and glaring eyes. At least it seemed like he was glaring, his eyes were weird in that cool way.

Furuichi frowned, "What?"

"You're in the way. Move."

Without a thought he sidestepped to let the brunette see the candy store display window, not really caring about how rude the kid was. He watched the other stare intently at the window, glaring a hole in the pocky package.

'Does he hate pocky?' The more Furuichi analyzed the kid's face the more he thought he looked familiar. 'Does he…want it?'

Clearly he wanted the candy but for some reason he wouldn't get it, maybe he didn't have money. On a whim he decided to go inside and buy it for the kid and some for himself as well, kindness goes a long way after all. The kid ignored him as he went inside and bought the stuff, the lady looked visibly disturbed that some creepy kid kept staring inside.

He opened the door and held out the pocky to the surprised kid, "Got some for you too. Here."

The kid grabbed the package and gave him a look, "…Thanks." He got the feeling the kid didn't say that word too often. The kid made a somewhat creepy smile and chomped on a pocky stick, sticking one in Furuichi's mouth. He didn't know why but he allowed the other to feed him the pocky, a little unnerved by the boldness of the kid.

A shadow fell on both of them, "Aren't they cute? Ya guys gonna kiss now?"

Furuichi flinched and the kid glared at the oversized middle schooler and his friends. The big guy grinned at them and grabbed the pocky away from the boy. "Thanks, bitch. Now leave before I rip ya guts out."

"There goes killer machine Abe!"

"You guys better watch out!"

'Great, just what I needed.' Furuichi sighed inwardly.

"Hey bastard, give that back."

Everyone turned to look at the kid, startled that he would dare go against killer machine Abe. Furuichi began to sweat, "W-wait, don-!"

The kid punched Abe right in the stomach, making Abe's eyes bulge out and all of his friends backed away. And just with one punch the great killer machine came down to his knees and passed out on the white road. That's when Furuichi finally realized who the kid was and he cursed his stupid luck.

One of the guys in the group began shouting, "Its Oga! The violent ogre!"

'Yup, Oga Tatsumi.'

"The demon Oga!"


"Mad dog Oga!"

"WE GET IT!" Screamed Furuichi in frustration, he glared at Oga. "How many titles do you have?"

Oga just shrugged as he went on to hitting everyone in the head, kicking some of them meters away. In about 30 seconds all of the thugs were knocked out cold and Furuichi was on the edge of frostbite.

Oga moved towards him and Furuichi immediately starting imagining worst case scenarios in his head. 'Oh god, there goes my gorgeous face.'

"Let's go."

Furuichi blinked and stared at his black eyes, "W-where?" 'A warehouse? Abandoned building? A DARK ALLEYWAY?'

Oga rolled his eyes, "Kata middle school, that's your school too, right? Stop acting like an idiot."

"Why do I have to go with you?" Shouted Furuichi, he really didn't want to be around a troublemaker like Oga. Who knows what kind of craziness follows this demon?

"Cuz I said so. Come on, idiot." He replied while picking his nose and staring down the silver haired boy. Was this his way of making friends?

"That makes no sense!" Despite his protests he followed the other; those thugs might wake up any second after all. "My name's Furuichi Takayuki by the way, not idiot!"

"Idiot Furuichi then."

"Who said you can decide my nickname?"


"Come on, idiot Furuichi! I'm done here."

The sight of twitching bodies and massive blood was an everyday sight for Furuichi, somehow that didn't disturb him as much as it should of. With a shake of his head he walked around the thugs, "I think you over did it."

"They shouldn't have touched what was mine."

"Dabu da!" Agreed Beel.

He rolled his eyes, "Since when did I become your property?"

Oga smiled and Furuichi had to stop the blush that threatened to explode on his face because that was not his usual creepy overlord smile. It was one that pierced threw his heart and made his heart rate beat 10 times too fast, one that made Furuichi think too many dirty thoughts.

"Since the beginning, Takayuki."


But that outcry didn't stop his face from burning or his heart from nearly ripping out of his chest.


Oga's memory

It was a normal day for Oga, sitting on the rooftop of Saint Ishiyama with his Furuichi and baby Beel talking about useless stuff. Well, the conversation was actually about Miki; in Oga's opinion this was classified as 'useless stuff'.

"It's good that you guys cleared up the misunderstanding. You guys really went at it for nothing." Said Furuichi, picking at some bugs that were stuck in baby Beels hair. Beel huffed at the mention of Miki's name and Oga couldn't help but be proud of him.

"Whatever, as long as he leaves me alone I don't give a damn." Muttered Oga, he felt a little upset that Furuichi was giving a lot of attention to Miki. So what if they resolved one of their problems, it doesn't mean they'll hang out anymore or anything. If Miki knew what was good for him he would stay away from him and Furuichi.

Furuichi rolled his eyes, "Why are you such an ass to him?"

Both Oga and Beel turned to him with a 'Are you stupid?' look. Really, even the baby could tell what bugged him about Miki! "Forget it, idiot Furuichi."

The silver haired teen frowned, "What the hell is wrong with the both of you?"

"Hey, Furuichi!"

Beel glared at the person that trotted up to them, "Adda bu!" (That's what's wrong!)

Miki smiled at them, well actually his smile looked a bit strained towards Oga but Furuichi didn't notice. "Oh, hey Miki. What's up?"

Completely ignoring the bad aura that rolled off the two demons he grinned at the oblivious Furuichi, "I was wondering, do you want a tour of the school? I mean, you didn't really get one."

Now Oga was feeling a little pissed off. 'How bold of you to make a move on him right in front of me.'

'Buba.' (Bitch.)

Miki always knew how to push Oga the wrong way and those damn smug eyes were pushing him. Just like that time in Kata Middle school when Miki and Furuichi were getting too close for Oga's personal liking.

"Furuichi wanted me to let you know that he's got a date so he's not coming with us to the arcade." Miki told him with a frown. He kicked a rock; Oga guessed he was trying to hide his awkwardness because this was the first time that it was just them. Usually Furuichi would be yelling at him for doing something 'incredibly impossible' and Miki would just laugh. He felt a little disappointed.

Oga shrugged, "Whatever. We'll just go without him." 'Stupid Furuichi. Stupid date.'

Miki smirked a little, "Disappointed?"

Something about his smile peeved him off, like he knew something he didn't know. "What?"

"Just wondering…" He trailed off purposely; his eyes were starting to piss Oga off and his smile as well.

Oga glared, "What."

The brat grinned, "Do you like Furuichi?"

"Hah?" That was literally the only thing that came to mind in his blank head.

He probably found himself a new pair of balls because this was not the usual Miki and the girly Miki wouldn't have said this next. "I like him. And maybe…he likes me. It wouldn't be stupid to think that. I mean, we spend a lot of time together after all."

Oga's right arm was twitching to land on Miki's face and throw him off the roof. Furuichi wouldn't like that though so he decided to play nice, for now anyway. "Why the hell are you telling me this?" 'I don't want to hear this.'

"I thought I let you know, since you're his best friend." Miki made sure to keep a reasonable distance from Oga, in case he decided to snap. "I would like it if we stayed friends though."

Even when there was a deep pain inside him Oga shrugged and moved forward, "It's really not my business who Furuichi dates."

That wasn't true; anyone who ever showed interest in Furuichi soon found themselves in a hospital. But because it was Miki he couldn't very well kick his teeth in without explaining to Furuichi why. Now he would have to watch Miki and Furuichi become more than friends right before his eyes. Just great.

"Hey, guys."

They both turned to look at a crestfallen Furuichi. For a minute, Oga felt his shoulders lighten and a sense of calmness washed over him.

Miki, as usual, hurried to Furuichi's side. "What's up? I thought you had a date."

He sighed, "She…didn't feel right. I guess there wasn't a spark. Can I stay at your place, Oga?"

Miki's eye twitched and Oga grinned, "Need me to tuck you in?"

Furuichi glared and smacked Oga's shoulder lightly "Shut up, jerk." He continued ahead of them, stuck in his own little world and ignoring the other two. Oga and Miki held a silent challenge in their eyes as they followed after their friend. And as usual, Oga didn't like to lose.

Oga carefully kept his anger in check, something he rarely did. Suddenly exploding on Miki wouldn't help him.

Miki grabbed Furuichi's hand, "Now let's go."

Before anyone could react Oga punched Miki in the stomach, successfully blowing him away and shooting like a star. Then again, violence always calmed him down.

His idiot Furuichi gave him a look, the 'Why you always have to go medieval on someone?' look. Oga just shrugged and Beel giggled, both demons happy that the threat was gone for now.

Furuichi sighed, "Ya know, I would have said no."

"And why's that?" 'Good to know'

A smile with a bit of flush cheeks, "I much rather would have walked around with you. At least I won't have to worry about someone jumping me anyway."

Oga smirked, "I would have kidnapped you later on anyway. Like I leave you around Miki."


Furuichi rolled his eyes, "You guys are seriously worked up for nothing."

"You always work me up seriously."



I had a hard time trying to get Oga to be loving but also still Oga at the same time but I think this came out pretty good. I liked the idea of Beel being part of the loving group so I had him as a protective son in here.

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