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Warnings: Sex, Cussing, SEX


He shook his knee up and down; his hand clenched his jeans in a death grip. Furuichi was a nervous mess, his emotions scattered to fear and near ecstasy. Today was the day, the day he had THE TALK with Oga.

'Oh god, I don't even know where to start! D-Do I just flat out ask him?!'

Oga wasn't exactly as secretive as he thought about his feelings. Sure it took a while to notice but Furuichi caught on to the stares and possessiveness. He wished he knew how to deal with this but he didn't even know how he himself felt. Half of him was strangely excited and the other was just confused and in denial.

'He's my best friend! He's a HE for fuck's sake! I like women. And Oga too?' Furuichi huffed and rubbed his head in confusion. There was no way this was going to go well; the obvious choice would be to reject Oga and continue their friendship in a purely platonic way.

He flinched when the door opened and the man of his thoughts walked in. He blinked at him, "Oi, Furuichi. What are you doing in my room?"

Furuichi gulped, "H-Hey Oga. I, uh, need to t-t-talk to you." Why was he stuttering?! "In pri-private."

Oga lifted his eyebrow in confusion, "Hey, Beel."


"Go downstairs with the demon bitch for a while."

Beel stared at his father for a second and hopped down to get out the room. Before he closed the door however, he threw Furuichi thumbs up. "Aba Dah!" (Good luck!)

A twitch came from Furuichi's eyebrow, "Get out."

A wink and he was gone, his feet pitter pattering down the hall. Silence and tension filled the room as Oga just stood in front of his door and Furuichi sat on his bed, both regarded the other with caution.

"You know." More of a statement than a question from Oga, his face gave no emotion away.

Furuichi let out a shaky breath and looked at his knuckles, "Y-Yeah. That's why I'm here."


An annoyed grunt from Oga, "So?"

He could feel his stomach tighten, an almost hurtful feeling. "I-I don't know."

"Are you disgusted?"

Furuichi lifted his head in surprise and stared at Oga's grim face. Clearly he was expecting a rejection from the start, his mouth clenched in a tight line. Furuichi frowned, "Never. I just… I never expected you to, ya know, towards me."

"Love you? Me either." A very unlike Oga soft voiced reached his ears. Furuichi blushed and bit his lower lip.


Oga let out a sigh, "Since we were in Middle School."

'Holy shit.' "How did this happen?"

"Does it really fucking matter right now?!" Snapped Oga, his patience quickly dwindling. "If you don't feel the same just come out and say it! Stop tormenting me already!"

Furuichi's eyes widened at the look of despair in Oga's eyes and his entire frame shook with restrained emotion. He couldn't believe how strong Oga's feelings for him were, how could he never notice?

"I-I could learn to accept your feelings." The words tumbled out before Furuichi could stop them and he blushed madly. He was actually considering being with Oga?!

Oga narrowed his eyes, "Is that a yes? Do you really understand my feelings?"

Furuichi held Oga's stare, "I don't know but I want to."

Surprise flashed on Oga's face before he frowned. "Fine. I'll teach you how deep my feelings are. Don't back out idiot Furuichi."

Within two strides Oga was in front of Furuichi, his hand touched the paler boy's chin. Furuichi inhaled nervously. "W-What?"

Oga's thumb rested on his lower lip and he leaned down so his mouth was aligned with Furuichi's ear. "I'll show you." He used his other hand to slowly push Furuichi down as he climbed on top of him. He straddled the smaller one and moved his face into the crook of Furuichi's neck. "Everything."

Furuichi gasped as he felt a wet trail on his neck then a bite that felt almost too painfully good. Oga sucked on that spot and repeated on another spot, his left hand keeping the grip on his chin to turn his head this way and that to reach different unmarked spots on his neck. It was almost like Oga wanted to make every bite, kiss, and bruise a marked territory. Furuichi felt a spread of heat inside him when he realized this is what Oga wanted, to show he was his.

Oga finally trailed up to his mouth, purposely kissing around his mouth and rubbing his lower lip with his thumb. Oga released his chin and hovered above his lips at a hairs width, his lips teasing his. Furuichi craned his neck to reach the insufferable smirk and press against it himself but Oga pulled back with a chuckle. "Eager?"

Furuichi glared and felt his cheeks heat up. Before he could snap back Oga moved both his hands to his chest and pressed him back to the bed. "Don't move. I've waited a long time for this."

His fingers worked his shirt open fast and he sat back to admire his love's beauty. Furuichi's nipples were pink and his chest was hairless like Oga imagined in his dreams. Oga trailed his fingers lightly over Furuichi's chest and lowered down to his hips. He gripped them and smirked, "Do you want to feel it?" Without warning he grounded his hips into Furuichi's, earning a gasp and shudder from him. Slowly he rubbed his erection into Furuichi's growing one, surpassing the urge to hurry things up.

A mewl came out of Furuichi's mouth and Oga growled in arousal; he leaned down and latched onto one of the pink nubs, rolling it around and sucking. He felt Furuichi buck against him and a whimper sound from him in approval. He pulled back to see Furuichi's red face and half lidded eyes watching him. A shiver of excitement went down his spine as Furuichi liked his lips and rubbed back against him eagerly.

Furuichi grabbed both sides of Oga's head and pulled him towards his face, crashing their lips together in desperation and nipping Oga's lower lip for entrance. He felt Oga's lips curl in a smile and allowed Furuichi to enter and dominate the kiss, letting Furuichi explore the warm cavern to his fill. Both pulled back for air and just as quickly crashed back, this time tongues battling for dominance which Oga won. Furuichi curled his toes in pleasure and broke away to gasp as Oga grounded against him with renewed vigor. They could feel the buildup coming to a climax as they furiously rued against each other.

Suddenly, Oga stopped and hovered above Furuichi to calm himself, grinning at the whimper of disappointment. "Too close. You almost made it end too soon."

Furuichi lifted his hands to grab Oga's shirt, actually ripping the buttons off to toss the shirt across the room. Oga's eyes widened in surprise at the sudden aggressiveness of his partner and felt himself harden even more if possible when Furuichi attacked his neck. Oga turned his head to allow Furuichi to kiss and suck his own trails, earning growls and shudders from his efforts.

"Keep going and I'll fuck you, Takayuki." Hissed Oga as Furuichi trailed his hands up and down Oga's frame, continuing to nip at his collarbone. Furuichi pulled back and blinked, "Wh-what?"

Oga narrowed his eyes and smirked, "You like that? Ta-ka-yu-ki." Each pronounce followed with a kiss and Oga opened Furuichi's jeans. He lifted himself off Furuichi's lap and tugged off both of Furuichi's jeans and boxers.

Furuichi blushed and squeezed his knees together, embarrassed that Oga was devouring him with his gaze. He heard Oga chuckle and watched as Oga slowly opened his flyer and pull down his jeans and boxers. His mouth went dry as Oga's cock stood at its full height, red and leaking with pre-cum. Oga regarded him with a lustful leer, "Come here."

Furuichi swallowed and moved forward to sit on the edge of the bed, his heart beating almost out of control as Oga laid his hand in his silver hair. He knew what Oga wanted and what a part of him wanted so he grabbed the base of Oga's erection with one hand. Without waiting for Oga's command he wrapped his lips around the heated head and used his tongue to slide under the member to take as much as he could. Encouraged by the sounds of approval Oga was making he bobbed his head up and down, sucking each time he went back up. The taste was slightly salty and Furuichi found himself enjoying it a little too much than what he thought was appropriate.

'Shit! This is really turning me on.' Thought Furuichi as Oga snarled and growled like a demon in heat. Furuichi could feel Oga tensing and pushed himself to deep throat Oga a he came with a grunt, swallowing as much as he could. 'F-Fuck. There's so much.'

Furuichi pulled back and licked the corners of his mouth, almost shocked that he actually swallowed the load with no problem. Furuichi turned his gaze to look at the lustful piercing gaze of Oga and smiled coyly, "Made you cum, Tatsumi."

Furuichi yelped when he was turned suddenly to face the bed before he was pushed face first into the covers. Oga's husky voice followed, "It's your turn then." Furuichi jerked forward when he felt a finger plunge into his hole and quickly another came in. It felt uncomfortable and Furuichi wasn't entirely sure this was a good idea as Oga stretched and probed him.

"Tatsumi, I do-Ahhnn!" Moaned Furuichi when those fingers dug deep and tapped something in him. Before he even knew what he was doing, Furuichi pushed back against the fingers as they continued to fuck him. He grabbed the covers under him as a third finger joined in, stretching his hole deliciously and making him moan and yelp.

"M-more Tatsumi! I-I need- nnnhh!" At this point Furuichi didn't even know what he needed or what he was saying but he didn't care, he knew Oga could make him reach what he wanted.

Oga purred, "You're so needy."

"Please! God, Please!" Begged Furuichi as Oga slowed the fingers down, smirking sadistically at the pleading voice of Furuichi. Really, his Furuichi knew how to get his way.

He grabbed the slender hips in front of him and slowly pushed inside Furuichi, noting the gasps and whimpers of pain as he buried himself inside. Slowly he pulled back until the head was almost out and he repeated.

Furuichi clawed at the sheets and bit his lips, Oga was bigger than he thought as he felt the burning pain when Oga was sheathed in him. He was thankful that Oga was going slowly and he could almost feel something as Oga's cock reached deep in him.

"Tatsumi, h-harder." Moaned Furuichi when Oga pressed the pleasure gland again.

Oga grinned, "Whatever you say."

And when he was out again Oga slammed back in, grinning widely when Furuichi shouted his name. With nothing holding him back, Oga pounded into the spot that drove Furuichi wild. Each scream and shout was music to his ear as he pulled Furuichi's hips to meet him head on.

Furuichi could barely think straight as lust covered his mind and pleasure coursed through him; he quivered and screamed with every thrust. All he could do was yell broken pieces of Oga's name and beg for more as he felt himself slip into a madness of erotic pleasure.

"It feels so, ahh, good!" Furuichi shouted, arching his back as Oga drilled into him without mercy.

"Say my name!" Snarled Oga, pounding Furuichi as deep and hard as he could.

"Tatsumi! Fuck!"

"You're mine! Do you understand now?!"

"Yes! Oh god, YES!"

Furuichi screamed as he came, his whole being felt light and he trembled with the force of his release. Oga grabbed Furuichi's hair and pulled his neck back to bite down harshly on Furuichi's neck, slamming himself inside as he came. Furuichi moaned when he felt the hot liquid swell inside him and turned his head to give Oga a sloppy kiss.

"Mine." Growled Oga.

Furuichi smiled, "Yeah. You too."


"Are you ever going to get up? I need a shower." Said a disgruntled Furuichi while he tried to move Oga's arm off his waist. He only succeeded in making the grip tighten and making Oga glare.

"Do you have to ruin the moment?"

"Idiot! I'm sweaty and filled with your juices! I need a shower!"

Oga grinned, "I think you need more juice~."

Furuichi huffed, "My ass hurts, so no."

"We need to make up time for all those years I waited!"

"Not in one day, you don't!"


Furuichi gaped, "Hilda's home?!"


And the day ended with Oga and Furuichi getting their asses whipped by Hilda for 'exposing him to disgusting horrors too cruel to even be bestowed on the WORST criminal as a torture method'.


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