Ultimate Phantom


Danny x Sam






Story Start


Danny found himself sent reeling through the wall as the Lunch Lady continued her furious attack. A series of ectoplasmic bullets spurts soared through the air as the ghost chased after them. For a brief moment he was able to draw the Lunch Lady's fury away from Sam by snagging the locket he noticed slightly visible from one of her pockets.

"Give that back you little Hooligan!" she shrieked in outrage as she began firing the bones from hams and steaks as projectiles. People shrieked and scream, cars crashing into buildings and panic filled the streets. Danny took a hard right down one of the streets and passed a bakery and then another hard right into an alleyway away from the populous. He covered his nose with his right hand; the rank stench of the spoiling meat was making him nauseous.

The Lunchlady used the sausages as a sort of Lasso and attempted to Lassoed the teen only for him to phase through another building. Danny spun, gathering power in his left hand; he let loose an ectosplasmic blast that caused a hole in the Lunch Lady. She quickly reconstituted herself and continued the chase. Again he fired, keeping up the pressure, but despite his attacks the Lunch Lady kept replenishing herself by summoning nearby meat. For a brief moment his transformation faltered and Danny gasped, if he didn't get out of there soon he would be dead meat. After groaning from the unintentional pun he raised the locket high in the sky. "You want it. Go fetch it!" he shouted as he flung it with all his might several blocks down the city. Danny preyed that he didn't doom some poor souls to injury as he quickly phased through a building while the Lunch Lady was distracted.

He collapsed into a counter as his transformation gave way. He struggled, pushing himself to his feet as a throbbing pain and nausea coursed through him. He continued his way out of the thankfully deserted store as his vision began to blur. "Got…go." His body completely shut down on him as he lost his self to exhaustion.

''Oh man this is freaky! It's like all of a sudden were beacon for homicidal ghosts. I'm Allergic to homicidal ghosts!"

Danny groaned, as he began to stir. "Tuc-ker." He said as he felt a pair of hands hold him down.

"Whoa Danny, slow down man. You're still pretty beat up." Tucker cautioned him.

"What happened?"

"That meat ghost disappeared." Sam explained as she removed the towel form his forehead. "How are you feeling?"

"Exhausted." Danny remarked. He sat up and realized he was in Tucker's room.

"Don't worry, my parents aren't home." Tucker told him.

"Was anyone hurt? By the Lunch Lady I mean?" he asked.

"We don't man. We found you passed out in street a few hours ago and that was it."

"We'll have to check the news then. Maybe we might learn something." Sam suggested as Tucker turned on the TV.

''This is Tiffany Sanchez of Channel Five news. Earlier reports today have reported a rather large Shape of Meat causing havoc in the city. Many accidents occurred as the creature began chasing after and terrifying several of our own citizens. Reports of 26 counts of confirmed injuries and several hundred thousand dollars in property damage have occurred. Whether or not the legitimacy of this creature has yet to be confirmed, but there is some sort of menace out their attacking people and causing property damage. The police are investigating the incident and all citizens are encouraged not to go out alone during the night.''

"I have to do something." Danny remarked as he sat up.

"You're in no condition." Sam argued.

"It's my responsibility." He stubbornly argued. "I have the power to do something, so why not do something?"

"Dude, it's not your fault she's out their terrorizing people."

"Tucker's right." Sam agreed.

"It's Sam's fault!" he quickly added as Sam turned to him, shooting him a furious look.

"WHAT! You're blaming me?"

"You did change the menu!" he pointed out.

Danny made his way for the door as his friends follow.

''Where do you two think you're going?'' Danny asked with a raised eyebrow.

''Where do you think? We're coming to help.'' Sam stared down the half-ghost. She was stubborn, all things considering.

''You two will only be in danger. I'm sorry." He said as he changed into his ghost form and phased through the wall. Danny began searching far and wide until he finally came back to the school. "So, just me against an older, far more experienced and vengeful ghost. What could go wrong?" he lamented.

"Hey! What are we? Chopped liver?" Tucker remarked as he and Sam appeared behind him. Tucker was equipped with a bib, knife, and fork as he and Sam walked through the double doors behind them.

''What are you two even doing here?'' Danny asked, annoyed that they would put themselves in danger. ''You two know it's dangerous. I don't even know if I can even beat her."

"That's why we're here Danny. You're our friend, we won't abandon you." Sam argued. Bits of meat slowly moved in the background. ''We're in this together, all three of us."

The Lunch lady's shriek caught them off guard as a series of knives were hurled at them. ''Get down!'' Danny shouted as rays of ectoplasm firing out of his hands as he disintegrated the knives.

''Dude! My hat!'' Tucker cried out, taking off his trademark red hat, throwing it to the ground and stomping on it as the top of its was singed. Though Tucker's hat would have to wait as the bones within the meat products were removed and hurled at them with deadly accuracy. The three teens were sent reeling back, the force of the blow nearly cracking Sam and Tucker's bones. Danny found himself slightly scuffed up, but no worse for wear.

Lunchlady gave a ferocious yell before attempting to punch Danny. Danny flies out of the fist's way. The ghost then tries slapping Danny with the other hand, but Danny dodged it again. She then tried to uppercut him which he also dodged.

He finally retaliated by kicking the ghost hard and knocking her over, resulting in her landing hard on the ground.

The Lunch-lady let out a snarl and sent and several small piles of meat. The piles suddenly form into little meat monsters. The meat monsters began chasing after Tucker and Sam. Danny blasted them to bits only for them to quickly reform. Seeing little to no options Danny pulled out the Thermos. A bright blue beam of light erupted from the thermos, sucking up the little monsters.

''NO!'' The Lunch lady said angrily. ''Soup's not on today's menu!''

''I'm changing the menu!'' Danny determinedly remarked. ''Permanently!'' He grabs the top of the Thermos aiming the Thermos towards the Lunch lady Ghost. The energy forms a net that surrounds the surprised Lunch-lady Ghost and traps her.

''NOOOO!'' she wailed, struggling. The energy swirls and sucks the Lunch-lady Ghost into the Thermos and he closes the lid back onto the Thermos. With the Lunch Lady defeated things would be settling down. Though, much to Danny and Tucker's ire Sam's menu was still being served the next day.

In another part of the country Vlad Master sat down in his favorite chair as he watched the video feed recorded. He watched as and studied what was going on. ''Young Daniel seems to have improved.'' he contemplated. Now, to figure out whom to send next to test Danny's capabilities further. After searching through several texts a smile formed on his face as he found the next candidate. "Perfect!"