(all preludes of mine are incredibly short and usually not to good it's just to give a taste)

"So gents were taking our Haruhi on a proper vacation to the beach this time?" smirked Tamaki with a plan.

"Who else would I pack my commoner like clothes for?" said the twins in unison.

"Ok Tamaki cut the crap what's your plan," interrupted Kyoya.

"Don't have one."

"So who thinks they can get Haruhi this weekend?" wondered Kyoya.

But just then all but Hunny said "me" EVEN MORI.

"No Hikaru there's no way I'm the nicer twin!"


"NO SHE LOVES DADDY" screamed Tamaki.

But through the arguing rang Hunny's bell like voice. "You guys Haru-chan isn't a prize to be won but I have an idea"

"What would that be Mitsukuni?" Mori as he rolled his eyes doubting the intellect of the small genius.

"Well I'm having no part in this but this weekend try to see who can win Haruhi's heart,"

"Not half bad of a plan Senpai" said Tamaki pondering upon it.

"Yes not bad," is Kyoya doing the same.

Then one by one they all chimed in with "I'm in"

"So it's official whoever wins her heart this weekend gets her?" confirmed Kyoya.

"Sounds great to us" in unison the twins.

"well everyone we all know it me who will win," gloated the king.'

"Bring it pretty boy," growled Mori getting in his face.

"HEY me nice Takashi," whined Hunny as Mori sat down in shame.

"So it's a deal it starts now first one to get a real kiss for Haruhi wins," declared Kyoya like he was a lawyer or something.'

"Define real kiss Senapi," asked Kaoru.

"She has to kiss you she has to do it on purpose if its real trust me you'll know plus cheating gets you no where," answered Kyoya.

"Ok guys hand in shake on it," said Tamaki placing his hand in the middle.

One by one every member of the host club except Hunny placed his hand in the middle.

"On three one two three," counted Kyoya.

As everyone walked to their separate cars for the trip hikaru stopped to Kaoru. "Let the games begin brother," he glared.

"Let the games begin," Kaoru glared back getting into a separate car.

(review with you think it'll be? Who will win Haruhi's heart by the end of the weekend?)