"General, I've done it! I have created a device that will tear through dimensions!" shouted a cream colored feline like creature. "It's the invention of a life time! Well, after the Dimensionator."

A reddish, almost rust color, furred paw took the wrist watch from the smaller creature. Gold eyes inspected the device as it was twisted over a couple of times. Such a small item could tear a hole through dimensions? It had to have some compensation for such an amazing ability. Emerald green eyes just softened slightly at the general's unheard question. The inventor knew there were drawbacks at making such a thing. The General gently handed the wrist watch to its creator before pacing across the room. The metal clunk as the metal on his boots met with the concrete floor. He stopped before deciding to speak to the inventor.

"What are the drawbacks? What is to compensate for such a device? Is it safe to use? I will not place anybody in harm to return to a dimension that was once lost to us."

"The dimension wrist watch will only be able to tear through the dimensions twice," the creator explained. "It will open a rip to our dimension wherever it is activated; however, I have no promises on whether our willing volunteer will land on a suitable planet, like Fastoon, or on some random planet. They might have to travel quite a distance."

"Cory," the General sighed tiredly. "None of the Lombaxs are suited for travel such as the one that you have just described. Even my guards do not know how the universe has changed since we had last stepped foot on it. I do not think that it is a safe idea to send somebody through without proper training."

Cory thought for a minute while he played with his one droopy ear. It never stayed in position. After a while, his eyes lit in a moment of genius. Turning toward the computer, he began to rapidly type some words before a profile appeared on the screen. The General looked over his shoulder, hands resting on the back of the wheeled chair, while he tried to understand the meaning of looking at one profile. The cream furred Lombax opened the file quickly as a photo appeared at the forefront. The General looked surprised as he stared at a pure black, female Lombax. A scowl was set on her face while her arms were crossed in an annoyed manner. Royal purple stripes appeared on her ears, tail and paws. Eyes, the color of ruby, stared at the camera in utter distaste. Clothing was suitable for the dimension. She had capris, a t-shirt and a hoodie tied around her waist. The weather was hospitable, but it did manage to change from time to time.

"You can't be serious, Cory," the General replied in a monotone voice. "A Black Tiger Lombax? I don't trust them. I've been taught not to trust that subspecies of Lombax. They betrayed the Lombaxs during the Great War."

"Nothing to lose, General Tang. Midnight is one of the dwindling few Black Tiger subspecies. In your eyes, what would hurt?"

General Tang thought about it for a few seconds as he rubbed the small tuft of hair on his chin. Cory did have a point. A Black Tiger Lombax was rare; most are frowned upon as they walk through society. It would be her chance to escape. If she failed, they would have no loss. Smiling, he just pressed a button on his wrist, "Let's see if the Lombaxs' can go home, Cory. Lieutenant, find a Black Tiger named Midnight. Bring her to the guard. I have a mission for her."

[Plateau – Desert]

A Lombax quietly crept through the tall grass as red eyes watched a small, mouse like, creature scurry toward some food in the near distance. A soft growl resounded in their thought as the mouse started to eat the food. Setting into a crouching position, the small Lombax went to catch their prey when a booming voice startled them. Tumbling, the female figure fell on their face as the mouse scurried away. A tuft of black fur fell on her head as her tail landed on her back. She glared at the surrounding area as she watched the mouse run to the safety of a burrow. Somersaulting over, she landed just to see a guard walking to her upside down. She scowled at the intruder. They ruined her playtime. The light brown Lombax just gave her a look before starting to speak, "General Tang requests your presence, Black Tiger. I advise that you meet him immediately. It is of urgent matter. Follow me in haste."

Midnight just watched the soldier stalk off in a quick pace before she decided to follow him. Brushing the dust off her clothes, she gave chase to seem as if she had begun to follow him as soon as he commanded her to follow. She just sulked while they were granted access into the building; Dear General Tang wanted to see her. She didn't do anything to have a meeting with him. The Lombax was perfectly happy living on her own at the Plateau. Her only trips to town were when she needed some actual food. The black furred Lombax would shop in town with a cloak thrown over her. The population wasn't very kind to the Black Tiger subspecies. She didn't particularly care; they left her alone, she would leave them alone. It was that simple.

"What does the dear General want?" she asked sweetly. "I couldn't have done anything wrong. I haven't left the Plateau in nearly two days."

The guard just ignored her as he continued to walk until they stopped in front of a closed door. He just opened it before allowing her to walk through. A muttered "What a gentlemen" was heard from the female Lombax, but it was that of sarcasm. General Tang looked at the Lombax as he thought of a good argument for her to volunteer to help them return to their original home. Sneezing, Midnight just glared at him before taking a seat near his workstation. She just crossed her legs before deciding to question him, "Well, what does somebody, like you, want me to do for them?"

"Midnight," he began, "Black Tigress, I want you to help the Lombaxs' find their way home."

Midnight laughed at the command. She shook her head before looking General Tang straight in the eye, "If you trust me, General Tang."