Sorry for not updating in awhile. College has swamped me with work; however, I have an idea for this story. I have minor writer's block for the other one. I will update it as soon as possible.

-Chapter 2-

Midnight growled in annoyance as she tried to dodge the Lombax by walking quickly through the crowd. The black furred female wanted nothing to do with a rude, obnoxious, uncaring Lombax. If he didn't want to bring his kind back, it was absolutely fine with her. She just about got to a ship port when a paw grabbed her wrist. Tugging slightly, they managed to twirl her in their direction. Red eyes glared at green eyes as she just scoffed at the panting Lombax. Ratchet just glared back as he tried to catch his breath. She was fast on her feet especially through a crowd. He wasn't expecting that at all. The female just took her wrist from him by yanking her arm, "What? Haven't you done enough, already? You have already stated that you had no interest in bringing the Lombaxs' home."

"Fine, I was being a jerk," he commented. "However, I want to help n …"

Ratchet was caught off as the crowd started to scream in terror. Midnight's ears fell back as she had a look of terror on her face. Growls appeared around them as wolf like creatures surrounded the two Lombaxs. Their reddish fur seemed to stand against the sidewalk of the city as they walked closer toward the two felines. Midnight just took a step back as she pulled Ratchet with her, "Rip dogs. What the hell are they doing here? These creatures normally hope dimensions just for food, never in populated areas such as this city."

"I don't know," interrupted Ratchet, "but I don't want to find out their bite strength. Come on, we can probably lose them in the alleys."

Midnight didn't argue was she allowed him to pull her through the alleyways of the city. The dogs tried to keep up with them; however, they were soon lost among the maze of alleys. Midnight stood on guard; her muscles were tense, ears folded back and her tail just kept twitching as if something was going to jump them at any moment. Ratchet looked at her before grabbing the twitching tail. Midnight yelped from the touch and grabbed her tail back from him, "What was that for, moron? Don't ever touch my tail. Got it?"

Ratchet just rolled his eyes before messing with his communicator, "Stop the twitching. They are not going to find us."

Midnight just huffed before crossing her arms. He was getting on her nerves quite badly. The tan and brown Lombax just continued to mess with his communicator before he got Clank on the other end. The robot spoke calmly to him as Ratchet started telling him their current predicament, "This is why I didn't want to travel to help somebody! We always get attacked by something!"

"Calm your horses," snapped Midnight. "Those rip dogs are being controlled; they never come to populated areas. It is even rare when they come to the Lombax village in my dimension. I knew they didn't trust me; only trying to get rid of me."

[Lombax Dimension, Fortune Teller shop]

"Yes, my dear," a female voice spoke. "The Lombaxs' are just trying to rid of you. Black Tigers aren't meant to be trusted among our kind."

A grey paw just rubbed around the crystal ball as the scene changed. It showed Midnight pacing back and forth at the garage as she explained her story to the two heroes. Light blue eyes noticed that the male Lombax seemed quite interesting in bringing his species back to the home dimension. The fortune teller couldn't allow them to finish their mission. She had other plans for the Lombaxs'. Getting from her chair, the Lombax heard her metal bracelets clang together as she looked through her shelves. Finding a bottle of pink liquid, she just smiled at the substance. The grey furred female wanted a distraction, and she had got a lovely distraction indeed.

"It's hard to complete a mission when your mind is clouded with love," she said, chuckling. "Don't you agree, my pets?"

The rip dogs just yipped in response to her; they had returned after losing the sight and scent of the Lombaxs. No matter, she knew they would have gotten away. The bottle made a pop sound as she uncorked it. A smoke of pink appeared to form a heart. Tipping it slightly, she poured the liquid around the crystal ball. It formed a pink smoke inside of the ball before it disappeared. The Lombax just smiled knowingly just as her bell rang by the door. She made the image disappear on her ball before smiling at the costumer, "Good evening, sir, how may I help you?"

[Ratchet's Garage, Planet Kerwan]

The female Lombax stopped her explanation as she felt something was wrong in the air. Looking around, she noticed that nothing was wrong before looking at her two companions. Ratchet and Clank were giving the black Lombax a weird look, "Um, are you alright?"

"I'm fine, Ratchet," she huffed. "Something just seemed off. Though, it appears nothing is wrong. I must still be on edge since the rip dog attack."

Ratchet just shrugged before he went back to talking to his robot companion; they were trying to plot a course to the Polaris galaxy. Midnight just looked around the garage as she played with some of the tools. None of them noticed a small, pink mist floating through the air before it disappeared entirely, only Midnight's muscles tensed as a shiver ran through her spine. She had no reason for such an experience. The Black Tiger only knew that she suddenly thought Ratchet looked rather attractive.