Tamara waited the rest of the journey home alone in her cabin. Ann did not want to see anyone and everyone else was to shaken by Kong to be social. Everyone except for Carl, he was thrilled to bits about having Kong and he kept trying to cheer everyone up… which actually caused Thomas to punch him in the face. After that Thomas barley spoke to anyone, he just stayed locked up in his cabin, Tamara had not tried to talk to him; she was still hurt by what he had said. So all in all, the voyage home was dreadful.

Once they arrived at New York, Ann and Jack and Tamara wasted no time getting off the ship. Tamara did not say good bye to anyone, not even Ann. When she returned to her apartment, she found out the landlord was furious that she had disappeared without a trace. He would not give her back her apartment, but he changed his mind when she said she would give him several private dances. She returned to the dance club and they were eager to get her back. So she tried to return to her life… but it was hard to forget him. And then on top of that a month later Carl show cased Kong to the people. But of course Kong had escaped. He put up a fight, but in the airplanes got him. Actually, it wasn't the airplanes it was beauty who killed the beast.

Tamara still did not hear from anybody, but she had gotten over it. She was sitting at the vanity table back stage and taking off her makeup. She had just finished her dancing and was getting ready to leave, but she was yet to change and was still in her most popular red and black lace corset. She had pinned her hair up when she heard crashing from the other room. She and the other dancers ran out to see what was happening. She saw a man attacking another man. She caught her breath because she thought…. No it couldn't be… but it was. The man who was attacking was Thomas.

"Stop!" she yelled and ran down to them. She tried to grab one of the arms-she was not really sure whose arm it was but she didn't really care at the moment- but the man punched her away. She fell down and one of the dancers grabbed her and pulled her away. The two men continued fighting until they reached the door and they both fell out into the street. A few other men came and grabbed the other man and pulled him off and back into the club. Tamara had broken free from the dancer and had run outside to Thomas who was lying on the ground. It was pouring out, and it was almost hard to see him on the ground. But she did. She kneeled down next to him and put her hand on his face. He opened his eyes and looked at her.

"Tamara?" he whispered. He sounded drunk.

"Shh" she said. She pulled him up and put his arm around her shoulders and walked him back to her apartment. She was very happy that it was raining because there were not many people on the street and she was still only wearing a corset. She was also thankful that her apartment was close. She got back and put Thomas on the couch. He was most definitely drunk and now that they were out of the rain she could smell the strong scent from his breath. She got a blanket from her bed and put it on him and then sat beside him and began pushing his wet hair off his forehead.

"What happened?" he asked her.

"You got into a fight. I brought you back to my home" she responded. She stopped playing with his hair and instead just put her hands in her lap.

"Wha… Tamara, I-

"Be quiet. We'll talk in the morning" she said and pulled the blanket up to his chin and kissed him on the head. She knew she should not have kissed him… but she missed him. She missed him a great deal actually.

She woke early the next day and found Thomas awake and about to walk out the door.

"Where are you going?" she asked him and ran to him.

"I am leaving. I am sorry you had to deal with me last night" he said.

"No, wait don't leave yet" she said and grabbed his arm. He sighed and put his hand on her face and pulled her close.

"I left you once, but I made a mistake even allowing myself to go that far to have feeling for you. You're too young… I will only hurt you. Just live your life Tamara, don't let me get in the way"

"Live my life? What life do I have to live? There is nothing for me here. Please don't leave me alone again" she begged and then she pulled his head down to meet her lips. He wrapped his arms around her and lifted her up.

"Why do you want to be with a man like me?" he whispered.

"Because there is no other men quite like you" she responded. He smiled and placed her back on the ground. And then the landlord came up the stairs.

"Tamara? I want my dance now" he said and opened the door, only to stop when he saw Thomas standing in front of him. Thomas, who is about six feet, towered over the small five foot two landlord.

"Do you need something?" Thomas asked him.

"Uh… no" the landlord said quickly and ran away.

Thomas raised his eyebrows and looked at Tamara and she just shrugged in return.

"So, do you want to stay here? Or do you want to come with me? And I will never let you go again" he whispered in her ear.

"You don't seem like the type of man to speak like that" she joked.

"Don't always judge people from their appearance" he said and smiled at her and put his forehead against hers.

"I want to come with you" she whispered. He grinned and kissed her head.

She packed her clothes, even her lingerie… she would probably need it soon. She did not bother with her make up because Thomas had seen her without makeup and he did not care whether or not she had her face painted. And then she ran out and met Thomas outside and they went to the dock. She saw the Venture and it looked much more… homier then before.

She met the new crew and was happy to see Jimmy on the ship and was happier to find that he had finished Heart of Darkness and was now starting another book. She had settled in her old cabin and now was leaning against the rail. They had started moving and she wanted to look at New York maybe for the last time. She did not even hear Thomas walk up behind her.

"Why is it that whenever I see you, you are always on the rail?" he asked her as he lit a cigarette.

"I like the rail. Be a gentleman and let me have some" she said and reached for the cigarette. He passed it to her and looked back out at the sea.

"I have a feeling that all your manners will disappear pretty soon" he said.

"I never had manners to begin with" she laughed and handed the cigarette back to him.

And now as she sat, her feet dangling over the edge and her hair cascading down her back, she was now only truly happy. And it was now she only felt truly safe. She knew no man would try to rape her again, no man would beat her and no man would leave her battered and bruised and broken. Just then Thomas walked up behind her and rested his hand on her shoulder. She knew he would be the only man ever to touch her again and he would never hurt her, he would love her and take care of her. They were sailing now, she did not know where, but honestly there was no other place she would rather be.

Thomas looked down at Tamara. The rising sun illuminating her pale grey eyes and making her hair shine, but it also illuminated something else. It illuminated her face. The face that greeted him every morning, the only face he ever wanted to see.

What the future held, neither of them knew. The thing they did know however was that they would always be there for each other.