A/N: This little drabble was inspired by an RP with a friend of mine, and what happens to Ventus at the end of Birth by Sleep.

Warning: Shounen-ai, angst.

Pairing: Sora x Roxas

Eternal Slumber
"He would hold him until the end of time, until those beautiful blue eyes opened once again."

Sora was lying down on the couch with Roxas sleeping on top of him, the blond's face buried in his neck. His warm breath often tickled the brunet, but he decided not to disturb his slumber, instead stroking spiky blond locks with his fingers. The Keyblade Master wrapped his arms around Roxas' slim body as he pressed his cheek against blond locks, the scent of vanilla invading his nose. Roxas always had a calming scent about him—it was one that whenever his scent invaded his nose, he felt calm and instantly at peace. His Nobody had a strange effect on him, something that Sora didn't mind. Roxas was a special Nobody, after all. It may have been because the blond was his Nobody, but after Roxas got his own body, he had a heart.

The first time Sora met Roxas, and knew who he was, he remembered being overtaken with emotions. Tears had pooled into his electric blue eyes as he touched his Nobody's face, and with a small grin, Roxas took his hand and ran his thumb over his Somebody's soft skin. It was a touch that was more soothing than any words the blond could have said. That night, the two had sat on Sora's bed and discussed various things, from the Organization to love. The brunet remembered the blush that came onto his face when Roxas, bluntly, asked if he was in love with Kairi or Riku. The laughter that Roxas emitted whenever Sora had a spaz attack, waving his arms in an overly dramatic fashion, made a smile come onto his face. Roxas' laughter was the most beautiful sound to him. It was a sound that would ease away all of his worries, and never failed to make a grin cross his face.

The brunet gently stroked the skin near Roxas' eyes before moving his hand, stroking his cheek, his forehead—any skin that he could access while the blond's face was buried in the crook of his neck. Roxas moved his head so that Sora could have full access, and with a small chuckle, the brunet continued his ministrations on his partner's face. He knew that it was something that often reassured the taller boy whenever he was having some sort of a nightmare, or simply an unpleasant sleep, so he continued to do so.

"I love you, Roxas." Sora whispered quietly, a stray tear falling down his face and onto the blond's. "Please, wake up soon."

The blond continued to sleep, oblivious to the tears that his lover was crying. Sora's frame trembled with sobs as he held Roxas tighter than ever. He knew that there was a chance Roxas may never wake up.

After all, his heart had been destroyed, and no one knew if he would open his beautiful blue eyes again.

A/N: Angst anyone? I need my daily dosage every once and again.