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Author: Crushing Velvet.

Beta: xPaige Turnerx. Whom I'm borrowing Eve from.

Summary: Alternate Universe. Alice/Bella. "There are ways to escape any prison, whether it be a grand scheme, or just sitting there chipping away at the walls. In this case, however, I was her prison and the walls were my sanity, that she had been chipping at for FAR too long."

Isabella Swan. Seattle, Washington.

"You certainly go for the doom and gloom, don't you?"

Eve and Bella stood outside the mansion but inside the tall, black iron gates that surrounded the yard. She did have a point, the property certainly wasn't… child friendly. Actually, as Bella knew it, the local children told horror stories and legends about this place. The "creepy old gates" were meant to cage kids who had accidentally wandered in, so that the ghoul living in the attic could eat them. Or the gargoyle statues on either side of the grand cement stairs leading to the front doors, would come alive at night and snatch people off the streets. She, however, saw a beautiful old Victorian styled mansion, the red, black, and grey taking her back to a lost time. They didn't build houses like they used to, nothing sturdy or strong anymore. Nothing that could endure like this mansion had.

Besides, the secluded property just on the very outskirts of the city, right by the woods, spelled safety. No worry of prying eyes, or fear of people hearing the activities that would take place inside. The last mansion had far too many close neighbours.

"No one can appreciate sentimental reasoning anymore, can they?" Isobelle sighed dramatically, her voice thick with her Italian accent, drooping her arm around Bella's shoulders. "I quite like it, though. Much better than the last one; all those yellows…" She trailed off, making a face.

Bella caught Eve's eye again, watching as realization dawned on her face. "Oh, I'm sure Belle has something to say. What is it this time? I'm too young to understand why this place is so great, or some jab at my taste again?"

"She does have white hair," Isobelle muttered, rolling her eyes as she danced towards the cement steps. "I'm just saying."

Sighing, Bella tucked a lock of hair behind her ear, offering Eve a feeble smile. "It has an underground cellar beneath the basement, with an iron door. It will be good for the full moons."

"Right, right." Eve nodded. She bit her lip, looking up at the enormous building a final time before looking to the moving truck parked behind her mustang. "Well, I guess we should start unpacking."



Huffing, Bella raised her end of the couch up onto her knees so she could get a better grip, looking down the long piece of furniture to see how Eve was holding up. It was odd to see her face pink, all flushed like it was, as she was usually so pale. Eve more pale than Bella was, and people had asked if she was part albino before. "You good?" She puffed out.

"Perfect," Eve grunted back as they stepped down the single wooden step into the lounging room.

This was the final item off the moving truck, the very last thing they needed to haul in and set up. Looking back on it, loading the couch up first in England was a bad idea. Bella wasn't entirely sure why they had, come to think of it. Isobelle sighed, stretching down the entire length of the couch, hooking one leg over the back and letting her arm hang off the front. Bella knew she couldn't actually add any weight since she wasn't physically there, but the couch seemed to get heavier anyway. "Get off," She ground out, feeling the material slipping from her hands.

Just a few more steps…

A grin pulled at Isobelle's lips and she sat up, sitting on her knees. "Why, am I distracting you?" She began to bounce up and down in place, chuckling under her breath as Bella wheezed.

The couch hit the wooden floor with an echoing bang as they dropped it in place, close to the fire place. "Leave her alone, Belle." Eve huffed, collapsing back onto the couch next to the brunette, wiping her sweaty palms on her jeans.

Isobelle snorted, though her eyes were unamused as she glared at Eve and walked across the room to the liquor cabinet. "She has some fiele; telling me what to do when she can't even see me."

"No one has to see or hear you to experience your annoyance, Belle." Bella replied, looking around the room. The large, crimson drapes were closed, hiding the large windows and blocking out what light this rainy city had to offer. The interior of the mansion consisted of mostly red or dark stained wood, oak, Eve's room was entirely blue though, and Bella's was grey and white. The kitchen had brighter colours as well, looking more contemporary because of the new appliances. Eve refused to let her keep the antique stove and sink, and order in every night; she insisted on fresh food and home cooked meals. Altogether, there was five levels of the mansion; the attic, the upstairs where the bedrooms and library was, the main floor with the lounging room, kitchen, studies, etc, the basement with the laundry room and the large open room, where parties were hosted back in the day, and the cellar.

Humming, Bella tilted her head to the side, examining a portrait. "Old George is crooked."

Eve looked up to it hanging above the fire place, her brows furrowing. "Sorry about that, Georgy." With a flick of her wrist, the painting straightened out. "So what's left on the list of things to do this evening?"

"Groceries," Bella muttered, laying her hand on her growling stomach. "I feel like I could eat a horse."

Isobelle shook her head with a disgusted look. "Stringier meat than you'd think, I advise against it."

Bella's eyes widened as she tried to decipher if Isobelle was joking or not, her insides twisting when she realized she wasn't. Gross.

"I've got to register for school again, too." Eve sighed, pouting at Bella. She wanted to drop out, claiming she had more important things to do and learn, none of which she'd be able to do at a regular school. She also, often, threw the whole 'you don't go to school, why should I?' argument at the older girl. Which Bella had no problem with, because she always won those.

She had gone to school, and completed all of it. There was no reason for her to go back.

"That's right; you do." She replied with a firm nod.

Eve sighed again, though there was a scoff mixed up in there somewhere while she glared at Bella. "But, Bellaaaa, why do I have to? What's the point of a Witch learning Calculus? Math is so boring, and completely wrong for that matter. How am I supposed to take Physics seriously, when I bend and break its laws every day?"

Isobelle crouched down behind the couch, crossing her arms on the back and resting her chin on her hands. "She's got a point, you know."

"You butt out; you're just taking her side because she's trying to rebel against society. You don't actually agree with her." Bella snapped, turning her attention back to Eve who looked excited, like Isobelle could actually convince Bella to let her drop out. "Not a chance, Eve. I'm sorry, but you need your education; that was one of the terms of allowing you to live with me."

"I thought my ability to help you with your wolfish problems was what earned my stay." She grumbled, glaring at the ground. Bella's eyebrows rose in surprise; Eve… Eve never fought with her, not seriously. Eve met her eye again, rolling her own. "Oh don't act so surprised, Bella. You're being a hypocrite; you do not follow societies rules or expectations. By all definitions, you're the rebel."

"I don't have a choice, Eve. You know that." She shot back, crossing he arms over her chest. Why was she giving her trouble about this? They'd already discussed this back in England; everything was done and decided. Why fight her now? She glared over at Isobelle.

Isobelle got to her feet, crossing her own arms over her chest. "What? Don't look at me like that; it's as much of a curse for me as it is for you. Being stuck inside your head, only ever able to come out once a month or when you're all… riled…up." A sinister smirk pulled at her red lips. "Say, Eve sure is being a brat today isn't she. Doesn't that just boil you up?"

"Save it." She muttered, ignoring her. "Listen, Eve, I'm sorry but I just feel really strong about this. Education is important for your future; what happens when you want a family, children; you'll need a nice job to support them. Schooling is just too important." Eve continued to glare at her, but she could see her anger fading away until Eve sighed and nodded, hanging her head. "Is there anything I can do to try and help? You could take the Rolls Royce."

She raised a light eyebrow in interest. "Fifty-nine or Phantom?" Bella had a thing for cars; had been collecting them for years now. The large separate garage was nearly full.

"Either?" Bella said, though it came out more like a hesitant question, hoping she would choose the Phantom.

Eve nodded, seeming to consider this and after a few moments, a grin started stretching across her lips. Her eyes had a mischievous glint in them and the brunette braced herself for what the Witch was about to say. "Or… you could go to school with me."

"What?" Both Isobelle and Bella said at the same time. "Uh, no. No, no, no. There is no way I'm going to stand around all day watching you being bored in a dull class. No way. Assolutamente not." Isobelle continued.

School was bad enough the first time, especially in the company of Isobelle… but if it meant no more fighting with Eve and Bella got to get under Isobelle's skin…

"Maybe," She agreed. "Let's get some groceries first and have supper, I'll decide after."


Isobelle crinkled her nose, looking at the total on the cashier's computer. "You know, I remember when you could fill your entire house full of food for on fifty dollars. Don't you miss those days?" She asked Bella.

"Back in the good old days, grandpa?" The younger girl whispered under her breath, flashing the young man behind the cash register a grin at his confused look. "Have a good evening." She murmured to him while she and Eve loaded the bags back into the cart to wheel out to the car.

Isobelle huffed, falling back a couple steps to glare holes into their backs. Eve giggled, looping her arm through Bella's. "Complaining about prices again?" Bella nodded, holding in her own smirk. "Once upon a time you could buy an entire breakfast meal and still get change back from your nickel." It was amusing to watch Eve make faces and imitate Isobelle's accent. "Who are we kidding; she can probably remember when they invented the nickel."

"Now, now, Eve," Bella said, patting her shoulder. "You should really respect your elders."

Isobelle muttered dark things in Italian at them, growling under her breath.

After Bella finished helping load all the bags into the car, she gave Eve the keys and ignored her confused look. "I've got to find an herbalist shop around here somewhere; I'm running out of Wolfsbane."

"I could make a call, ask around in the Wiccan community." She offered

"Appreciated, but no offence; I don't care for dealing with Witches. Other than you, of course. Bad experiences and all." Bella replied. She nodded in understanding and started up the car. "What you can do for me is get started on the pasta, though."

"Will do, El'Capitan." She saluted her with a grin and peeled out of the parking lot.


Bella sighed, unwilling to complain like Isobelle, but feeling like she couldn't help it. Things used to be much easier back in the day, as cliche as it sounded. You could walk down the street and pass two herbalist shops, or at the very least, have someone point you in the direction to one. Now, if you asked anyone anything, they would clam up and find some excuse to leave quickly. She wasn't sure if it was because of people in general, or if some sort of instinct was telling them to run, like they could sense a predator near. Isobelle had that affect on a lot of things; especially cats. Bella was quite thankful it was the opposite with dogs, because she couldn't live without animals around, it was just… lonely, she supposed, without having her dogs around.

Eve had taken to calling her a crazy old dog lady, though. With reason; Bella had many dogs, seven in total. Three wolves, an English Mastiff, a Great Dane, a Rottweiler, and a Boxer. And though there was a lot of drool, you wouldn't believe how much drool, Bella loved them all fiercely and couldn't part with them.

Finally, she had seemed to have found the right building, with just a small sign hanging above the door. A bell jingled as she entered, the aroma of many different things assaulting her nose, especially the… spicier scents. The shop was darker and low keep, some of the florescent lights burnt out, and others flickering in the back. The person behind the counter was covered in tattoos, reading a magazine and listening to the quiet music playing throughout the small building. She didn't know if she should take that as a good sign, or not. Well kept, clean cut, squares usually didn't run herbalist shops, and if they did, not very well. At least with the tattoos, there was passion for their work hidden beneath the ink.

She made her way towards the back, inspecting a few different things on her way. Nothing seemed to keep her interest for too long, however, as she skimmed over labels, packets, jars, and boxes. Money was never an issue for Bella, or rather, hadn't been in a few centuries, but she still didn't see the point of buying something she didn't have need or use of, no matter how tempting it was. Indulging oneself was one thing, but wasting was another.

A concept that was lost on Isobelle, who took any and all opportunities to waste Bella's money any time she could.

"Hm, here it is." Bella murmured quietly. She glanced up into Isobelle's face, who was uncharacteristically quiet. "Scared I'll up the dose, seeing how much this owner has?" She grinned.

Isobelle glared darkly at her. "Remember who holds the power in this little… arrangement we have, dear girl." She growled. "I might just remember this the next time you lose control and I slip in."

The grin vanished from Bella's face, her own mood darkening. "It was a joke." She huffed, grabbing the Wolfsbane and took it to the front counter.

"From the usually stoic Isabella Swan? I'm surprised at you." Isobelle laughed.

The guy behind the till quirked his mouth up, mirth entering his eyes. "Wolfsbane? Planning on killing a Werewolf?" He joked.

"Not kill, just control." Bella replied quietly, paying and leaving the store quickly.

If only…


The next morning when Bella's alarm clock went off and starting ringing in her ears, she contemplated hurling the thing through the window. But she also knew that even if she did that, Eve would just march across the hall and do many, many horrific things until she got up. So in the end, all that would accomplish was a smashed window and she'd be out an alarm clock.

With great reluctance, Bella threw her blankets back onto Rupert, her English Mastiff that usually took to sharing the bed with her, shivering at the chilly morning temperature. She was mostly used to it now though, having lived in cold or rainy climates over the years. She had tried nice sunny places for a while, but… there was just too many people. There were no secluded properties like this. People were just crammed together; house beside house, no matter the price. People liked nice and warm, sunny places, and gathered there until there was no more room. They didn't like cold and rainy.

After a nice, warm shower, Bella quickly dried off and started pulling on her clothes in the master washroom attached to her bedroom. Music was blaring throughout the mansion, one of Eve's morning routines as a way to 'wake us up more', the song, if Bella was correct, was the Drumming Song by Florence and the Machine. She found herself nodding her head to the catchy beat as she pulled on a pair of dark wash jeans. She did up her belt buckle, trying hard not to start dancing around the bathroom like Eve, no doubt, was doing across the hall.

The Witch twisted this way and that way, shaking her damp, white hair around as she let the beat flow through her.

Bella smiled, pulling on a white tank top and her flannel button up over top; mostly with with white, black, and grey. She ran a brush through her hair, trying to tame the wild beast, all the while knowing it was futile. It was one of the reasons she appeared so pale in the first place, the different, dark shades of brown and deep reds, all a great contrast to her porcelain looking skin. Her eyes were a deep, warm chocolate brown, Eve often saying very wide and doe like, her facial features sharp and elegant. Isobelle was her exact match, or rather, as a Doppelganger, Bella was an exact match to Isobelle.

"It is the only way to imprison the beast! We need the doppelganger as a host-"

She shook her head, looking back up to her reflection as she pulled the brush through her hair again. The Wolf in Isobelle had made a few, minor changes to her appearance however, the only difference between the two. Whereas Bella's eyes were a warm chocolate brown; Isobelle's irises were bigger and a glowing yellow, the whites around them black like a wolf's. Her teeth, appearing normal at first glance, had elongated canines, top and bottom. And, of course, the other non-appearance related physical differences being her strength, agility, stamina, all her heightened senses.

Isobelle was capable of great pain and destruction, with a fierce bloodlust and urge to destroy. Wild, like an animal.

But was caged and now controlled, therefore not such a nightmare anymore.

"Speaking of which…" Bella sighed, uneasily eyeing the jar on the counter next to the sink. It was full of water, a way to dilute Wolfsbane to non-lethal levels, so she could use it, handle it, without being burnt or harmed. Inside the diluted Wolfsbane was jewellery; a couple of rings, a necklace, an eyebrow piercing, a tongue piercing, and a lip ring. All used every day to keep Isobelle in check and prevent the Werewolf in her from seeping over into Bella.

She took a few deep breaths, and then a couple shallow quick ones before plunging her hand into the jar. She clenched her jaw, feeling the burning sensation simmer until she pulled the jewellery back out. Like a bad sun burn. She couldn't imagine how painful it would be in concentrated doses.

Eve finished styling the high bun in her hair, the smooth, black sticks sticking out of it in just the way she wanted. She twirled around in front of her mirror again, nodding to herself. Black slacks, blue converse, and a blue T shirt with a black vest over top. She grinned a final time before leaving the washroom, about to knock on Bella's door to make sure she wasn't going back on her deal of coming to school. Just before her knuckles connected with the solid oak door, she heard the older girl's whimpering. Eve paused, each sound a blow to her heart, wishing she could share the pain so it wouldn't be so bad for Bella. "Bella?" She called out hesitantly.

It was a moment or two before Bella's pained voice replied. "I'm fine." She half choked, half cried. She blinked the tears out of her eyes, taking a final deep breath and opened her mouth to look at the tongue ring again. It was always the worst one to do.


The two girls stood side by side at the entrance of the garage, gazing at all the cars. Eve looked over to Bella who had her black, wool coat buttoned up, the collar popped, and her hands shoved deeply in her pockets. Bella and the cold did not go together well. "So… which one should we take?"

The brunette pursed her lips. "I was thinking the Camaro."

"Sixty-seven?" Eve asked and Bella nodded. "Nice."

Nice, indeed.


"Remind me again, why I agreed to do this?" Bella asked, standing behind the Camaro next to Eve, shifting nervously at all the people staring at them.

Isobelle groaned, strewn out along the top of the car, her arm draped over her eyes dramatically. "Remind me again, why you agreed to this? I'm bored already."

"Because you love me and don't want me to be here alone, that's why." Eve chirped, grinning excitedly.

Isobelle groaned again. "I don't love her, can we leave? We can walk her to class, ditch, and then come back during lunch. She'll be none the wiser."

As tempting to Bella as that was, she knew she couldn't do that to Eve. She had promised, and Bella didn't break her promises. "No, we're staying here."

Eve rolled her eyes. "Honestly, Belle, get a life and leave us alone for one day. Just one."

"Oh how I would love to. Instead, I have to stand here and picture the many, many ways to kill a Witch as my sole source of entertainment." Isobelle muttered darkly. "If only I had brought-" Immediately her head whipped up and around, her glowing eyes narrowing suspiciously, her nostrils flaring. Bella watched on with curiosity and slight concern, especially when her muscles started experiencing a familiar burn. Part of the Wolf, or Isobelle but that was rare, was leaking through into her consciousness. Not enough to really worry about, but enough for her to feel it.

And that concerned her. "What? What is it?"

Isobelle sneered, sliding off the top of the car to stand next to the two, crossing her arms over her chest. "Vampires, of all things."

Bella's mind whirled, her eyes widening in astonishment. Yes, it was quite common for vampires to live in and travel through rainy, cloudy places; but they hardly ever came across any. Eve certainly hadn't - Eve! She had no experience with them before, did she even know about them? She hadn't known about Werewolves until meeting Bella; she was still new to all of this.

Would telling her be better or worse? Would it scare her? Or would she go looking for these vampires?

What were they doing here anyway? Hunting humans going to school? In public? With such risk of exposure?

She turned to the younger girl next to her who was still looking around the parking lot at the other students and school building with excitement in her eyes. "Eve-"

"Whoa, nice car!" Bella's brows furrowed, the interruption spiking her irritation. She turned her narrowed eyes on the source of the noise, scrutinizing the young boy standing before them. His hair was blonde and full of gel to keep it spiked up, but probably also made it crunchy and hard to the touch, his eyes round and blue, a hint of baby chub on him still. He seemed to just be entering the puberty stage in life, his voice subtly hitting different octaves. Bella offered him a small, half hearted smile and nodded. He grinned, his hand reaching out to touch the smooth surface of the trunk. "Where's your boyfriend; I've got a couple questions about it? Do you know how much he paid for it?"

Again, Bella felt her annoyance well up. "I don't have a boyfriend; this car is mine," She said, lifting his hand off of it and letting it fall to his side before wiping the spot he touched with her sleeve. "And I don't see why the price should be of interest to you unless you plan on buying it from me. Which will never happen." She bit back at him. She also had the urge to tell him that there was absolutely no way he could afford this car, not even in his dreams, but held her tongue. There was being rude to people who deserved it, and then being just plain mean.

Eve laughed nervously at the boy's blank face. "Heheh, Bella, you grump. No need to take first day jitters out on him; he was just admiring your car." She said, bumping Bella's hip with her own, giving the taller girl a look. "Sorry about that…"

"Mike Newton." The boy, Mike, replied and held out his hand with a friendly smile.

Eve shook it excitedly. "I'm Eve and that's Bella."

Mike looked Bella up and down. "So, no boyfriend, huh?"

She didn't bother hiding disgust at the thought. "I like him; he seems like a fun puppy to have around." Isobelle chirped. "He'd probably do anything we asked, Bella."

"I'm not looking for one, either." She said, trying to get the message across.

Eve, taking in Bella's uncomfortable body language, and knowing that Isobelle was probably chewing off her ear at the same time, decided to speed things along. "Well, we really should head to class. I've got to try and find the Geometry room."

Mike's eyes lit up. "I've got Geometry first, too! I'll show ya where it is. What about you, Bella? You have class with me, too?" He asked, excited at the prospect.

"Uh, no," Eve said, gaining his attention again. "Bella's a senior."

Isobelle snorted. "Yeah, his grandfather's senior and then some."

"Alright, well, we better head out before we're late." Mike said. The two waved once they were across the parking lot before disappearing into the school building while Bella watched them, waving back.

Isobelle, standing next to Bella, was waving wildly at them, shouting out goodbyes, enjoying her own humour immensely. She sighed, a large smile on her face as she turned back to Bella who was scowling at the cement ground of the parking lot. "School has certainly changed over the years, hasn't it? No longer a place of education and learning, but rather a social gathering of hormone driven teenagers. Where, if you're lucky, some semblance of knowledge leaks through." She gazed around the parking lot again, closing her eyes and held up her arms. "I think I'll like it here."

That makes one of us, Bella sighed, running a hand through her hair. "Can we get back to more important topics like, I don't know, say Vampires?" She hissed, making sure to keep her voice down as she began the trek to finding her classroom. "Why are they here?"

Isobelle rolled her eyes. "Yes, like I would know. It's not as if I'm stuck in your head. You know what, why don't I just go ask them and get back to you on that?"

"Your sarcasm never ceases to annoy me, Belle." She muttered back, choosing to ignore the Wolf for the remainder of the morning.

This was sure to be a very interesting, if not long, day.


The Cullen Manor. Seattle, Washington.

The dark clouds, now invisible in the dark of night, boomed with thunder, as it would until the wee hours of the morning. There was no rain this time, however, just the flashes of lightning to accompany it. It had been a while since the last thunder storm, and while most people despised it, there was, at least, one person in Seattle who enjoyed the echoing noise.

Alice smiled as the vibrations of the last round of thunder, back to back, ran up her arms. She opened her golden eyes, taking in the trees of the forest just behind their house. Most of her family were within, hunting before school that following morning. She had toyed with the idea of joining them but in the end decided against it; choosing to perch atop the house and listen to the storm. She wasn't usually so melodramatic; but as of late she just couldn't stand being around people, and by people, mostly her family. They were all so happy, and it filled her with joy at seeing them like that, but once she was gone, alone again, the joy faded into sorrow and envy.

She wasn't certain if Jasper knew this yet; she took careful steps to keep it a secret. She didn't want them to feel guilty or bad; it wasn't their fault they had their mates and were happy and content. But she felt like a lost wanderer in the desert, forced to watch mirages of people laughing and playing around in a pool. It was the worst kind of torture and there was nothing she could do to stop it. Every exchange of sweet words or shared looks of love and adoration, was just a reminder that she had no one who could reciprocate those feelings for her.

Humans had proven to be a… nice distraction, for a little while at least. But even then, over time, she gave up. The passion and love they had for her paled in comparison to what she knew she could have with her mate. It was just too hard to keep up such charades; how are you supposed to try and be happy with someone you know isn't the one. And she had the responsibility to let them go once she knew they weren't hers, knowing they were for someone else. How could she keep them from their happily ever after, just because she couldn't find her own? It just wasn't right and she wasn't that bitter. Yet.

Over the years, her mind had wandered to reasons for why she hadn't found her mate yet. The first; maybe she wasn't looking in the right place? But she knew that mates, one way or another, through coincidence or fate, found each other. Jasper was turned in Texas, recruited into the Vampire Wars, a trained killer, but somehow managed to survive the Volturi's wrath on everyone involved, met Alice, travelled to America, and found Edward. The innocent, somewhat broodish, aspiring doctor who could read minds.

That left another reason; had her mate died before she could find them? Was there a tragic accident or had they already lived out their lives? Again, there was evidence to knock that theory off the board. Emmett, mauled by a bear and laying in the grass, bleeding out, dying, when Rosalie gets bored and decides to go for a run through the woods, and just happens to stumble upon him in his last moments, somehow gaining the strength and control to carry his body, covered in blood, all the way back to Carlisle to be changed.

Or even Esme, who had jumped off a cliff. Whom the doctors pronounced dead. Who was even taken to the morgue. Carlisle found her again, her heart somehow beating again, so that he could change her. If that's not a miracle, Alice didn't know what was.

Over one hundred years she had waited, searched, for the one person who could complete her, and came up empty handed. Hope had long since left her; she had thrown in the towel and given up, accepting the fact that she would forever be alone. She couldn't remember her human life, not the tiniest memory, and it made her wonder. Had she been such a terrible person, such a horrible being, that she didn't get a mate? Was her punishment to spend the rest of eternity alone, watching all her loved ones be happy with one another?

"You got that sad frown again, Tink." Emmett's booming voice hadn't startled her as much as it should have. Probably because she had been listening to thunder for the passed two hours; such similar sounds. The large giant walked across the rooftop, plopping down next to the small pixie, and looked up at the sky. He could see the clouds, and even stars poking through the clear spaces. "You wanna tell me what's up? Someone bothering you? Want me to clobber them?"

Alice opened her eyes again, looking at Emmett with a side glance. "I think if someone were bothering me, I'd be able to handle it myself. As appreciated the offer is." She replied, the corner of her mouth curving up.

He shrugged his massive shoulders. "Just offering; it's my job as the big brother."

"To clobber people?" She asked. He nodded. "You may fool all the others with your violent video games and the amount of wrestling you like to do with the boys and the bears, Emmett, but I know the truth." She said in her high voice.

Cocking an eyebrow, Emmett placed his elbow on his knee, resting his chin in his large palm. He looked at Alice for a moment in silence, assessing her poker face. "Oh yeah?" She nodded, serious. "And what is the truth, might I ask?"

"That you're a softy with a big, old heart. You wouldn't hurt anyone if given the chance, and if you had to, you wouldn't be grinning about it. I bet you'd feel pretty guilty, for a couple decades in fact." She said. The two stared at each other for a while again, neither speaking even when the giant laid back, crossing his arms behind his head. "Am I right?"

He pressed his lips into a firm line, considering her words. "You… are getting off topic, Ali-Cat. This isn't about me, it's about you and why you've been moping the last couple of years."

"And you only now decide to come talk to me? I think I may be hurt, Emmett." Alice said, batting her eyelashes and holding her hand over her heart dramatically.

He grinned at her, shaking his head. "You're good at changing the subject, ain't cha?"

"You caught that, did you?"

He nodded. "Afraid so."

She sighed, looking around the sky once more. "Well I'm not moping; I actually came up here to have a vision."

"Oh yeah?"


"Well by all means, do share!" Emmett said in a boisterous tone.

Alice stuck her tongue out at her brother, springing to her feet. She danced towards the ledge, stepping down off the side and onto the branch of the tree beside the kitchen wall of windows, one of which was open. "There are new students attending school, starting first thing tomorrow."

Quirking his brows, Edward stared intently at Alice, scanning her thoughts as she breezed into the living room. "And you can only see the one?"

The pixie nodded, sitting down next to her mother, curling up into her side as Esme pulled her closer. "Yes, the other is like a blind spot in my visions."

"Yet you don't sound very worried or alerted." Carlisle mentioned, writing in his notebook next to Rosalie. "You don't think we should be?"

She shook her head. "Not yet, at least. She isn't affecting my visions at all, she just… isn't in them. Like if we cut Edward out of a family photo,"


"Though we can't see him anymore, we still see everyone and everything else in the picture." She finished. "I just cannot see her. I do, however, see Edward and his frustration towards her."

"And that isn't cause for caution or alert?" He asked in disbelief.

Alice shrugged one of her delicate shoulders. "Rosalie and Jasper will be pretty amused by it, so no." She giggled at the look on her brother's face, shaking her head at him. "Honestly, Edward, you really must learn to relax; you'll be the first vampire in history to develop worry wrinkles."

Cooing, Jasper stroked his mate's face, sending out waves of tranquility to the poor boy. Who, if he was being perfectly honest, really did worry far too much.

"For the first time in a while, I'm actually a little excited for school." He said, feeling everyone else's interest.


Author's Note: I feel like I should probably explain a few things more clearly here, that may have been confusing. For example, the whole Isobelle deal. I would think of the Isobelle and Bella situation as a… more complex split personality. I actually borrowed the idea from the show "Jekyll." The show was far too short and ended too soon for my liking, but I really enjoyed it. The only thing I really changed there was that Bella could see and hear Isobelle while other people couldn't. That's really all I can say for now without spoiling things, because I will be going into further detail about it all in later chapters, including the history of how and why it happened. However, feel free to leave questions you have because I will answer them directly to you if I can, or will remember to explain it in other chapters. You know how some details can get lost; I forget you don't know everything I know, and I just assume.

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