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Author:Crushing Velvet.

Beta: xPaige Turnerx. Whom I'm borrowing Eve from.

Summary:Alternate Universe. Alice/Bella. "There are ways to escape any prison, whether it be a grand scheme, or just sitting there chipping away at the walls. In this case, however, I was her prison and the walls were my sanity, that she had been chipping at for FAR too long."

Seattle, Washington.

She knew her pretty well.

In fact, both girls knew each other better than anyone else on the planet, and it was shocking to think it only took four measly years. If that; they'd known each others' ins and outs for quite a while now. Eve knew which hidden buttons needed pushing to get a reaction from the stoic brunette, and Bella knew the one thing that got the witch riled up most of all was when she ignored her. Eve knew Bella was allergic to kiwis and pineapple, and Bella knew Eve might as well have been allergic to peppers for how much she hated them. Eve needed comfort when she was upset, Bella needed space when she was, Eve had no idea what a personal bubble was, Bella's bubble was made out of ice.

So since Bella knew Eve so well, so well, she also knew when the little Witch was up to something. And Eve was definitely up to something.

It had been going on for a week, that's when the devious glint first entered those light eyes, when her cheerful smile turned into a mischievous smirk. Bella was a smart girl, there wasn't much you could put passed her, and not a whole heck of a lot of wool to pull over her eyes. She had been around for over five hundred years; she had learned to recognize all the patterns in life, learned how to read people, learned how to apply all the logic and information she had accumulated over the years to her own life and that around her.

So there was three things of which she was absolutely certain:

The first was that she was going to win this little game of Eve's that the girl was concocting.

The second was that it had something to do with the Cullens. Alice, presumably.

The third…she was starting to like Alice.

Bella knew herself pretty well, too. There was no maybe. No if. She liked this vampire. She was also old enough to know that there was very little point in denial; it didn't change anything, and people who weren't strong enough to deal with things used it to placate themselves.

However, that didn't mean she was okay with liking this vampire. Quite the opposite, really. There were a billion and one reason that this was a very bad thing. The first; Bella didn't like people in general, why was she starting to now? Was something about her changing? Or was it Belle's influence? There was also the fact that Alice was a vampire. A sworn enemy. And she was a werewolf…well…a prison holding a werewolf…there was a werewolf somewhere in the equation, at least. If Belle found out she was keen on the little vampire, she didn't know what the Wolf would do. She also had no idea how to go about courting people anymore-


Not that…not that that's something she needs to know. Accepting she's in like with this vampire was one thing, but acting on it was another. And she wasn't going to do that. For all those billion and one reasons. It would be utterly disastrous.

Resisting would be easy; she had half a dozen life times of practice over her control. A little crush was nothing, it wasn't like she was in love with the vampire. She was barely in like with her, really. She had just…grown to like the way Alice said hi every morning. The pixie would dance over from her car or be waiting by Bella's spot and walk with her to her first class. Or the way that Alice eagerly awaited whatever she had to say, and listened like her thoughts were the most important thing at the moment. The bright little smile she always had on her face didn't hurt either. Nor did the way her eyes lit up when Bella looked over at her in the cafeteria. And she was really sweet, too. Sweet and polite. No one is polite anymore, people are just plain rude everywhere you go.

All of those things often left Bella with this warm feeling in her chest, with a lightness about her. It made her smile and-

No. Bella would take those feelings, bottle them up, and bury them as deep as she could within herself.

…How much was she going to have to lock away in life?

She was so sick of cages.

With a scowl that could rival Rosalie's, Bella crossed her arms over her chest as she leaned against Ben's car. Eve had dragged her over to the small group that formed around the vehicle before school; Ben, Angela, Eric, Mike, and Tyler, though Tyler had been running late that morning and hadn't arrived yet. Eve was very excited about her new friends lately, and she found it much easier to thrust Bella upon them than upon the Cullens, who were also quickly becoming close friends.

And so, when the Witch had noticed the fancy cars pulling into their respective parking spots, she had grinned up at Bella and excused herself for a moment while she went over to say hello quickly. She promised she wouldn't be more than two seconds.

That was seven minutes ago.

Not that Bella had been counting.

No, she was having a grand time standing there awkwardly while the others talked about parties and tests and lunch time and movies. In fact, she had been so enthralled that her mind could barely comprehend the wonders of their philosophical and intriguing conversation about the lunch lady's new Mystery Meat, that her dark eyes had wandered across the parking lot to Eve and the others.

Namely, the little pixie.

Her eyes had been doing that more and more often lately.

And thus her musing began as she watched the Witch talk in hushed tones with Alice while Emmett, the large one, boomed out a laugh now and then and Jasper, the blonde male, shook his head with a smirk and would glance up at her only to give a small wave.

"What do you think they're talking about?"

Bella almost jumped out of her skin at Isabelle's voice. It had been a little while since she had heard from the Wolf. She turned her dark brown eyes towards her ancestor before they flickered back over to the group. "I don't know."

She missed the look Ben gave her before turning back to his conversation.

Leaning back against the car next to her and crossing her arms, Belle hummed to herself. "Looks awfully connivente. Don't you want to know?"

"Patience is a virtue you obviously never learned, isn't it?" Bella asked, shaking her head. She watched as Alice said something with a thoughtful face and Eve lit up, nodding furiously. "She can't keep a secret, not from me. I'll know sooner or later."

"I am so patient," Belle grumbled under her breath. "Patient like a fox." She sighed as the brunette continued to stare at the others, ignoring her again. Something was…different with Bella, she could tell. She had been a lot more…thoughtful, lately? Her head was up in the clouds and she was thousands of miles away. Something the girl had assumed, all these years, was a dangerous thing. She had thought it would make it easier for Belle to slip in and take control. The Wolf never bothered to mention it was actually the opposite. When her head was up in the clouds like that, she hardly even noticed the Wolf's presence, and Belle felt herself…not fade, but…she kind of felt almost like a ghost.

It wasn't a feeling she particularly liked.

The Wolf looked up at the sound of tires locking and starting to slide, her lips curling up at the look of utter horror crossing Tyler Crowley's face in his van halfway across the parking lot from them. Humans, so easily frightened. It made her chuckle every time. She glanced down at the patch of ice the van was sliding across, heading towards them, and looked to her side for the group of humans Bella was trying to "hang" with, or whatever she was doing. It looked like they had started heading inside a while ago and the Space Cadet next to her hadn't noticed.

Of course not, the girl was practically glaring at the vampires. Especially the little one…

"Earth to Bella, come in, Bella," she cackled into her hand.

That van was starting to pick up speed as it slid at them. A few kids had even noticed and seemed to freeze, others gasping, while some pointed.

"Bella," Isabelle tried again with a roll of her eyes. Seriously, did this girl hit her head recently or something?

Even the vampires had noticed now and Eve screamed. Belle's eyes widened and she whirled around in front of Bella's face, waving her arms around. "Bella!"

The brunette furrowed her brows, glaring at the Wolf. "What do you-" She gasped, looking over Belle's shoulder at the van hurtling towards her. Everything else finally registered; Eve's screaming across the parking lot as well as a few other kids, Alice's horrified face as she stepped forward, reaching out, the pointing and gasping, and Tyler furiously trying to turn his wheel as he got closer and closer.

Her Fight or Flight instincts quickly kicked in, adrenaline pouring into her veins as her pupils dilated. There wasn't much time to do anything and so she did the first thing that came to mind, launching herself forward at the van, kicking up off the front bumper and rolled up the hood. The force of smashing into Ben's car nearly sent her through the windshield, though luckily it only caved in, her elbow punching through in the middle. For half a second she thought she was going to roll up and over the roof, but the sudden stop had her coming back down from the momentum. She rolled back down the caved in windshield and the hood, sliding over the roof of Ben's car, and landing in a heap on the ground beside it.

At first she didn't really feel anything. She didn't hear anything. She just stared up at the big grey sky and wondered if that looked as ridiculous as it felt. She tried to picture it in her head and felt the corner of her mouth curve up slightly.

The moment of peace faded and suddenly she was bombarded with everything; the blaring horn in her ear from Tyler's van, kids screaming and yelling and calling for help, Eve calling her name from somewhere in the parking lot. Her elbow was screaming in pain, burning fiercely, while the rest of her body throbbed from being tossed around like a rag doll. The back of her head felt…hot, and the edge of her vision was kind of blurry. She wasn't sure, but she thought she might have smacked the back of her skull on the pavement when landing. Or maybe against the windshield. Both?

Bright yellow eyes appeared over her, Belle's dark hair framing her face as she grinned down at the injured girl. "That looked like it stung a wee bit," she laughed. "Not like you haven't been through worse. Come on, up and at 'em." She said, motioning Bella to get up. The hurt brunette just groaned, blinking slowly. Isabelle's grin turned into a smirk. "Ah, what's this? Did the boy's big, bad van manage to unlatch my cage?"

With a growl of her own, Bella struggled to sit up, shaking her head. She gasped, gripping the sides of her head and closed her eyes.

Okay, do not shake.

"Belle…" she warned with a dark tone. The black waves of unconsciousness threatened to pull her under and she gasped again. "Don't!"

"Bella! Holy crap, Bella, are you okay?!" Mike shouted, crouching down next to her. "You just… you ninja'd the shit out of that accident! It was so hot! I think-"

Mike abruptly stopped talking as Bella's hand shot out, grabbing a fist full of his coat and yanked him towards her. He gulped at the fiery look in her eyes. "My pills," she groaned.

"Wh-what pills?" He asked, looking up and around at the kids that started to crowd around them. "We called an ambulance, Bella. Just try to lay still until they get here."

She could hear Belle chuckling under her breath and closed her eyes again as the sky started spinning and Mike faded out. "My pills," she tried again. "In the car. Glove…box, Mike, get them now!"

He was shoved away and hesitated for just a second until he jumped to his feet and looked around for her Camaro. He hissed in pain, quickly grabbing the back of his head and turned around to look at the keys that landed on the ground behind him. With a pout, he grabbed them and ran for her car. When Mike had grabbed them and came back, he found Eve and Alice Cullen crouched next to Bella, while the girl squeezed her eyes shut and clenched her fists.

"Here," he said, falling to his knees on her other side and took out a couple pills. "Bella, I don't understand, they're tranquilizers. Shouldn't you be trying to stay awake?"

Again, Bella's hand shot out to the bottle and she quickly popped four pills. Her eyes opened and she blinked the dizziness away, trying to concentrate on steadying her hammering heart. "My watch," she whispered and looked up at Eve who was squeezing her hand. "Where's my watch?"

The Witch looked down, trying to read the thing. It looked frozen. "It's on your wrist but… I-I think it's broken?"

"Figlio di una canna," she cursed. "How many am I going to go through this month?"

"Bella, a watch is hardly important at a time like this!" Alice gasped. "You were just…you could have been…you are so lucky." She said and her voice shook. Her small, delicate hand reached out for Bella's and she tried not to flinch as the brunette pulled her own away quickly. "I was so scared, Bella."

She was going to ignore her. That was the smartest thing Bella could have done. It was what she had planned to do. Ignore Alice. Distance herself. Build a wall between them. That way her feelings wouldn't deepen, at least.

Evidently, this day was not going as planned, and instead she felt this sudden overwhelming desire to ease Alice's worries. To take that scared look from her eyes. To make the frown disappear from her face.

"I'm okay, Alice," she found herself saying.

The pixie slowly smiled a small smile. She opened her mouth to say something but was cut off by the ambulance's sirens as it pulled up. She slowly got to her feet to give them room. "My father will take good care of you, Bella. I promise."

"Wait…" Bella tried to look around the men crowding her, trying to find those golden eyes again. "What? You…" The tranquilizers were starting to kick in and she was submerged in an ocean of drowsiness. "Hospital," she murmured, gazing up at the paramedics carefully lifting her onto the stretcher and putting a brace around her neck. "No!" She gasped again, jerking up into a sitting position. She idly reached for Eve as the Witch gazed up at her helplessly.

"Miss, lay back down and stop struggling!" One of the paramedics ordered, trying to wrestle her back onto the stretcher.

The other grunted, managing to slip the leather buckle around her wrist. "Miss, you need to calm down!" His face turned red as he fiddled with the buckle until her wrist was secured to the side. What was this girl on?

On her other side, the first paramedic glared holes into the side of the girl's face as she weakly cursed at him in…Italian? He finally wrapped the leather buckle around her wrist. He managed to duck in time, avoiding getting a forehead in the face as the girl tried to head-butt him. "Get her in the back. The adrenaline will wear off soon and she should calm down."

"Bella!" Eve said sternly, grabbing hold of her shoulders. She glared into those dark eyes. "Get a hold of yourself and calm down." She lowered her voice. "Before you-know-who decides to pop in."

Whatever the other girl said, it seemed to calm the brunette down immensely, one of the paramedics noticed. She took a deep breath before nodding, and laid back down on the stretcher. They kept the restraints on, just in case, and would advise the doctors to do the same.

Bella scowled again as she was loaded into the ambulance. "No blood tests," she told Eve who nodded, grabbing the keys from Mike.


Wrapping her arms around her chest, Alice leaned against Edward as the ambulance sped off down the street, followed closely by the shiny black Camaro. The bronze haired boy squeezed her to his side, leaning down to her ear. "You should go hunt and blow off some of that…everything." He could hear her thoughts racing a mile a second; she didn't know whether to be relieved, worried, furious, scared, upset, or guilty. Mostly guilty, because she hadn't seen the accident before hand.

Alice nodded, taking a deep breath through her nose. "Okay," she agreed.

Just as she moved, Rosalie's voice stopped her. "Mike is right," she murmured. The others glanced at her curiously and she hummed, looking at all the broken glass around Ben's car. She nodded at it. "Those were…impressive reflexes for a human. There was no hesitancy or uncertainty, her body knew how to react when being attacked. That is unusual, to say the least."

"What are you getting at?" Alice snapped, a little too harshly.

She still had all these pent up emotions trying to explode out of her.

The blonde looked down at her sister and gave her an almost smile. "Nothing, Alice. Just thinking aloud, I didn't mean to keep you from your hunt."

"I'll go with ya, Tink." Emmett said, placing a massive hand on the pixie's shoulder. "Didn't much feel like going to class anyways."

The two walked off across the parking lot and out of sight before blurring away.

Rosalie, Edward, and Jasper all stood in the parking lot while teachers tried to regain order of the students, all of them staring at the van and car. Jasper tilted his head to the side, tapping his chin in thought. "Bella is different," he mused.

"Obviously," Edward agreed with a nod, sliding his hands into his pockets. "But how different?"

The three frowned simultaneously and Rosalie crossed her arms over her chest, her eyes narrowing. "Dangerously?"

Jasper tried to deny it, trying to abolish that idea completely, right away. This was Alice's mate. She wasn't dangerous to them. She was going to be family. But…

"I honestly don't know."


"Ah, if it isn't the infamous Bella. It's a pleasure to finally meet you." Doctor Cullen said, holding out his pale hand.

Dark eyes peered up at him curiously before Bella gave a pointed look to her wrist that was buckled to the bed. Carlisle smiled sheepishly, his golden eyes crinkling while he ran a hand through his blonde hair. "Infamous?" She questioned.

"Yes," he nodded. "My daughter speaks very highly of you. Esme and I have been eagerly awaiting an introduction. I am sorry it had to be under such circumstances as these, however." His smile was bright, kind, friendly.

Bella's eyes narrowed. "Which daughter?"

The doctor's brows furrowed as he frowned slightly. "My…Alice, of course. Are you close with Rosalie as well?"

"I'm close with neither of your daughters, Dr. Cullen." She said, blinking up at him.

With a small chuckled, Carlisle began to unbuckle the restraints on Bella's wrist. "Right. They warned me about this."

"About what?"

"You," he replied, grabbing the chart off the end of the bed. "And your straightforward nature. You got in a car accident?"

The brunette relaxed back against the bed, crossing her arms over her chest as she sized the doctor up. She briefly wondered how old he was. If she had to guess, she'd say younger than her, by at least one century. She didn't like it when people younger than her treated her like a child, which they all did as she appeared to be in her early twenties. Still, she couldn't stand it and it always took great effort not to do something about it. "Dancing around with half-truths is a waste of everyone's time." She said, looking down to her hands. They were scraped up. "And it wasn't really a car accident. A van slid into the car I was standing in front of."

"I see you made it out in one piece, if not a little scathed." He took out a little light in his pocket, leaning down to flash it in each of her eyes. "I didn't mean to insinuate that a straightforward nature is a bad thing, Bella. It can just be…blunt sometimes. Not everyone can deal with you and Rosalie as easily as we do." He turned off his flashlight and put it back into his pocket to write something down. "How did you avoid the collision?"

"I jumped," she replied with a shrug. She waited until she could catch those golden eyes again, studying them for a moment. "You think we're tactless."

He knew he was caught and Bella didn't seem like the kind of person who appreciated being lied to. "Maybe just a little bit," he grinned sheepishly again. "You jumped?"

Sighing, Bella rolled her eyes. "Into the windshield, rolled down the hood, and off the roof of the other car." She looked back up at him sharply, scowling. "You people just don't seem to understand the respect I'm showing you with my blunt," she used air quotes. "Nature. Would you all prefer I treat you as a child, lie to your face, coddle you in conversation?"

"You two really will get along," Carlisle laughed quietly. "I think for most people today, they would appreciate you respecting their feelings more than respecting their intelligence. Although, I, myself, would prefer both but I am to understand that this isn't a perfect world, yes?"

"Why?" She asked.

"Why what?"

"Why are feelings more important to people than intelligence?" She shook her head, wincing as it throbbed.

Carlisle gently reached back there, lightly feeling around for a bump. "You hit your head?" He felt her nod. "They're stronger, I think. Emotions, I mean. They mean more because we experience them more. Think of it this way; when someone doesn't respect your intelligence, it upsets you, yes?"

"Yes," Bella nodded slowly.

"See? Even when you think it's about intelligence, it's really about emotions." He slowly began to press on Bella's legs, up and up and up, watching for when she winced. Nothing was broken but there were quite a few bruises. And a nasty goose-egg on the back of her head. Other than that and a few scrapes here and there, she was alright. It was mostly those tranquilizers that had given her a spin, but oddly enough hadn't knocked her out cold. She wouldn't let him see who prescribed them either.

He gave her a clean bill of health and helped her to her feet, walking with her to the door. "Alright, take three of these every six hours for the headache and bruise pains, and you should be set, Bella." She nodded looking down at the pills and then back up at Carlisle, watching him curiously. "It was a pleasure meeting you today and I look forward to the next time. At the house, of course, and perhaps a little more willingly." He glanced back at the restraints and smiled.

"You're right," Bella said suddenly. Carlisle gave her a curious look and she gestured back into the room. "Before, what you were saying about emotions. I…I will try to be more tactful in my bluntness. This world could use a little more perfect."

With another, warmer smile, Carlisle nodded and patted her shoulder. "It really could, Bella."


"Are you sure you're okay, Bella?" Eve asked, glancing worriedly at the brunette sitting on the couch, staring into the empty fire place like it held all the answers in the world. "I mean, you did almost go through that windshield and it takes a lot to break one of those."

She finished pouring Bella's scotch and brought it over to her, along with the ice pack she had grabbed from the kitchen on her way to the living room. She handed them both to her friend who was still staring into the fire pit, but didn't look so far away anymore. "Thank you," she muttered, sipping her drink and pressing the ice pack against the back of her head. Her dark brown eyes fluttered shut. "And I am fine, just a little sore."

"If you say so," the Witch nodded, sitting down next to Bella. She glanced out one of the large windows, noticing the grey sky getting darker and darker. The sun was setting behind it, they were running out of time, and Eve was ninety percent sure it had completely slipped Bella's mind today. She nervously bit her lip and rested her hand on the girl's shoulder. "Bella?"


"Do you know what day it is?"

Opening her eyes to glance at Eve, Bella frowned. "Monday," she answered. Did Eve think she had brain damage or something? "It's just a little bump, Eve. I told you, I'm fine."

"No, no," she shook her head. "I meant the date. The number."

Bella lowered the ice pack, confused. "Well it's the-" Her eyes widened exponentially and the glass slid from her hand, bouncing off her lap and smashing on the hardwood floor by their feet. "It's the full moon tonight."

"I-I'm sorry! Here, let me get this for you." Eve said quickly, slipping off the couch to start picking up the larger pieces of glass. "I didn't mean to upset you, I just thought you might have forgotten and that would have been really dangerous. Especially with the Cullens so close."

The brunette took the shards of glass from Eve's hands, placing them on the coffee table, and got to her feet. She gently pulled the girl up with her. "How much time do we have?"

Again, the Witch looked out the window, frowning. "I can't see the sun. Ten minutes, maybe? More? Less? I don't know."

"Are you ready?" Bella asked seriously, ducking to catch those light eyes. She waited until Eve nodded firmly, and then turned to leave the living room. "Alright, it's the first time in this house. If anything goes wrong, just leave. Take the fastest car in the garage and run."

Eve watched the brunette pull off her coat, her sweater, take off her belt, and kick off her shoes all down the hallway. The stairs creaked as they went down through the basement and into the cellar beneath, a wet…kinda musty scent filling the air. It smelled like earth, and Eve hated going into the cellars. She felt like she was being buried alive. Maybe because they were underground, so there was no windows, no breathing room, everything was cold and stone and hard and so unfriendly.

She couldn't even imagine how Bella felt down here.

They finally reached the stone door of the Wolf Room, as Eve had started dubbing them, and walked inside. She felt slightly better in the open space, but not by much. Her gut was churning with the knowledge of what was to come. No matter how muffled by the earth, the stone, the stories of the house, and the music she blasted, she could always just hear the screams. And the dogs. The dogs crying was just a kick to the heart every time.

With focused determination, Bella strode over to the small refrigerator and took out a bottle of water. There were herbs crushed up inside, little pieces floating around, like seeds in lemonade and if she pretended, that's what it was. Lemonade. Nothing more. Nothing less. She reached back in and grabbed a bowl of water, much the same as the bottle, and brought them both over to the middle of the room where Eve had a pair of sweats and an old tank top waiting.

Her fingers trembled as she pulled off her nice tee shirt and new jeans, slipping into the old clothes. "Okay, you can wait over by the door now." She said, nodding to the stone door all across the room.

Eve hesitated a second. "I'm sorry, Bella."

It was something she said every time, and she knew it didn't help, didn't lessen the pain or stop the Wolf, but she couldn't not say it.

Bella nodded, forcing a reassuring smile and watched the Witch walk over to the door. She took a deep breath, picking up the largest shackle and closed it around her middle, grimacing at the tight squeeze. It wasn't nearly big enough for the Wolf, but once locked, it could stretch open, silver chains inside holding it together still, as did the wrists, ankles, and neck shackles. The silver part of the chains kept the Wolf from struggling too much and breaking them, or trying to rip them off. It was like trying to grab fire for it. But the rest of the shackles, as they were now, were just iron, for Bella. She knew from experience, if she touched pure silver, it was…

Horrifying, to say the least.

She bent down, closing the shackles around her ankles, grabbed the one for her neck and swallowed against it. The iron was cool against her heated skin. She went back to the water before her wrists, knowing she wouldn't be able to reach them in the shackles, and grabbed the bowl. Inside was a necklace with an enormous chain. A heavy metal that wouldn't break so easily, soaked in Wolfsbane.

Grimacing, Bella grabbed it from the water, hissing as her hand turned red and quickly slipped it on. Next was the bottle and she unscrewed the lid before she could think about it and chicken out.

Eve flinched, looking away. She had heard somewhere, from her Wiccan community, TV, or maybe Bella herself, that drinking Wolfsbane was like trying to "chug battery acid".

The water bottle fell to the ground as Bella choked, forcing herself to swallow and shook her head. She was breathing deeply, sweat already making the tank top cling to her skin, her eyes ablaze with fire. She reached up to her lip, undoing the piercing, or lock as Eve called them, and tossing it to the Witch. She grunted, keeling over quickly as she felt the Wolf ram against its cage inside. Bella took another deep breath, reaching for the little plaque on her tongue, squeezing her eyes shut against the Wolf again. Finally she took out the eyebrow piercing and tossed it to the floor by Eve's feet, collapsing to her knees while she forced her shaking hands to do up the shackles around her wrists.

"Go, Eve! Now!" She ground out, glaring down at the stone floor beneath her knees.

The Witch didn't have to be told twice and turned around, running out of the room. She slammed the heavy stone door shut, locking the handle that was on this side. Normally that wouldn't work for a Werewolf, but Bella also had the brilliant idea of taking off the handle on the inside and cementing the hole over. If the Wolf wanted out of the room, it was going to have to try and smash through the stone.

Neither of them were too confident that it couldn't, however.

"Oh!" Bella gasped, squeezing her eyes shut tightly.

It was going to be bad.

It was going to be reeeeally, really bad. She could feel it. The Wolf going to get back at her for the new piercings, the locks, and it was going to enjoy it.

Bella's muscles tensed in anticipation, taking three quick, shallow breaths as her heart pounded in her ears.

She was ready.


Eve jumped, closing her eyes and hugging the couch cushion to her chest at the first scream. She quickly reached out, grabbing the remote on the coffee table, and started cranking the volume up until she could feel in on her skin.

Shadow, Katerina, and Bandit all looked at the hallway, their ears perking up. Seconds later they all raised their snouts, howling into the air.

The Witch buried her face into the cushion, humming as loud as she could.

Even the other dogs were whimpering and crying.

This was going to be a long night.


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