Long time no see.

Yeah, I'm really sorry. And it's not even a long or painfully exciting chapter.

On the brightside...Yay for season three! Twnety-two or so more chances for Balex moments. We still have a television graveyard slot, but it's better than cancellation.

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Alex regretted her sleeping decisions in the morning. Her dress felt gross against her skin. She took a moment to grimace at her condition, and then went back to business.

"Birkhoff, get up," Alex tapped him on the arm. "Or stay. Whatever."

Birkhoff moaned groggily.

"Fine, stay," Alex accepted, hopping to her feet and brushing off the skirt of her dress.

Birkhoff groaned, then stumbled to his feet. "Or course I'm coming with you," he said sleepily. "I didn't sleep with you in an alley just to ditch you."

"Watch your word choice there, will you?" Alex requested with a wince. "I've got dignity to maintain."

Birkhoff rolled his eyes. "So now what? We just waltz into Division, grab whatever it is you're after, and head out?"

"I wish it were that simple," Alex grumbled.

"What do we do once we get to Division, then?"

Alex frowned up at him. "You don't do anything," she snapped. "You lead me there, than you backtrack and run and hide."

"I can set you up somewhere," Alex promised.

"Where would you even get the means to—"

"I have my resources," she assured him. "Now lead me to Division before I stomp on your head with a cleated boot."

"Which I assume is one of your resources," Birkhoff said. "Okay, let's go."

Alex followed him out of the alley and into the city, where he hailed a taxi. He opened a door, then in quite an un-Birkhoff-like fashion, stands inside and gestures at the opening.

"Ladies first," he said.

Alex raises an eyebrow, but clambers inside. Birkhoff climbs in after her and shuts the door as he fishes money from his jacket pocket.

"Just follow my directions as you drive, sir," Birkhoff requested.

"Can't you just give me a street?" the driver inquired.

"Can't I just find another cab I'm willing to tip audaciously?" he threatened.

The driver seemed to shrug to himself, and then began driving.

"Wouldn't it be easier for me to just point my gun at him and tell him to drive?" Alex whispered.

"Please, Alex," Birkhoff scoffs. "I have morals."

Alex smiled and rolled her eyes.

They sat in the car together, Birkhoff occasionally spouting instructions to the driver. When he ordered him to stop, Alex glanced out the window. They were on a street still, but on either side of them were no visible buildings, merely grasses, and some trees.

"Thank you, sir," Birkhoff said, handing the driver his wad of cash. "Keep the change." He reached for the door, and then seemed to think differently. "No, actually can I have my change?"

Alex scoffed.

"We could use the cash right now, honey," he shrugged.

"We?" Alex repeated. "Do we have a joint bank account now?"

"Well, if you come across cash, I definitely expect you to share it with me."

"Birkhoff, do you have anywhere to go once I haul out of Division?" Alex asked.

Birkhoff shrugged, pushing the taxi door open.

It struck Alex how much Birkhoff had just sacrificed on her behalf.

"You coming?" Birkhoff urged, holding the door open.

Alex slid out of the car and Birkhoff slammed the door behind her.

"You know, chances are," he began, "that once you step into Division, you'll feel inclined to kick and punch and shoot things. If you wore the dress that I suggested, you might have done so more comfortably."

Alex tugged at the hem of the orange fabric. "I can manage," she said. "Shall we?"

Birkhoff nodded.

"Hey, before we go," he said as they trudged across the grass, "we might want to take out your kill chip."

"Couldn't you just punch a bunch of buttons and deactivate it?"

"Sadly, it's not so easy being the tech nerd around here," he confessed. "It looks like the best option is removing in surgically."

"I don't have time for that!"

"Sorry, but if you storm Division, and Percy or Amanda could just click a button to take you out, don't you think they'd do that?" Birkhoff argued.

Alex sighed heavily. How long could Michael and Nikita wait? They were wasting time. Then again, if she died, who would save them then?

"Fine," she conceded, "but get me inside first."

Birkhoff accepted. "When you told me about the silo escape, I figured out the location of its exit externally.

"And here it is."

Birkhoff and Alex stepped up to a round, metal fixture in the grass.

"Just tug it open and you're in the silo," Birkhoff said.

"Alright, then," Alex breathed deeply. "Let's do it."