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Moose on the Loose

Chapter 14 – Embarrassment x 1

Edward's POV

Well after the most glorious evening and morning with my love, I was on a serious all-time high. I had to think to myself what the heck was I thinking in holding out on making love to my Bella until after the wedding. She made me the happiest man on earth when she told me how much she wanted to marry me. Alright, maybe Em is the happiest, but it is due to the fact we have no idea what he's happy about at any given time, I'd say it doesn't count because of that.

I really had a fun time with Melvin and just had to visit him. I was shocked, however, when Emma answered the door and fainted. I guess I am scary, hmmm, have to tell Em that he's not the only one that can scare someone into oblivion.

"Hey Melvin, are you sure Emma's okay?" I was a little worried since I'm scary and all.

"Yeah man she's okay, will probably come around in a second or two. Not that I want her to as she's still pissed at me for going out with Harold. Although, happy as a clam that he's dead. Well that's clearly the end of my fun." He pouted.

"Nah, you could go out with my brother Emmett, he's always up for a little fun." Understatement of the year, he has no idea what 'little' means. It's more like a huge planned event into crazyville.

"Sounds cool, I'll definitely give him a ring when she finally cools down and I can go out again."

I leaned over to get a better look at Emma to see if there was anything I could do when she opened her eyes, looked at me and screamed, "AAHHH, VAMPIRE!"

I jumped back and screamed, "AAHHH MOOSE!"

"AAHHH." She screamed.

"AAHH." I screamed back again. It was a total ET moment; you know the one where the sister and ET scream back and forth. What? It's one of Bella's favorite movies. Still how embarrassing, I sounded like a little girl, good thing no one witnessed that, you know family members who would keep bringing that up for the next century or two.

"Hey Emma, I'm Edward…and…umm…yeah a vampire." I sheepishly admitted.

"Melvin, do something before he eats us." She shoved Melvin forward while hiding behind him.

"Pleazzzze Emma, you're embarrassing me in front of my friend Edward here. Yes, he's a vampire, a vegetarian vampire, but he's not here to eat us. Get a grip woman, he's here for a visit and I told you that we were invited to dinner Friday night at their house." Melvin rolled his eyes at her.

"Yeah, my mom Esme is very much looking forward to cooking stuff for you guys as well as Bella and me." Esme was beside herself with the idea of cooking for me and before I had left the house she cornered me at the door and kissed me all over my face. If that wasn't bad enough she then wrapped her arms around me and rocked me back and forth saying, how much she loved me and how I was her baby boy. Bella stood there with a huge smile on her face and I swear she was ready to break out in laughter over it, but maybe she was just happy unlike the loons in the kitchen that were in total hysterics and singing Rock-a-Bye Baby. They were just jealous!

"You sure you don't want to eat US for dinner." Emma eyed me curiously.

"Yes, I'm absolutely positive."

"Would you like something to drink?" Melvin asked.

"Are you crazy? He might decide to drink us." I could tell Emma was panicking again and her heart rate was up.

"No, no I don't want to drink from friends. Thank you for the offer though." I said quickly, so that she won't faint again. Once of that was enough.

"Oh, sorry Edward, I just meant would you like to drink some grass juice?" Melvin offered again.

"That would be nice. I'd like to try it since I seem to be able to eat human food now. I guess I should be able to eat or drink animal food as well." I really wanted to taste all types of food now that I had the opportunity.

"Here you go then." Emma was very quick to bring me a glass of grass juice; but she was still scared I'd try to drink from them.

"Thank you." I took a tentative sip. It wasn't bad, but not as good as human food. I guess I didn't like animal food that much.

"It's very nice." I didn't want to hurt their feelings, so I lied. I quickly gulped it down like one would do with medicine.

"Now I really have to go back to my Bella, I'm going to take her out for lunch." That and I'm horny has hell. "I just wanted to stop by to see Melvin because I didn't get to say goodbye to him before he left this morning and to make sure he was coming for dinner."

"Okay, see you Friday." Emma finally gave me a smile, but she was still scared. However, she was very curious about us so she really did want to come for dinner. Wait until she meets Emmett that's going to be a shock.

"Good." I said and raced out the door to my lovely woman who was waiting on my horny ass. Maybe a little sexing can be our pre-lunch appetizer. Freaking hell, I've turned myself on and only one thing is going to quell the hard-on in my pants, my woman. Hope Charlie's not home.

Bella's POV

After the best night of my life, Edward dropped me off at home so Charlie wouldn't be suspicious. Esme was crazy over being able to cook for both of us and I thought it was so cute how she referred to him as her baby boy. She truly loved all of them, but it looks like Edward is her favorite.

"Hey dad."

"Hi Bells, have a nice night at the Cullen's?" More than you want or should know. No need for you to go on a rampage after Edward. I cringed at the thought of Charlie shooting Edward. Come to think of it, I don't think a bullet could really hurt Edward, but didn't want to find out.

"Yes, we had a lot of fun. Played a few video games, of course, Emmett won all of them. I think he designed them because no one can beat him. Alice suggested a movie and we all watched it." More like they watched the free porn show that Edward and I put on for them, but if that was the price I had to pay to get sex so be it, I'd do it all again in a heartbeat.

"What do you mean 'we'? I thought it was just you and Alice at the house?" Oops.

"It was at first, but then everyone came home. Esme made popcorn and cookies; it was a lot of fun." I could see him visibly relax when I said Esme. Truth was the only thing popped was my cherry last night!

"That's nice; she's a great mom to those kids. Some of the townsfolk need to take a page from her book." I heard him mumble 'like Newton.'

"I know and they really appreciate her and Carlisle. What time do you have to be at work?"

"I have to be there in an hour."

"Okay, that'll give me time to make something hot that you can take for lunch."

"You don't have to do that hun; I can grab a sandwich at the deli."

"Nonsense, I want to make sure you're eating right so I'm cooking you something. No arguments."

"No arguments here as you are an awesome cook. Why don't you invite Edward to dinner tonight and his brothers and sisters too?" Yeah, because that's always a good idea having Emmett at the dinner table. Even if he was human and could eat food, it still wouldn't be a good idea.

"I'll see if the other's can come, but I'm sure Edward would be delighted." I'm not sure how delighted he'll be, but at least he can eat without a problem and might as well take advantage of this opportunity.

I made my dad his favorite beef stew and wrapped it up for him to take with some bread. I also gave him some extra as I knew Mark would be there too and enjoyed when I'd send some for him.

I waved goodbye as he pulled out of the driveway and then headed upstairs. I unpacked my bag and hopped into the shower. As I cleaned myself up all I could think about was today's and last night's hottest showers I've ever had and that was because Edward was in them with me. Damn, these thoughts were making me horny and besides wasn't Edward supposed to be in here with me as he mentioned? Well since he's not, I think I need a little relief.

I quickly dried off and headed to my room wrapped in my towel. I pulled out the heated massage oil we nabbed from his parents bathroom and opened it. I wanted to know what is smelled like and thought it a good idea to read the directions. It had a nice woodsy aroma and I noted the warning to keep it away from your genitals. Well, no problem there for me as I only wanted something big and cold. I snapped it closed and grabbed my trusty rabbit from my drawer. Don't look at me that way, I needed it because the man was not putting out and I was ready to combust.

Dropping my towel on the floor, I hopped up on the bed and positioned myself in the middle, propping a pillow under my head and pulling my legs up and spreading them wide. I switched on the rabbit and started to run it over my breasts and then down to my folds. The sensation was wonderful, but the cold was missing. I decided to run down and grab a few ice cubes from the fridge. Once I settled myself down again I turned the speed up on the rabbit and rubbed it harder up and down then circling my clit touching the ice slightly as I went. I was starting to feel good and my eyes slid closed and I moaned. I then heard another moan, however, that wasn't from me. My eyes shot open to find Edward standing there palming himself and moaning.

"Oh babe, couldn't wait for me?" He grinned.

"Uh…mmm, no I was seriously a horny mess. You're not mad?"

"Not at all, I want to watch, continue." He dropped his shirt to the floor and once again he palmed himself which made me moan and move the rabbit over me.

"Fuck, you're gorgeous." He said.

"I need to see you, take your cock out."

"Shit! You didn't just say that." His pants hit the floor and I moaned a 'fuck' out when I realized he was going commando.

"Wrap your hand around yourself, pretend it's me and stroke your cock as I would." He did as I asked and started stroking in time to my movements and before long we were both falling over the edge.

"Fuck Edward, I'm going to cum, cum with me Edward."

"Shit Bella, so good, I'm cumming." Before I came down from my high Edward was at my side pulling me into his arms and kissing me deeply.

"Oh god Edward, that was hot!"

"You have no idea love, but as hot as that was, I still prefer your hot hand or lips on my cock or to be buried balls deep inside you." I couldn't help but shiver at his declaration.

"And I prefer your cold hard cock inside me. This warm thing is a poor substitute." I smiled and reached down between us to rub my man's icicle.

"Ah hell, I love you babe and my icicle needs a little warming." He laughed as he flipped me over and slid his icicle into me. I wrapped my legs around him pulling him into me. I wanted to feel as much skin on skin as I could.

"Fuck, faster Edward…oh…yes…my…man…" I started moaning as he increased his speed and angled just right so it was hitting that special spot inside me. The man was a sex machine god and he didn't even know it. It didn't take long and I could feel the coil in me and I could feel the tenseness of Edward and knew he was there too.

"Cum with me Bella, I can feel you gripping my icicle and he's ready to blow his cubes. Cum." He reached down to pinch me and another orgasm ripped through me like lightening. I could feel the heat as his cool venom released inside me.

"Oh…yes...so good." He practically collapsed on me and I was more than happy to feel the weight of him on me.

"Wow, it gets better every time." He said and I laughed, but he was looking at me oddly.

"Well, you say that like it's a surprise. I thought with all the minds you've read over the years you'd know that it does. And before you start, I read about that on the internet." I know he tends to jump to conclusions, so best to head him off at the pass.

"You know me so well, but I tried not to listen to everyone. It became too much so I block them out." I guess I'd have done the same thing.

"So how much more time do we have before we go to lunch and then have to meet with Carlisle?" Lunch I was looking forward to, but the discussion with Carlisle, not so much.

"We have time for a few more things?" He wiggled his eyebrows at me, and then whispered in my ear. "Like maybe a blowjob?"

My eyes went wide in shock. Did he just say that out loud, on purpose? He actually wants one?

"Ummm…I guess that was rude and inappropriate." He blushed and I knew I needed to derail that train.

"Not at all. Edward Cullen, do not get yourself all worked up about inappropriateness when it comes to us having sex or wanting something sexual. We need to be honest and open about it so our relationship and sex life can grow." I firmly stated.

"So you're okay with it."

"I'm more than okay with it. In fact, I'm happy that you want me to do it because it shows me that you enjoyed it. I was a little worried I wouldn't be good and you'd hate it." I looked down, but he put his finger under my chin to bring it up to look into his eyes.

"Oh I enjoyed it, A LOT! You were beyond good." I was deliriously happy to hear that.

"I enjoyed doing it for you and it turned me on like you shouldn't know." I smiled.

"So we can?"

"Yes, but first I want to start with the heated massage oil. I've been dying to use it, so flip over on your front for me."

"You brought that with you?"

"Sure since I knew we'd never make the whole day without jumping on one another I thought we should have something here." That and I figured Esme wouldn't find it while cleaning up his room. That would be totally embarrassing.

He flipped over and I straddled his legs. I poured some oil into my hands and rubbed them together just like I read about before gliding them over his back and down his arms.

"How does it feel? Can you feel my hands? Should I do it harder?" I heard him moan as he shifted his hips on the bed making me shift across his legs.

"Love it feels divine and it's the perfect pressure. This heat is incredible, but not better than when you lay on me."

"I've always wanted to lay on you Edward; you just wouldn't allow it so I took what I could when we'd run anywhere."

"Is that why you were always insisting on trips into the woods?" He lifted his head to look at me and I squeezed his ass in response eliciting a purr.

"Absolutely." I wasn't ashamed to admit it. "I was happy to ride you any way possible." I smiled.


"Flip over babe." He flipped over and his icicle was standing tall dripping slightly. I put more oil on my hands, but before I started to massage his front, I licked that drip.

I moved up and down his arms before moving to that sculpted chest. I may have moaned out loud several times, but was being slightly drowned out by Edward's purrowling. Damn that was sexy as hell and to think I could make him do that!

I took a little extra time on his six-pack, and then moved along the happy trail to my promised land.

"This feels so good Bella; the heat is crazy combined with your heated hands." I smiled, but before I continued with his request, I remembered the directions and had to wipe my hands. I quickly hopped off the bed, grabbed the towel and hopped back on him settling in between his muscular legs. "Love?"

"The directions said to keep away from your genitals."

"Oh..." was all he got out as I ran my tongue up his shaft and twirled it around his tip.

"Holy Hell!" I felt empowered as I continued taking him deeper and deeper into my mouth and sucking harder on each upstroke. Edward was practically writhing on the bed and I could feel him twitching in my mouth.

"YES, love suck me, oh I love your hot lips on my cock, suck my cock harder." He yelled out and I decided it was now or never. I did as I read online, I breathed out my nose, relaxed my throat and moved down taking him all in and moaned as I fondled the boys. They really need a name.

"FUCK!" He screamed as he twitched and came. I slowly moved back up his cock and when I came to the tip licked my tongue right up the center slit and to my surprise he came again. I took all he gave me and kissed his tip before moving back to cuddle with my man who was panting like a race horse and fuck if he wasn't hung like one. A girls dream is all I have to say.

We lay there wrapped around one another for a while before we could manage to speak.

"So that was okay?" I asked.

"Okay, okay? Are you serious, that was way more than okay. I can't even begin to describe how wonderful, exhilarating, fantastic…."

"I get the idea, you enjoyed it immensely." I laughed.

"Yes, and now I think we need to shower before we go to lunch and then meet with Carlisle."

"So not looking forward to that discussion." I cringed at the thought of what could transpire during course of that little talk.

"Me either sweetheart, but it's not like we're going to be talking to Emmett. He just wants the basic information; the scientist in him can't help it." That was true, but still whose father sits down with their son and girlfriend to find out how having sex went and asks for details on how great it had been or what they did. I could just imagine doing that with Charlie. I'd end up having to throw myself over Edward to protect him. Definitely not a conversation for dad's.

"I know, but it's going to be mortifying."

"I agree. I never thought I would even have sex let alone have to talk about it with anyone."

"Well since we're talking, I have a question."

"Go ahead, you can ask me anything."

"Well you came twice in a matter of seconds. Was that quick recovery or something else? It kind of surprised me."

"I really have no idea. I guess we could ask Carlisle." I looked at him warily. "We don't have to tell him what we were doing if we phrase it right."

"Okay, that sounds better. So how about that shower?" I wriggled my eyebrows at him.

"Your good shower samaritan is at your service milady. I'm sorry I was derelict in my duties earlier, but coming upon you on the bed in such a state was so much better than the shower." He laughed.

"You're such a sweet talker Edward Cullen, now come on I'm hungry and I want to go to lunch so that later on this afternoon we can have some dessert." I wiggled my eyebrows at him.

"Is that so, but I'll be the one having dessert first this afternoon." He informed me and I couldn't wait.

I pulled him off the bed and we showered quickly, but not before having a quickie in the shower. We dressed and headed out to Port Angeles for lunch. I was so excited that we were having a normal lunch date, something I know he was looking forward to; he really wanted to have that human experience with me.

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