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Padme's comments

Obi Wan's comments

That's...that's...that's minus at least THIRTY POINTS! Right there. He broke my table! that really necessary? He'll probably find some way to fix it anyhow...

You just be grateful I'm not making it fifty! In fact, I am. He's loosing fifty points for this!

Holo Anakin looked around dubiously for a minute, as if not really sure what had happened, or rather, why he was on the floor.

Luke slowly came over to stare in shock at his father, who was surrounded by shattered remains.

"The caff killed it." He said in awe, eyes wide.

"Mommy is going to be sooo mad!" added Leia.

Mommy IS mad!

"Luke, what are you doing on the ground? I thought the floor was lava!" Anakin clearly was trying to redirect his children's thoughts. With Luke, it worked. He smiled proudly.

"I'm wearing my lava boots*!" Luke patted his thighs for added emphasis.

"How come I didn't get lava boots?" Anakin pouted.

Little Leia rolled her eyes, "Because you're Daddy. You can float yourself around."

Anakin face palmed.

"What do we do, Daddy." Both twins abandoned their game and stared at what used to be the caff table. Anakin slowly rose, looked down, and groaned.

"Padme is going to KILL me!"

I've already planned your funeral, my friend. Even I cannot save you.

Geez, why are you guys being so dramatic? I'm not that terrifying.

...right. Not at all.

Luke stretched out a little hand toward the ruin, only to be snatched up by his father.

"Lukie! Don't touch the shards you could get a metal splinter, or worse, you could cut yourself!"

Leia on the other hand had run passed her father and was lying down where Anakin had been just moments before. She giggled.

"Look Dad! You made a bed!" She settled down, comfortably leaning on the slanted left slab of the broken table.

"LEIA! Get out of there before you get hurt!" Letting his son's shoulders go, Anakin swooped down and caught Leia up in his arms.

Then the doorbell rang.

"WHAT ELSE COULD GO WRONG!" Anakin yelled to the ceiling, dramatically.

This isn't an overreaction at all

Well it is ANAKIN...

"I'll get it!" Luke happily chirped and ran over to activate the door. On the opposite side stood his worst nightmare.

"Young Skywalker. I need to speak to your father on important Council business. Would you please go get him?"

Master Windu towered over the tiny blonde boy, his big booming voice demanded absolute obediance. It intimidated Luke to no end. It absolutely terrified him.

Leia however, was not intimidated in the least.

"MACE!" she happily leapt out of Anakin's arms and landed clumsily on the floor with a loud thump. Anakin winced in sympathy, but Leia simply got up and ran over to embrace her 'giant' friend's leg.

"Leia, I told you to call me Master Windu." The voice held the same commanding tone as it had earilier, in fact Luke hid behind his father's leg, but it had absolutely no effect on Leia.

"Okay, Mace! Did you bring me any cookies?"

"Ugh, no Leia. I NEVER have cookies, what gave you that idea." Mace gave Leia an obvious I-told-you-never-to-bring-that-up-in-public glare as he stooped to pick the little girl up.

"Oh right, you have candy-I mean, no you never give me sweets." Leia looked at her father hopefully.

"That's okay, Leia. Master Windu isn't known for sweet. But I just bought lots of cookies, so there's no worries there."

He didn't catch on, did he?

Doesn't look like it.

Both gave a sigh of relief. Anakin moved on to other subjects.

"Mace, I'm so glad you're here! I need you to-"

"I didn't stop by for pleasantries, Skywalker," Master Windu cut him off whilst trying not to cuddle the little girl in his arms too obviously, "I wanted to..."

"There's no time for pleasantries. I completely agree! I need you to help-"

"Skywalker!" Mace set Leia down and took out three datapads he'd been keeping in his purs-er-satchel, "These are the debates that are going to be discussed during the next Council meeting, I need you to look ove-"

"There's no time for that now!" Anakin exclaimed, batting the datapads away from a surprised Windu's hand. They crashed onto the floor.

He would never have gotten away with that four years ago.

Perhaps we could give him 5 points for bravery?

He deserves it, I think.

"Please, I need a favor!"

Mace looked at Anakin, then at the broken caff table, then back at Anakin.

"You need me to go out and buy a table exactly like your old one, don't you."


"How did you even break your table in the first place?"

"Hey! Why do you immediately assume I broke it?"

Never mind the fact that he did indeed break it.

Master Windu looked down at Luke, who was peaking out at him from behind his father's leg. One little thumb was stuck in his mouth and Luke's blue eyes were wide with innocense. Leia was currently fixing him with the classic I'm-too-adorable-to-have-done-anything-wrong stare.

"You definately did it. And I did not come here to play delivery boy."

"But I need you! Padme will make me sleep on the couch!"

That's not so bad, this couch is actually very comfortable. I've slept on it for the past four Life Days.

And you will spend this Life Day making us breakfast

This is a minor setback, Padme. Don't get your hopes up.

"Your marital disputes are none of my concern."

Anakin decided to change tactics. He bent down and picked Leia up.

"How could you say 'no' to this face?" Leia pouted quite prettily. She was complimented by Anakin who was giving Master Windu the same face, but wasn't pulling it off nearly as well. In fact, he looked ridiculous. Luke peaked out from behind Anakin's leg and stared up at Master Windu imploringly, one little thumb still stuck in his mouth.

Master Windu's hard exterior was washed away on a wave of Skywalker charm. He sighed.

"What kind of table is it?"

Luke and Anakin joyfully ran over to check.

"I think it's Fine Corescanti Tables and Chairs Inc. Should be a classic make, and cost about 95 credits."

Mace wasn't listening to him, he was currently leaning down and giving Leia something.

"And be sure to give this chocolate to your brother ok-what was that? Tables and Chairs Inc.? 95 credits? Fine. I expect to be paid back in full. Read those datapads! Bye."

Mace left.

It's so cute how he dotes on her like that.

Don't put the word "cute" and Mace together in one sentence, Padme. It's disturbing.

"Bye-bye, Master Windu." Luke whispered to the retreating Jedi. Anakin patted Luke on the head sympathetically.

"I was intimidated by him when I was little too, Luke. He's not the easiest person to get close to. There's a wall there.**"

Leia rolled her eyes, "I don't see what you're so scared about. Mace is nice! You're just a scaredy-baby."

"I am not!" replied Luke.

And the ever faithful, "am not!" "are to!" arguement started.

Anakin was too busy cleaning up his mess to notice. However, before the fight could esculate to dangerous levels, the doorbell sounded again.

The Skywalkers suddenly remembered the food they'd ordered from Dex.


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