AN: These are Real characters from the server Gerrant. And YES its Alexs with an "s"

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The air blew cold mystic air as I passed down the road. Most of the people playing in the arena had left to hide from the rain that crept from the clouds ,but not Alexs.

Her silver hair clung to her face as she calmly walked along the area leading to the Arena doors ,Her sight set on doing something that wasn't utterly boring. White Cupid wings Graced her back along with her short red skirt and emerald boots with gloves. She looked through the list of matched hanging on the board to find a suitable one that would satisfy her urges to cure incessant boredom. Taken by surprise she saw one that fit nicely, it was a protect match with exactly 15 people in it more than she would have expected on such a rainy day.

Tapping the piece of paper that held the room Information she was instantly transported into the match only to see that her team wasn't as Good as she would have liked them to be. The score was 1 to 2 and she knew there had to be a way to turn the match around and quickly. First she surveyed the area in which the match was taking place at and noticed instantly as the Valley of the mist. This made things increasingly easy for her simply because of her acrobat status. As the round started anew the silver haired elf took note to all of her team mates and mentally tried to remember each one.

"Two elementals, One priest, A paladin, also a swordsman, a sharpshooter, And one mystic" She mentally repeated.

Not Doubt a pretty diverse team , but…How was it they were losing? The other team was clearly on the move now they wasted no time getting to the base of the cliff and preparing to attack the more feeble team. All of Alexs' team members rushed off into battle including the captain which was a horrible idea.

She quickly climbed the slope the opposite way and across the long rope bridge trying to avoid being spotted. Her sights set on the other teams captain a paladin with brown hair accompanied by no one at all which made for an easy snipe even if she was an acrobat she still had long-ranged attacks.

Hiding in the bushes at the end of the bridge Alexs aimed her bow right at the paladin humbly sitting on the grass with a cocky smile plastered to his face.

"Tch these paladins are always so sure of themselves I'll make sure to Crack that turtle wide open" Alexs said to no one in particular

Taking one quick look behind her she saw her team was becoming horribly overwhelmed. Quickly! She let the arrow fly and it hit its target dead on sending him flying backwards howling in pain while holding his right eye. With the speed that acrobats were blessed with she flipped down the sloped and sent 7 more arrow into the paladin while he lay on the ground. Countering, the paladin got up and bashed Alexs back causing her to flip away. She stared at the paladin for a moment before hearing a shrill scream erupt from below the cliff side and that was her que to hurry up!

However she didn't notice the two lone figures watching her from the distance.

She ran up to the paladin and readied her cyclone kick. The first kick landed than the second than third until he was being spiraled in the air and dropped rag-doll like to the ground only to be shot in the stomach with an arrow instantly defeating him. This earned her team a point and she smiled knowing she was able to help them.

The next round came and she wasn't as lucky as she would have wished to be after-all., Being captain is a heavy burden. Her team looked at her with expecting eyes and she sighed before analyzing the battle field once more before coming up with a great idea. The Young Elf Instantly Began Shouting out orders to her team, It was almost comical to see her team member flinch over such a tiny thing.


The swordsman shrank down and looked away and the mystic sat on the edge reading a book.

"Swordsman use the upper slope there and become a distraction since you are the fastest among our team.

MYSTIC! I want you to come with me. There's an area off to the side that's perfect for sniping there captain Any questions? Alright lets go" The teams took there rightful places and the young elf and the mystic followed the little area off to the side

Reaching the other side of the clearing what she saw Shocked her and she had to take a second look to make sure her vision was correct . A lone figure stood in the distance leaning against a particularly giant great sword His hair blue and seemed to shine as the rain danced off the edges. The figure turned to face the two and smiled a sadistic grin before snapping his finger in the air.

Another dropped down behind them seeming to look like an exact look-alike of the other, But he resembled a more sinister aura about him making it seem as if just staring at him would kill her.

Caught up in her thoughts of how to proceed a sharp inhale followed by a muffled scream sounded beside her and knocked her out of her trance. The black-haired swordsman had cruelly impaled the mystic that had accompanied her in almost an instant without her evening noticing. Both these swordsman frightened her.

"no…no stay back!" She said while backing up backwards and into the blue haired swordsman wearing red and black attire which accentuated his build.

It was impossible! Alexs thought it was like he was a shadow of the blade itself how was he able to move that fast without her detecting it ,and to top it all off she backed up into another threat.

"W..who are you and how were you able to move that fast….!" she stammered.

The blue haired swordsman laughed and proceeded to grab his sword from the ground.

"Well I think its appropriate to tell you before you are brutally beaten I'm Sengoku and my friend over there….Is the shadow of the blade itself Hence his name Shadow". The man named Sengoku said

"We come from a well known guild, but that's enough of that its about time our blades are etched into your very being" He finished.

Alexs was quickly pushed away from Sengoku as he readied his Sword both were on either side of Her and looking at her team she knew that getting help wasn't an option and soon her face would most likely meet the dirt. Shadow charged First and stopped just short enough to dig his sword in the ground and thrust upward Creating a wave of swords slashing upward. She tumbled backwards trying to get as far from the wave of slashes and was caught off guard by the same move only done by Sengoku instead. Catching her in this trap she felt the stabbing pain as all the slashes hit her dead on including two horizontal slashes hitting her mid air and knocking her to the ground unceremoniously.

Through her pained eyes she saw a potential escape route that led away from the small clearing. It was a short bridge that would lead to enemy territory but because of the distraction from earlier no one was there which made it perfect. She crawled over to the bridge hoping to make it before the dust settled and she was noticed again by the two swordsmen. She felt each and every muscle pain her as she moved her limp and bleeding body to the bridge crawling at her best until she reached halfway across the bridge.

"Going somewhere?" a familiar voice said.

Alexs turned around only to witness being stabbed in the leg. She howled in pure agony and tears met her eyes as she tried desperately to get away from the blue-haired swordsman.

"Goodbye elf"

As he was about to deliver the Final blow a relic flew down from the sky and knocked Sengoku backwards. It shot Lightning in all directions and didn't seem to want to relent at all. The priest From my team had intervened somehow noticing Alexs's plight and coming to help. He healed her wounds to keep her from bleeding everywhere and picked her up.

The announcer soon announced Victory for our team. Sengoku shot an angry glare at Alexs silently promising to End her the next time they met. She sweated a little considering that possible idea that Sengoku's glares could kill a person. Soon they were transported back to the lobby Alexs held noticeable wounds from head to toe and sat next to the fountain peering up at the sky…..

If we meet again….