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Chapter 2: Him again!

Sitting by the fountain as always Alexs looked into the sky recalling memories from that battle a week ago. She grimaced and looked back at her leg seeing the mark from the wound that she silently wished could have just gone away. Being defeated in the game could prevent these wounds ,but she knew it would have been all in vain If she just gave up in the end. She decided to think about things other than the Arena like the fact that she still wasn't in a guild.

"Wouldn't a Guild be a waste of time….yet there are friendly faces…..couldn't be so bad" She thought to herself.

She surveyed other people about their guilds and tallied up the amount of people in each guild she encounter. Alexs wanted a guild that was friendly but still had a competitive feeling to them. After tallying up the guilds that she encountered she saw that number 1 was a guild named Project X. The silver-haired elf recalled hearing about this certain guild numerous times although she always ignored it she never really cared about who she fought as long as they weren't a wuss.

Walking over to the guild board, Alexs skimmed over all the available guilds until she found the one she was looking for and it almost gave her a heart-attack at how many people accompanied this guild.

Reading to herself she read off the information a bit of excitement in her voice.

"Project X a well-known and helpful guild to all, Daily Events are held including Matches if you are interested please consult our guild leader Macky if your not interested than it is your loss!"

Alexs began to imagine all of the matches and people she would meet and surely it would be something to remember. A hand touched her shoulder and she instantly Jumped out of fright forgetting all about her Daydream.

"I couldn't Help but overhear you as I was passing by It seemed almost perfect to invite you into the guild since you sounded THAT excited heh" A calm voice said from behind.

Alexs Turned and saw the guild leader himself standing there looking a bit tired yet he seemed like he was used to his fatigued nature. His hair was short and white like most priest she encountered with one bandage plastered on his face.

"Yes I was looking at your guild It seems like a very fun one to join That is if your taking any new members…..?"

The white haired Priest paused before answering the question.

"We currently were not but…..I'll Give you a deal. There will be a test to enter the guild Basically I'll choose 2 people and You and I will fight them. Your goal is to get at least one win with me on your team against these impossible people. If you do Your in If not than ill send you on your way."

Alexs nodded trying to keep the dumbstruck smile from crossing her lips. She thought over the test over and over again it sounded like a lot of fun just to do the test, although who would be the two she and him would fight.

"Alright than since you agree ill see you 9pm tomorrow It is in your best interest to get ready the two competitors will be going all out don't disappoint me." Macky said while walking away.

Alexs took his words to heart and began to get ready immediately.

Sengoku and SwordShadow I believe you two are good enough fighters to help me test our new recruit. Ill need you to be here at 9pm your opponent in an Acrobat by the name of Alexs. Judging by the scar on her leg I believe you already met her so I advise you to come. This is directed towards Sengoku, DO NOT KILL our recruit like you have done numerous times, The goddess knows I cannot be doing all of this Burials for poor adventures You can leave her at an inch of her life but DO NOT kill her or me for that matter:

Your Guild master


Sengoku sighed after reading the note. Another recruit being introduced into the guild and he had to test them along with Macky. Sadly he didn't Feel like going through the trouble of watching another recruit fail miserably. Rereading the note he paused on the line "judging by the scar on her leg I believe you've already met her" A smile Crept its way onto his lips and Yet again he found himself in a much better mood.

"Shadow Wake your ass up! We have a interesting recruit to test tomorrow" Sengoku said while throwing a nearby apple at Shadow's head.

Groaning he got up and glared at Sengoku before plopping his head back on the pillow cuddling his sword without cutting himself.

"What makes this recruit any different from the other lame ones…."Shadow scoffed.

Sengoku smiled to himself and held his sword in his hand cleaning the blade of the most recent opponents blood.

"Remember that Captain a week ago That managed to Get away From us? The Acrobat."

Shadow's Eyes popped open upon hearing the Suggestion. He slowly turned around so that he was facing Sengoku instead of the wall his bed faced.

"That Girl from the protect match is joining Project X?" Shadow muttered

"She will be if she can Get both of us killed with the aid of Macky, If not than she will not be joining plus there is only 2 rounds in the Lost temple it would be a miracle for her to pull off one win." the blue-haired swordsman said while twirling his Sword.

"Don't screw up alright I can't kill her But I can beat this crap out of her. Ill leave Macky to you Shadow make sure to take him out of commission."

"You don't have to tell me Sengoku plus I already know you have a strong Distaste in Acrobats It won't take long at all for this battle." Shadow said.

Sengoku left out of the Door to his house and into the pouring rain. Shadow remained in bed still abesentmindly cuddling his sword.

Looks like we are meeting after-all…

9pm it was Dark and worst of all it was raining non-stop why couldn't the rain stop .

"Why couldn't the stupid rain stop while I was doing my test I can barely see past my own nose and its cold and wet!" Alexs Whined.

Macky laughed at her plight and gave her a pat on the shoulder. The other team hadn't yet arrived and she was anxious.

"When are they coming?" she questioned

No sooner did she ask A sword came flying right past her head and imbedded itself into the wall next to her. She tensed up and slowly turned her head to inspect the blade. It was all to familiar to her and she Tried her best to push the thought into the back of her head.

"This isn't his blade I'm Just thinking it is….there is no way it could be him."

She looked at the red Blade slowly backing away from it than she turned her head to where it came from.

That same Silhouette came into the view and she seriously began considering her options. Than she remember what he said.

"We are from a Widely known guild," This guild was Widely known Could it be this one!

A second silhouette appeared from the rainy area this one looking similar to the first. The two finally stepped out of the rain and into the area dripping wet.

Alexs blood ran cold as she looked at the two she seriously contemplated flipping over both and running out of the arena but she was no wuss.

"Oh would you look at that my suspicions were correct looks like I get to have some fun after-all" The man known as Sengoku said.

Alexs stayed silent and looked at the ground she stayed like that for a moment clenching her bow and shaking involuntarily. A hand calmly grabbed her chin and raised it. She was faced to face with Sengoku, She gave her best defiant look towards him to show that she wasn't afraid.

"You can drop the tough act I saw how much You fidgeted when I threw my sword in here .Ha you looked so distraught and conflicted I couldn't help but smile" Sengoku said while dropping his hand to his side and walking over to retrieve his sword lodged into the wall.

"Macky im ready when you are to start this"

Both teams paired up Sengoku against Alex and Shadow Against Macky. They Walked out into the rain Alex fidgeted with her bow string feeling the gaze of her opponent on her. She quickly Stopped walking when they got to the bridge.

"ready…"Alexs muttered

They both began, Alex readied her bow and took aim She wasn't going to lose this match without putting up a fight since first impressions were always the best she would be damn sure he would remember the arrow marks she gave him.

Sengoku charged rising in the air and came down onto her shoulder. Alex staggered backward quickly seeing that the threat was charging towards her Fast. She fire off 2 arrows that instantly stopped Sengoku from approaching any further this gave her time to kick him backwards and flip away towards safer distances.

"You're an Acrobat right? Fight like one my sword won't Hurt that much Its just gonna be a little cut" Sengoku Teased

Not Wanting to back down to the challenge Alex spiraled up to Sengoku and landed on the ground. The second she touched down she was forcefully grabbed by the throat and slammed against the wall. The Silver haired elf looked around franticly trying to get some air. The last place she looked was her at the opponents face. His Drenched hair covered up most of his eyes but obvious irritation could still be seen in them. Alex looked away a bit taken aback by his pretty features a prominent blush appearing on her face

"C'mon Alex this isn't the time to be enjoying your enemy's appearance!" she thought to herself

Glancing towards Macky's Direction she saw that he was coming to her aid. Shadow was lying on the ground in a daze obviously shocked by huge amounts of lightning. Sengoku didn't see Macky charging at him with wand in hand and Alexs had to try her best not to smile or glance at Macky. As If reading her mind Sengoku smirked to himself. Macky Jumped in the Air with the full intent of bashing his guild mate in the head with a wand, Sengoku let go of Alexs and Swiftly turned around dashing two steps before stabbing Macky through the chest on the spot.

The white haired priest's expression contorted in pain and surprised at the same time. He dropped his wand and slumped. Sengoku unsheathed his now scarlet red sword from the priest and watched as he lifelessly dropped onto the ground.

"Is he….dead? That can't be possible this is an arena match How!" Alexs was in shocked never in all her time Battling in matches did she ever see so much blood it made her feel ill.

"No He isn't he is just badly injured. If I wanted to kill him in a arena match all it would take is a decapitation or maybe impaled in the heart." Sengoku muttered.

Turning towards the still shocked acrobat he took this chance to catch her off guard. He quickly brought his sword down upon her Bow breaking it effortlessly. She flipped away from the blue-haired killer and silently grabbed an arrow from her quiver. No other weapon and all she needed to do was get him to give up. He had already been injured multiple times maybe if she could pounce on him and knock him to the ground that an arrow in the neck would get this horrible battle to end plus the iron smell of blood began to shake her since the smell was rather horrible to her .

She ran up to Sengoku With the full intent to end this battle only to be knocked effortlessly back with the side of the sword. Flipping multiple times in the air she descended upon him with the arrow in hand.

Yet Again knocked effortlessly to the side like a rag doll only this time she hit concrete. A small distance away Sengoku charged up some sort of attack and in an instant he was gone. A breeze flew by and a cut formed on her cheek she slowly turned around to see Her opponent standing behind her charging up yet another attack.

"What th…."

Alexs was soon sent flying across the temple grounds and hitting the dirt right next to Macky. She just laid there her eyes felt heavy and her mind lapsed Trying to replay what just happened it was all to fast for her.

The all to familiar walked up to her casually a small bit of guilt in his eyes but it was hard to tell with the rain. Sengoku kneeled down and held the hilt of his sword he than swiftly hit it on Alexs which instantly knocked her out cold

"Looking at these two I doubt either one of them will be up again anytime soon although…This acrobat did fight pretty well I suppose maybe a bit of work but in the end she deserved some reward for taking a beating like that hmm…"Sengoku thought to himself

He couldn't believe he was feeling nice towards this acrobat in the first place but he swallowed his pride picked her up. Slinging her over his shoulder he grabbed Macky and Shadow with his other hand and began to drag them out of the arena. People stopped what they were doing and stared at the man walking through the arena and towards the infirmary.

Sighing he ignored the odd glares people gave him and shook his head.

"Your lucky im feeling generous welcome to the guild Acrobat" Sengoku whispered to himself.

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