Austin has just found his intreats to Ally,but has no idea how to tell goes to get his advice from Dez,big tells Trish how she feels about Austin and,Trish goes and tells Dez when he goes to tell this is happening Tish and Dez tell Austin and Ally how the feel about each other."Trish what's going on im mean really you and Dez I thought you didn't like him.I thought you wouldn't date him how,what,Im going to talk to Austin you stay here."

"Wait Ally before you go um I want to,well oh boy Ally Dawson will you be my girlfriend?"As soon as I heard Austin say this I turned around and said "What REALLY?I mean ARE YOU SERIOUS! yeah of course i would LOVE that!Wait are you lying to me,when you thought I liked you the first time you freaked out so what game are you playing this time?Please I'd LOVE to know.""Well I did like you before like this but I freaked out because I was sorry Ally but can we be together now?"

"Yeah that wasn't about you but a few days after that,I got over Dallas and did like you but I didn't want you to freak out on me and weird out our friendship.""So is that a yes?""Of course it is Austin."Austin kissed me on the cheek grabbed my hand and we went to find Dez to figure out the situation with we were leaving I heard Trish call out,"you guys are so cute together!"

"Hey Austin,WOW what are to doing did you just kiss Ally's cheek whats gotten into you?"'Well first,I want you to say hi to my new girlfriend Ally,next Trish likes you like you like her so yeah you should go and talk to her and we can be happy together you and Trish,me and Ally,right?"

"Yeah I guess but what if Trish says no the n I will feel so stupid.""Just go