filling a notebook with them, so i decided to make a giant chapter fic of ghiralink prompt drabbles. chapters are unrelated, most will be hints of ghiralink/fluff. i'll try to update at least once a day, though no one is even gonna like theseXD just a note, in most of these, it will be post-game, with demise dead and ghirahim having been seperated from his sword and free, so that will proabably clear that up.

"Yes, master." Both males froze, Ghirahim's eyes widening and a dark red tint settling over the other's face. The elder's mind broke out in a frantic mess, chastising him. He hadn't meant to say that, it had really just slipped out along with his affirmative. He was quick to speak up again, "I-I'm sorry, I didn't mean-" Link just stared at him, lips parted in a small 'o'.

The thing was, even with the demon's apologizing and denying, he didn't mean a word of any of it. No, he hadn't meant to let that out, hadn't even been thinking about it, but it had come out almost second-naturedly. And – it had felt…right.

With Demise's death, Ghirahim was granted freedom and a sense of loss. He hadn't felt like himself, and he hadn't known what to do with himself. He had been so used to just following orders and not having a mind of his own. When Link had found him wandering about near the Flora Waterfall, the emptiness faded just a bit. Being around the hero felt familiar and reassuring, so he stayed with him.

Taking a step back, he lowered his head, readying to explain himself. The blonde was still for another moment before walking closer, touching his hand to Ghirahim's arm. The elder looked up to meet his steady gaze. Link was smiling.

In a soft voice, he told him, "I don't mind. Fi used to call me that." With his other hand, he reached behind him to touch his sheathed sword.

Ghirahim was surprised. "I see. You – you don't care then?"

Link shrugged, nicely pointing out, "It's in your nature." They resumed walking, the green-clad teen much closer to his side than before.

Maybe he wouldn't feel so lost anymore.