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A/N: Set around late 2000/early 2001. So, season 2 Angel and SPN pre-series. Should Lilah and Lindsey be working so closely during this time? Probably not. Just go with me.

The ding of the elevator was as welcoming and chipper as Lilah Morgan's crooked grin. Her high heels clicked against the floor, and the sound alone seemed to force the few suited underlings remaining in the car to slip out onto the wrong floor, leaving her alone with Lindsey McDonald. From the corner of his eye, Lindsey watched her enter, giving the folder in her hand only a passing glance, as if it were no more interesting than their reflection across the metal doors.

As soon as they were alone, Lilah made a show of nodding at the folder in Lindsey's hands. It was almost a clone of her own, equally thick with documents, equally unrevealing of the secrets contained within.

A moment of silence from one floor to the next was all that was allowed.

"I've never been asked to recommend a scholarship, have you?" she asked, false humility in her voice. The still present smile on her face was sign enough that she expected the other lawyer to take the bait.

"Can't say that I have," Lindsey replied. "Of course, you already know that."

Another floor passed.

"If you want to know who I chose, you should just ask," Lindsey said. The smile seemed to slide from her face and onto his, as if it couldn't exist in two places at once. "I'm more than willing to share. Especially since the meeting is in seven minutes, and you don't have time to steal my candidate out from under me."

The first sign of nervousness passed over Lilah's demeanor. "I happen to like my own candidate. Old money, overly ambitious, and plenty willing to shed a little blood for a decent grade. I think the president will agree that she's a perfect contender." But she didn't deny that pulling Lindsey's suggested candidate out from under him would have been satisfying. "Fine," she relented, "tell me who you chose."

"Samuel Winchester."

The name seemed to echo in the tiny compartment. Lilah chuckled, shooting Lindsey a glance.

"You seriously expect anyone will go with the Winchester boy? He's blood bound." Lilah smirked. "You're going to make a fool of yourself at the presentation."

Lindsey's grin widened. "You mean because he's already been claimed by one of our more temperamental associates? What if I were to tell you that I've already worked out an agreement with Mr. Azazel insuring that one of his people will constantly be guiding young Sam as he works on his law degree?"

Lilah's disbelieving gaze narrowed on the file in his hands. "You contacted the Azazel over a scholarship?"

"Couldn't have worked out more perfectly, really." Lindsey cocked his head in memory. "Sammy is ready to separate from his overbearing family, and he's chosen a degree in pre-law. He's applying to Stanford." This, the thought of his own recruit most likely working at the LA branch, brought a chuckle from his lips. "With his scores and his sad financial state, the university will be offering him a scholarship. We'll be offering him a better one. When my bid wins the proposal, of course." He paused. "Why, I think being the one to suggest we take part in corrupting the 'boy king' might work to my benefit, don't you?"

The elevator dinged again, the doors sliding open. Lilah stomped out, tossing her own file in the garbage as she passed. Lindsey followed, a brow raised, his smile set.

"Don't you just love molding the leaders of tomorrow?"

"Shut up, Lindsey."