Chapter 16

Lucy's POV

That had to be the worse night of my life. I had to get up so many times to pee or to be sick. I must say, Nick is the best - even if I'm biased. He woke every time, when I needed to puke he come running to the bathroom to hold back my hair and to rub my back. If it was me I would of just stay in bed sleeping. When I woke up I saw that Nick was still asleep and shouldn't be up for another hour. I put on my dressing grown on my way out of the room and went down stairs to the lounge room to put on a movie.

When I look though the DVD stacks I pick a movie I never seen before but I always wanted to watch it Hunger Games. Just after when Katiness volunteers for her little sister for the games my tummy rumbles. So off to the kitchen I go to get food. I get my stash of candy and chocolates. I ate some gummy bears, Mars bar and nerds. Then I ate some left over pizza, but I was still hungry, so I went to the blood fringe and got a stainless steal bottle of blood. As soon as I could smell the blood, I knew that what my body was craving for. I drank it 2 seconds flat. I got another bottle out so I would drink it when I was finishing the movie. I then heard something behind me so I turn around and kick as hard as I could up wards.


'Sorry Quinn,' I said to Quinn who was on the floor holding his um balls. 'I thought you were some mad person trying to kill me.' Don't ask me why it was happening or why I couldn't stop, but I just fall to the ground and started crying.

'I'm sorry Quinn. I was just so scared.' I was saying other things, but I didn't even know what I was saying.

'Lucy stop crying please. It okay, it not your fault, please stop Nick going to kill me.' I heard Quinn saying. 'I didn't do anything I swear, she just started crying.'

Someone –I'm assuming Nick- picks me up and places me in his lap. 'Lucy, baby, it okay. Stop crying. It okay, it was his own fault, not yours. Stop crying please.' I heard Nick whispering in my ear while rubbing my back.

After a while I stop crying 'I'm'-sob- 'sorry' –sob- 'I was' –sob- 'scared for' –sob- 'the baby and mine life'-sob.

'Oh Lucy, you and the baby are safe here nothing going to hurt either of you guys, especially when I'm here. I'm sure everyone in this house will product you two. I love you.'

'I love you too' I lifted my head so I could reach his lips with mine.

'Hey break it up. It way too early to see that.' Quinn said.

'Well you knew what was going on in here. You could hear Lucky heart race so you must have wanted to see 'that'' Nick said.

'First Quinn eww, Second Nicky shut up, if you had a heartbeat im sure it be beat twice as fast as mind was and third I'm off to watch the rest of my movie.' I got up and pick up my bottle with blood in it. When I sat down on the couch I heard quinn said 'OWW, what was that for?'

'That was for scaring Lucy.'

'So not mine fault, I was just walking in the kitchen to get some blood. Not mine fault that vampire's walk quietly.'

'Next time talk or make some sort of noise when walking around Lucy.'

'Dude, one word that describe you right now and that it whipped'

'I know, both of them got me wrap around their little fingers.' Nick said and the next second he was there on the couch next to mine feet. 'So what movie are we watching?'

'I'm watching the Hunger Games and you are going back to bed, you were up all night-day-whatever you want to call it.'

'im fine really, you got the same amount that I got, plus I want to watch a movie with my soon to be wife.' He said before pushing the play button. We were laying head to tails and I knew when he fell asleep because he stop massaging my feet.

'Nicky?' I said and I got no reply. He didn't even last 10 minutes.

I must have fallen asleep during the movie. I open mines eyes to see Nick face above me, 'You can't say 'I told you so' because you fell asleep as well. deal?'

'Deal. This is why I love you' I smile and kissed him.

'I like to think mine good looks and good kissing skills are part of the reason.' He said breaking the kiss but not moving far from my face.

'You miss two' I said with my cheeky smile on my face.

'oh and what was that?'

I whisper, 'your skills in the bedroom and your tongue skills.' I move my face back so I could see his face. Nick kisses me hard and forces my mouth open –well I didn't up much of a fright—and our tongues fought, Nick won of course. Without breaking the kiss, nick pick me up bridal style and took me to his room. When he place me on the bed, I remember we are not alone. 'Nick stop please.' I tried saying


'Your family-'

'-Is not here.'

'O thank god.' And we pick off where we started.

3 months later (AN Lucy around 4 months pregnant)

I woke up to a pain in the stomach. I felt like someone was stabbing me over and over again. I was holding my stomach; I sort of rolled up in a ball now.

I scream 'NICHOLAS!'

'What is it, luck-? WHAT WRONG? MUM! DAD! SOMEONE CALL AN AMBLANCE,' Nick was kneeing next to the bed now, 'Lucy baby tell me what wrong?'

Solange – I think—come in and said 'they are on the way. I got some blood maybe this will help.' I felt someone lifting me up and placing a bottle near my face as soon as I smelt I drank down the whole cup and someone made me drink a cup of water after that. I'm amusing to get rid of the blood on my teeth and the smell of it. They place me down after I sallow the water. The blood didn't help a bit, it anything it made me wants to be sick

Next thing I know someone come in and told nick to stand back so they can help us. By this stage I was crying. I'm crying for the pain and for the fear of my baby health. I black out soon after from the pain.

I woke up in a dark white room with the bare minute of light that is coming thought the gaps of the window and blinds. I turn my head because I felt a hand holding mine hand, I see Nicholas head resting on the edge of the bed when sitting in one of those really uncomfortable chairs that you can't seem to be able to get comfy on it.

I felt something squeeze my hand and I squeeze back. 'Lucy?'

'Hey Nicky,' I whisper in a husky as I turn my head around I saw nick's face. He had bags under his eyes; it looks like he hasn't sleep in days, he had a small smile on his face from what I called him. 'Water.'

He got me water right away, he help lift my head up and held the cup to my mouth so I could drink. 'Better' he asks.


'Jesus Lucy you scary the crap out of me.'

'Im sorry. How many days was I out for? How the baby?'

'That okay. Just promise me you won't do it again. You were out for 3 days. The babies are fine. Just let me get the doctor, so he can explain.'

Wait did he say babies? After a couple of moments, Nick and a really hot young doctor come in. He had blue eyes that were never ending and brown hair, you could tell he work out, but he didn't come close with Nicky. I lost all train of thought.

'Good Afternoon Ms Lucky, how are you feeling? Any pain anywhere?'

'Please call me Lucy Dr-?'

'Sorry I'm Dr Summers, but you can call me Chris your doctor.'

'So doc, what happen?'

'Well, we are not 100% sure but your babies-'that remind me babies?


'Yes you're having twins, we can find out the sex if you like?'

I look up at Nick we both talked about it and decided that we want to wait to find out what sex the baby – well babies now. 'Nah, we want to wait,'

'Yep that fine. Well your babies are normal size for 4 months old normal they are smaller than a baby that is alone.'

'Isn't that good?' I asked.

'Of course it is, I hope I didn't worry you. We ran some tests and the results come back perfect. So we are assuming the babies were just searching and because they are bigger than your average twins your body haven't grown enough for the babies to move around.'

'Is there anything I can do?'

'No, it just that you might get more pain now, just take panadol (AN: it pain medicine here in AUS) for you to take when you have pain. I can't give you anything stronger because it might harm the babies. If you take some but the pain is still there after a while or it worsening come straight back here. I give you my private number so you can reach me in just you have any worries or questions. We just want to keep you here for a couple more days to keep an eye on you.'

'Sure, thanks,' Nick said taking the card nick was holding out.

'Chris, I have a couple of questions.'

'Go right ahead.'

'You look too young to be a doctor. How old are you?'

'Lucy, you cant ask those kind of questions. He meant ask questions about the babies.'

'It fine, I'm 24. I skip a few years of high school and the other one.'

'Is this your first case with a baby?'

'Yes, why do you ask?'

'No reason just wondering.'

'okay, well call me if you need anything, I leave you two alone.'

As soon as he was gone I turn to Nick, 'I think we should ask him to be in the room with us if he wants too. I like him, he nice and he honest. He told us straight out that he wasn't 100% sure. So what do you think?'

'I was thinking the same thing.' He smile and lean down to kiss me. My heart monitor went crazy the nurse come in to see what was wrong. she just smile and walk right back out.

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