Long time no see?

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He could feel it. The Doctor could feel her dreams imposing on him like great tidal waves, lapping at his waist with the intent to consume. Unable to neglect his curiosity, he dove into the pressure, inhaled it, felt it slide over his skin in droplets and streams, and allowed it to overtake him. He surrendered to Amy's mind as quickly and easily as a child to sleep. But when it came to Amelia and her Doctor, they were always such a children, now weren't they?

He could feel himself being lifted off his feet and as he waded through darkness. His searching eyes wandered through the abyss. He could feel her presence, but as to where she was he had no clue. He briefly wondered if this was too much a strain; if maybe this invasion of privacy would do better to be tested later rather than sooner.

"Doctor?" her voice, low and oh so enthralling, came to him and ate away at his resolve. He shook his head almost violently in an attempt to clear it. He licked his lips.

Before he knew it, she was before him and smiling in a way that tempted him to the brink of an entirely different kind of madness. But through her smile he heard her say it.

"He's here," she said, directing the comment to someone behind him. He slowly turned but was shoved back, a hand pressed to his face so intensely that it sent him hurtling through walls of immersion and violently ripped him from the dreamland.

The Doctor's eyes opened with an exaggerated slowness. He blinked once, twice, mulling over what just occurred. He felt... deprived. Unwanted, even. But it couldn't have been Amy that pushed him out; she had willingly eased him into her mind, though it had been subconsciously! Unless she meant to yank him around on purpose, a way of teasing him with her thoughts (which she often did). Still, her Time Lord abilities should have been that of a novice - a Gallifreyan child - not powerful enough to so easily push him away. No, it wasn't Amy, he thought, glancing down at her still sleeping form.

His breath caught in his throat. He ginger hair lay blooming around her face. The sheets had long ago slipped from her fingers and lay about her in a tangled blanket of whiteness. Her eyelashes, long and fluttering like the restless tips of a cardinal's wing, lay still for once in sleep. He loosened his bow tie nervously. His long fingers shook in the act. A gulp and he was smoothing down his hair again, his slender fingers yanking at the roots.

Her hand brushed against his arm. She exhaled and opened her eyes.

"Well, hello," she whispered, and he started to sweat. She propped herself up on her elbow and gave him an incredulous look. "What? You look as if we spent the whole night snogging," she broke off, her eyes narrowing, "or perhaps something a bit more intimate?" She smirked as he mumbled incoherently, colouring at the intensity of her catty green eyes and suggestive manner.

Still, the Doctor pulled himself upright, and a thought occurred to him. He couldn't help it; she made him feel so ridiculous. He yanked the blankets so they unfurled from around here, pushing her over the edge of the bed. She fell and landed with a thud. Her hair cascaded over her eyes, brilliant in its messiness.

She blew pieces away and folded her arms over the edge of the bed, eyeing him playfully. "So, what's the plan for today?" she asked, opting to settle back into routine with ease.

He thought for a moment, index finger rubbing his chin as he crooked his head to the side and squinted. "Perhaps the snowy - no, not since - maybe the? Course not, rubbish plan. How about - er," he thought, upper lip twitching a bit in irritation from lack of ideas.

"D-doctor?" Amy stuttered, her fingers making creases in the sheets, "How is it your mouth isn't moving but I can hear you just fine?" She tilted her head. Her lips remained parted, unable to finish any further thought.

The Doctor stopped his thought process and properly looked at her, something he had attempted to avoid after her sudden awake-ness. His brow furrowed as he reached a hand to her forehead. His nails danced over her skull, and she looked at him in mild irritation.

"Oye," she said, swinging her hand against his in protest, "Bit annoying, don't you think?" He ignored her pipe and continued his ministration without the tiniest of breaths ebbing from his lunges.

"You're a Time Lady, Pond," he answered her, "Bound to have a couple neat things in store for that impossible brain of yours." His hand lingered on her for a moment before flitting away. "Yes, well, needless to say, Time Lords are cool. We're cool, Pond, and in the time we spend together the more we'll find out about," he gestured to her up and down, "this whole thing."

"Hey," she snapped, "this whole thing? People love this whole thing!" She pointedly held herself away from the edge of the bed and waved a hand down her torso. "Always in demand, this thing," she huffed.

He gave her a bemused look. But concern coloured his features when her expression fell. "What is it, Amelia?"

She shook her head, dispelling the emotion, and grinned at him. "Curious how I've been here for long enough and all we've done is sleep," Amy retorted. "What, no planets?" The Doctor saw this for what it was: a diversion. He saw but chose not to comment... for now, at least. He tucked the topic safely away for another time.

He found himself spitting out feathers when she whapped him over the face with one of the pillows. "That's for pushing me off the bed, you idiot."

He was up in a second, hand extended in the politest of gestures. She gave him a rare, coy smile and placed her hand in his own to be hoisted up for the second time since their reunion.

"So, planets, I heard? Oh, Pond, you are in for it this time!" He spread his arms wide in excitement. "We have the universe at our fingertips, you and me, time and space." The Doctor revelled in the thought. "Let's go places!" He grabbed her hands and joyfully led them out of the room.

They entered the console room as full of life as before. Amy twirled a finger in her hair and skipped around the controls, dainty touches caressing the twists and tugs of the TARDIS.

"Sexy thing," she cooed conspiratorially to the machine. The Doctor pretended not to notice, but, by god, something intense stirred within him at her words. He dared not name the feeling.

He pulled a lever but felt his hand slip away. He rubbed his sweaty palms on the tweed of his jacket and reached to straighten his bow tie.

Amy peaked at him from the other side of the console. "Does this mean I can fly her?"

The Doctor snorted. "Asks the girl who passed her driver's test with the aid of a skirt," he replied as he shot his hand back up to yank down the same lever. His mouth twisted to the side as he thought about it.

"Melody - ah, River - can, and she's only half the Lady I am," Amy laughed, "Oh, god, she really is! She really is half of me!" Amy cover her hand with her mouth and braced herself against the TARDIS railing. She stole a glance at the Doctor but was surprised by his somber expression. "Guess birthing jokes aren't funny," she quirked an eyebrow.

Thus began their strange dance around specifics and the rift between Amy and her Doctor. Like a terribly rehearsed musical sequence, they side stepped and twirled, avoiding each others eyes as they extended their arms but never touched upon the secrets they tucked deep inside themselves. But it would only be a matter of time before the music ceased, and he'd find himself stepping on her feet and she'd end up elbowing him in the ribs.

Until then, he would stare at her and smile. He would smile the mad, genuine grin that reminded her of Christmas and the smell of her garden on a sleepy Leadworth night and a Star Whale's kind heart and ice cream for a troubled soul. He would smile and say, "Of course." His eyes crinkling in tiny waves of joy.

The TARDIS lurched, lighting itself up with a dazzling number of colours and sounds. Amy laughed, clapping her hands together and bending over the console.

"I missed this!" she declared, her heart hammering with excitement.

"I missed you," he replied.

Her eyes softened. She looked up at him from beneath her lashes and, hesitantly, strangely, reached for his arm, squeezing it. He put his hand over hers, and they stood their for a moment. But time was short and adventure called. The TARDIS thudded as it materialized on some curious, far away planet.

The Doctor's arms shot up and he spun, kicking up his heels in the action. "Planets!" he exclaimed. "Ah, but, Amy, this planet is very, very special."

"Oh? How so?" They ventured to the TARDIS door, and the Doctor grabbed hold of the handle, swinging it open with grand theatrics. Together, they peered out.

There it was! A medley of colours and scents poured into their faces quite literally. Amy's expression soured as she found herself wiping away the fragrant and apparently purple perfume spray that a native had, in his haste for a potential customer, spilled onto the two TARDIS occupants just as they stuck their faces out the door. Her lips parted into a horrible scowl.

"Special, eh?" she gave the Doctor a pointed look and flicked some of the liquid into his face. His face scrunched in reply to the gesture.

"Normally the greetings are a lot less, er, messy." He pulled her from out the doorway and closed the door behind them with an agreeable click.


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