This is an Alternate Universe series of one-shots, so to speak. They will be off the cuff and posted as they come. No real re-reading. Just some fun stuff in between my other works of fiction.

Some may be fluffy, some sexy, some dark, some funny…just depends on what Parallel Universe Penny and Sheldon are stuck in.

Some of these stories are excerpts from stories I have started/working on.

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"You know, it just occurred to me. If there are infinite number of parallel universes, in one of them there's probably a Sheldon who doesn't believe parallel universes exist." ~ Sheldon Cooper

"What's this for?" Penny asked, as Sheldon wrapped the strange vest around her body.

"As I have explained before," his words began as he smoothed his hand over her ribs, "the unknown behind alternate universe travelling may cause shock to the body. If it isn't the temperature, it will be the force or the atmosphere. That is as laymen's terms as I can be for you Penny."

"Why didn't you ask Leonard to go with you? I'm a little nervous."

From his spot behind her, Sheldon paused before answering. "Because he didn't believe me."

"Oh, he didn't believe that you would build a time traveling machine? What a surprise." Penny was overly sarcastic. "I honestly am only here because I have no other plans for tonight."

Sheldon scoffed. "It isn't a 'time machine.' It is a Parallel Alternate Universe Exploration Vehicle." She heard his voice get tight as he continued. "I really need to come up with a better name for my machine…."

He ignored the fact that she actually admitted, without saying it, that she didn't believe him either. But he was glad that someone agreed to join him in his experiment. If this worked…he couldn't imagine what his world would be like. Nobel Prizes, notoriety, acclaim…. It would change the world of science forever.

He wrapped a vest around himself as well, asking Penny for help with the part in the back. She ran her hands over his shoulders blades, securing it in place.

"Ok," he stated, looking over at the machine next to him in the living room. It was in his bedroom but he relocated it, because he wasn't sure there would be enough space when they returned. "To remind you, we will be visiting a variety of parallel alternate universes that you and I encompass. We will actually be living in the alternate universe for a period of a little as five minutes up to a half an hour, according to my calculations. We will know no other world except the one we are currently in."

"What if we, like, die in the world we visit?"

Sheldon blinked and swallowed, shaking his head at the thought and also to disagree with her worry. "You worry is for naught, because we are tethered to this universe. If we die in this one, for instance, it doesn't affect the other Pennys and Sheldons in the infinite parallel alternate universes they live in. Do you understand?"

Penny nodded, her hands becoming a little shaky. Sheldon sounded very serious about what he said and now she wondered if shrugging, and saying, "Sure, why the hell not?" an half an hour ago was a good idea. He took a deep breath, closing his eyes and opening them again to look down at her.

"Ready?" he asked, a little quieter than she expected.

"So, because we are going together, these universes will have us in them together? I won't ever be alone, right?" Penny's voice started to quiver with fear.

Sheldon placed a hand on her shoulder, leaning down to directly answer. "You will not be alone."

"Ok," she sighed out, closing her eyes and looking straight ahead.

She felt Sheldon grip her hand, and a few buttons sound on the machine as he revved it up.



Her heart beat so rapidly it almost burst out of her chest. His was the same.

"Just breathe."

With that, they both felt a quick, almost stinging wind slap them in the face…then…