Follow me to a wonderful place, a place I call my own. But alas, this wonderful place is not just mine but yours! It can be reached but exclusively.

It's not normal in anyone's standard definition. This place is where dreams come to life, fantasies are fulfilled and reality is out of reach. It's anyone's safe haven.

It's everyone's dream come true.

But beware; in a blink of an eye, this mysterious safe haven can turn into a personal hell.

But where is this place you might ask, and how do you get there?

All you have to do is believe.

But words are easier said then done.

But what do I know? I could be a crazy old man, or a fragment of your imagination.

Desire and passion is the key on how to get to this wonderfully mysterious exciting locale. And you yourself can only reach it. You can't pay for a flight to this place, or walk there.

The key on reaching this place?

Just close your eyes and... Dream! You'll be there before you know it.