**My Note: I take no credit for the Characters, the lyrics, and so on. This is based on Blaine's weird dream he has one night. Please LMK if you want me to continue this...dream... story... thing...**

In a space craft, hovering in space near mars, Blaine Anderson, protector of Dalton Academy, paced in thought in front of his trusty brothers, the Warblers.

"Blaine, calm down. We can do this." Thad sighed, breaking the silence.

"No we can't. They're too strong." Wes contradicted, his arms folded.

"I agree. There's no way we can win this."

"No way? No way?" Blaine snapped. "C'mon guys, where'd your spirit go? After all, we are the Warblers, aren't we? The only guys who can sing acapella like no other dapper boy music group." Blaine encouraged. Then he stopped, grinned in thought, and broke out into song. "My mind is racing, but my heart, it beats faster. I'm in control, commander and master. Lady Fate, creating disaster- But she ain't the boss of me! A head-on collision with a catastrophic setback Makes you either wanna get lost, or get back. I choose the latter; let's not forget that We hold the cards this time, So there's no need to bitch or whine! There's no way I'm gonna take another option, No way I am gonna settle with a loss! No way I'm gonna sit around and watch, There's no, no way...There's no way You're gonna find me in the background, No damn way you gonna see me satisfied! No way they're ever gonna make me back down, No, no way...There's no way!"

"Home field advantage, the upper hand is ours, so the game is on!" Jeff chimed in.

"The clock ticks, but we've got our tricks to fuss with and fix what wrong!" Thad and Nick harmonized.

"Let's wake up and go guys! Take out the bad guys! Break out your mad eyes!" Blaine pushed.

"YEAH!" Everyone cheered.

"We'll take it on together, we're stronger and we're better and if there's a problem,


There's no way we're gonna leave it up to chance, there's no damn way we're gonna go without a fight! No way you gonna see us on on our ass, There's no, no way...

There's no way we're gonna settle with sorrow, leave right now if you think this ain't real! Today, not waitin' for tomorrow! No, no way there's no way, no, no way there's no way, no, no way there's no way, there's no way!" Everyone sang out.

Meanwhile, on the other side of Mars, a darker music group plotted evil plans….

"I'm back." Rachel hissed.

"Good. Do you have what I sent you for?" a dark figure growled.

"Yes. I have it. But I had to break into Carmel to get it."

"Perfect. That is all we need."

"Who do you think you are? Those Warblers cleaned up Vocal Adrenaline without anything, and they could come for us any day. You can't stop them. Not even you, Kurt Hummel."

Kurt turned; a dark evil smirk curled his lips. "But they have to find us, first." He beamed, holding up a Time Turner.