Silver sat in the gray folding chair, uncomfortably pulling at her black robes and tugging on her hat. Oh, if only graduation could go a bit faster. She was beginning to sweat under that hot black hat, and they'd barely started the Bachelor degrees.

"Mark Henry Cochran."

Ugh, could graduation go any slower? There were just so many people graduating, too many for Silver's case. She'd been sitting in the same seat for over two hours now, and they'd just begun to call up those who'd gotten Bachelor degrees. The Doctorates and the Masters had already gone, and Silver felt a pang of jealousy for the upperclassmen. They were so lucky to be done.

"Helen Sophia Dabernathy."

Fortunately, she'd be going home soon. In approximately ten hours, Silver would board a plane that would take her from Pennsylvania to California, a long flight that would take five hours or so. It was so funny. It seemed like just yesterday she was a freshman going to the University of Pennsylvania for the first time, meeting her roommate, and learning where her classes would take place. Now, she was graduating, and in another few weeks, she'd be going to a research facility in London for Biology students. Then, when that program was done, she'd come back to Pennsylvania, take another few years of classes, perhaps endure more graduations, and finally, she just might receive her Doctorate and become an actual doctor.

It was funny, how time seemed to fly.

"Stanley Morgan Danborder."

And Silver, of all people, knew just how fast time seemed to go. Sometimes, it seemed as if her life here was traveling faster than it would have on the Tardis. Yes, she missed the Doctor and his antics aboard his magical blue box, but she wanted a life where she didn't have to worry about aliens or spaceships or planets. She yearned for normalcy, for a life where she'd get married, have children, and maybe even grandchildren. In fact, she was going to go out to dinner tonight with her boyfriend, and he did mention that it would be important.

It was funny, how time seemed to fly.

"Silver Andromeda Danders."

At her name, Silver leapt from her seat and tried not to look too excited as she walked across the stage to receive her diploma. As she shook hands with the dean, her eyes roamed the audience, trying to find her father in the sea of people. He said he'd come, but she hadn't found him yet. Silver's eyes passed over dozens of people, but none of them looked familiar.

Suddenly, Silver paused, her hand still gripping the dean's in midshake. In fact, her clench on his wrist had become tighter, and the sullen man seemed to look like he wanted to pull away from the student's freeze.

However, Silver didn't care that she was cutting off the circulation of her school dean. Her eyes were only on two figures in the crowd, standing and smiling at her.

"Doctor," Silver whispered, and the dean raised an eyebrow.

And yes, there he stood, standing in the bleachers in a smart brown suit, a brown trench coat, and red trainers. His hands were stuffed in his pockets, and his hair twitched and waved in the breeze. Rose stood next to him, and in her arms there was a – Oh my goodness – a baby. She smiled warmly and waved the child's pudgy hand at Silver.

Silver's mouth dropped open, and she couldn't seem to form any words.

"Ahem. Miss Danders?" Silver quickly whipped around to the dean, who frowned at her lack of attention and nodded to the professor at the end of the stage waiting for her to take her diploma and move on.

"Oh, sorry, I'm so sorry. Excuse me. Sorry," Silver stammered. A few students in the front giggled at her, but Silver was too shocked to care. She practically sprinted to the professor, tripping over her robes. With an apologetic smile, Silver grabbed the diploma from her professor's hand and swept off the stage, searching the crowd for the Doctor and Rose. She somehow made it to her row, but her hands shook as she scanned the crowd for the Time Lord and his companion.

"Silver, sit down."

Silver looked to her side to find a fellow classmate raising an eyebrow apprehensively. Nodding dumbly, Silver found her seat and craned her neck to look for the Doctor. He was gone. They both were, their spots taken by a wailing baby and her mother.

"Silver, you okay?"

"He's gone?"

"Excuse me?"

Silver looked at her friend, who seemed worried and confused. Then, her ears pricked at a very familiar sound.


Silver grinned.


"Silver, are you sure you're okay?"


Brightening considerably, Silver leaned back in her chair and crossed her legs.

"Silver?" Her friend looked really worried now.

"Don't worry," Silver said, grinning, "I'm fine. I am absolutely, positively brilliant."

Well, everybody, that's a wrap. I hope you've enjoyed Oh, Doctor. I certainly have had fun writing it. Don't worry, though, I'll be sure to have a new project up soon, and I'm hoping it'll be longer than my other fanfics.

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